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Just Announced! Update on Little White Church Concerts

Singer Songwriter Carol Noonan joins Dana Cunningham for the December 5th show at the Little White Church in Eaton, NH. Back together again for what was once an annual Christmas visit to the prettiest little Church in New England. Adding Max Dyer on cello and Julia Hendrickson on flute, this will be a festive night not to be missed! 

Please see below for details: 

Two Shows at The Little White Church:

Saturday, Dec. 5th 7:30 p.m.
Dana Cunningham and Carol Noonan in Concert
with special guests Max Dyer on cello
and Julia Hendrickson on flute 

Sunday, Dec. 6th 4:00 p.m.
Dana Cunningham and cellist Max Dyer in Concert
A very intimate and acoustic afternoon performance
also with Julia Hendrickson on flute 

The Little White Church in Eaton, NH
Eaton Road / Route 153
Eaton, NH  03832

for directions - 
Advanced purchase recommended; limited seating!
Tickets: $25 per person

Available at:

White Birch Books, North Conway Village, 603.356.3200
The Office Market, Conway, 603.447.6612
Chinook Café, Conway, 603.447.6300
Made On Earth, Wolfeboro, 603.569.9100
or Call 1.800.818.6247 for Credit Card Purchase and Reservations

DiN New release Information 


Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter

Release date 15th september 2009

Having first worked together on the enigmatic ambience of Distant Rituals (1999) and the melodic complexities of Pure (2003), Dervish is Ian Boddy and Markus Reuter’s most challenging studio collaboration to date. Recorded in England and Austria, the album contains a guest appearance by King Crimson’s drumming and electronics wizard, Pat Mastelotto. Inspired in part by the musical theories of 20th Century composer Olivier Messiaen, there’s a terse angularity to the compositions whose unexpected textures feature the appearances of a string quartet and a recorder player.

At a personal level, the music of Dervish and the creative methods used in its composition, have pushed both Boddy and Reuter into markedly different places, forcing each one to change their usual approaches. At a 2008 recording session in Austria, having sampled Reuter’s Touch Guitar loops, Boddy then effectively “plays” the notes. The result is a mirage of shades and colors in which it is impossible to determine the respective roles of the players. At times Dervish occasionally flirts with playful but punchy dance beats, off-kilter funk and stabbing percussive blasts that manage to be both unsettling in their apparently anarchic deployment whilst also providing a startling focal point.

Their microscopic attention to the album’s sound design ensures every track sparkles with intriguing detail that include the spiraling patterns of the Hang (a hybrid steel drum).

Enthusiasts of vintage electronic instruments will also appreciate Boddy’s recreation of the theremin-like Ondes Martenot via a modern keyboard equivalent and his modular synthesizer by way of an oblique tribute to Messiaen who famously included it’s eerie tones in his Turangalia Symphony.

Dervish’s sound-world is constantly evolving and always in motion. Atmospheric loops, cross-picking arpeggios, unresolved sequences that hang in the air, and some metallic-edged soloing that carves its own unique space. All add extra layers of momentum and tension to a music already brimming with invention and mystery.

The muscular dynamics on this recording were achieved by acclaimed engineer Clemens Schleiwies, who translated the digital recordings back onto analogue tape. These were then run through a vintage sound desk that was used by the likes of David Bowie and Brian Eno during their legendary sessions in Hansa Studios, Berlin.

This “new meets old” approach with its combination of 20th Century post-production techniques and up to date tech-savvy gives Dervish some of its a freshness and undeniable presence. Across its seven tracks, Dervish pushes way beyond the usual comfort zones of electronic and ambient music. You may have heard Boddy and Reuter before but you’ve not heard them sound like this. 

Biographical notes

Markus Reuter and Ian Boddy first met in 1999. Ian Boddy released his first album of electronic music in 1983. In 1999 he founded his DiN label which has since gone on to release over 30 CD titles and numerous downloads, featuring a range of international artists at the cutting edge of electronic music.

Boddy is one the UK’s leading sound-designers and providers of library music and his music has been used in films & documentaries all over the world. Boddy has collaborated with musicians such as Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle), American ambient guru Robert Rich, and with leading UK electronic music composer Mark Shreeve. Ian’s live performances have seen him play numerous festivals in Europe and America and in such unlikely venues as the UK’s famous Jodrell Bank Observatory and the Bochum Planetarium in Germany.

Markus Reuter has released and/or appeared on well over 40 albums since his recording debut in 1997. Markus is a composer and guitarist, but now becoming a sought-after producer having worked on ground-breaking albums by The Season Standard, Tovah and the singer Chrysta Bell (for David Lynch‘s label Strange World Music) as well as various others in both the USA and Europe.

He also spends time in the USA playing with a variety of musicians, including Philadelphia based nu-jazz guitarist Tim Motzer. Markus has released 3 albums with King Crimson drummer, Pat Mastelotto under the name of TUNER. Their record POLE was voted as one of the top 50 prog recordings of all time by Modern Drummer magazine. 

