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Greetings Surfer:  My name is Michael Foster and I am the editor and the webmaster of Ambient Visions and if there is any credit due for the site or any blame to be had for what's wrong with it I guess I'm the one you should be e-mailing. I'm glad that you found your way here and I would like to tell you a little bit about the origins of Ambient Visions. 

Ambient Visions was born onto the net in its own domain on November 8, 2000. That was when the DNS servers first recognized the name ambientvisions.com.  It had existed before that in name only as the musical part of another site that I was running but it did not come into its own until it stepped into a name of its own. AV was born out of my love for music and the desire to share some of the information that I was running across in my searches around the web.

Our mission as a website is to offer a place where those interested in ambient, new age, electronica, electronic, space, world and experimental music might come to and learn the latest news, read an interview with those who make the music, read reviews of the latest and some classic music of the genre and to find links to destinations all over the web. We wanted to become a resource for the community and to offer links to the many other resources a musician or listener might need. As time goes on I hope to make AV one of those names that you remember because you found the information that you were looking for when you visited the site.

I am always looking for input from my readers, the labels (both small and large), and the artists themselves in the development of Ambient Visions in the years to come. I think that the only way to make a prosperous and useful website is to make it in conjunction with those you are attempting to reach with your information. Participation in the form of articles about anything pertaining to the genres mentioned above or anything to do with the industry that creates and distributes ambient music to the listeners is welcome as well. I am always looking for those who like to be involved as reviewers also. It seems that you can never have enough differing viewpoints when it comes to reviews. The more the merrier.

I encourage everyone involved with ambient music from the readers of this e-zine, those who run the labels, the artists, the publicists or even those who sponsor events around the country to submit their press releases or event announcements to the e-mail address above for publication on our news page. Let everyone know what's going on by letting me know what's going on. I'll see to it that it gets posted in a timely manner to the website. And if you have a website please use the banner below to link back to us and let your visitors know about us. When you have linked us up please drop me an e-mail and I will get you listed on the appropriate spot on Ambient Visions.

Many thanks to those who contribute reviews to Ambient Visions on a regular basis. AV would not be the same without the hard work of those who listen to all the discs that come over my desk in the course of a week and send in their comments to me for publishing to the site.

I hope that you enjoy your stay here at the website and that you will come back again real soon. I am always updating the information on the website so come back often to get the latest news and information about the music that you love. Thanks for your support and I'll see you again soon.

Michael Foster, editor
Ambient Visions