Visit for more information, cover art, track listing & 5 MP3 edits to audition. 

Promo copies can be delivered either digitally via download ( 61.1 Mb as 160 kbps MP3's ) from the DiN web site or if you prefer a promo CD can be mailed to you. Please reply to Ian Boddy at requesting either the download link URL or sending your address for a promo CD to be mailed to you.

 Thank you, 
Ian Boddy

DiN Press Release September 2009 

DiN34 Arcadia Borealis by Erik Wøllo & Bernhard Wöstheinrich

Release Date October 20th 2009 

DiN has always offered the opportunity for diverse artists to form interesting and unexpected collaborations. Bernhard
Wöstheinrich has certainly endorsed that ethos with four DiN releases to date, Blast (DiN6) with Markus Reuter as
Centrozoon, Präposition (DiN13) as one half of Subsonic Experience, Moiré (DiN18) with label boss Ian Boddy
and most recently on Conundrum (DiN27) with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock. On Arcadia Borealis Bernhard is joined by
Norwegian ambient artist Erik Wøllo. Although this is Erik’s first DiN outing he is well known internationally
having released many acclaimed albums on labels such as Spotted Peccary and having collaborated before with well
known artists such as Steve Roach. Indeed it was at a music festival in The Netherlands where Erik and Bernhard
first met which coincidentally had DiN label boss Ian Boddy playing on the same bill. 

The basic premise for the music on Arcadia Borealis was to look at the 18th Century when  Artic explorers were like the
Apollo astronauts of their time. Venturing into the great unknown with the real possibility of never returning home.
A time when the books of Jules Verne & H.G.Wells were setting the tone for the scientific advances that were still to come.
Thus the album takes the listener on a journey into new and unexplored lands inspired by the landscapes and weather prevalant in
Wøllo’s Norwegian homeland. 

The 12 tracks cover a range of atmospheres with many environmental sounds providing an aural backdrop over which
Wöstheinrich creates his characteristic organic, evolving rhythms. Wøllo is well known for the melodic
element of his work and he weaves beautiful, beguiling melodies that rise and fall like the seas those early
explorers would have sailed upon. At times the music has an austere simplicity reminiscent of Wøllo’s
Norwegian compatriot Biosphere and certainly each track paints a sonic picture that the listener can absorb themselves in.

Further details including track list and 5 MP3 samples @ 

Biographical notes: 

Erik Wøllo and Bernhard Wöstheinrich first met in 2007 at the E-Live festival in Eindhoven (The Netherlands),
where Erik was one of the performing artists. 

Erik Wøllo is a professional musician and composer who released his first album in 1983. Since then he has released
14 solo albums, mainly in electronic music, but also several acoustic guitar orientated albums.

He is one of Norway’s leading electronic composers, and his music has been used in films & documentaries all over the world.
He has also composed music for theatre, ballets, computer games and exhibitions as well as composing for strings,
woodwinds and larger orchestras.

As a guitarist he has been leading his own groups, playing at clubs, concert halls and festivals in Europe, the USA and Canada. 

Wøllo has also previously collaborated with other musicians, such as Steve Roach on their highly acclaimed album
"Stream of Thought" released in January 2009.

Bernhard Wöstheinrich has a formal training in graphic design and has been working in the fields of electronic music and painting since 1988.  

In the early 1990’s he formed the duo Subsonic Experience with Thorsten Niestrath and performed at several   
music festivals including a support slot for the band Embryo. 

In 1999 he teamed up with touch guitarist Markus Reuter to form the experimental electronic duo Centrozoon.
Since their debut CD release on DiN : Blast (DiN6) he has been involved in a further 18 releases both as part of
Centrozoon and in other collaborative partnerships with musicians as diverse as Ian Boddy, Tim Bowness,
Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock & Conrad Schnitzler.


Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter
Available NOW for purchase from the DiN web store for $18 including worldwide shipping.

Remix the track 'Dervish'

We have decided to make available stem files of the 5 subgroups of the track 'Dervish'.
You can download the files here:

The tempo of the piece is 133 bpm. The .zip-file includes bass, drums, guitars, keys, and strings & loops as individual tracks.
The featured musicians are Markus Reuter on the Touch Guitars U8 (bass, guitars, textures), Ian Boddy on keys and electronic percussion,
Pat Mastelotto on acoustic drums, and The Quohren String Quartet. Feel free to work on a remix using these files. 

If you'd like to submit a remix to us, please send a 256kbit mp3 to (or send a .wav-file via yousendit).
Looking forward to your creations.

Ian Boddy 2009 Concerts 

AD:2009 Electronic Music Festival
Date: Saturday 5th September 2009

Venue: The Guildhall, Derby. UK. ( Doors Open 13:00 hours )

Ian Boddy wil perform a solo set and in collaboration with David Wright & Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock. Please visit the AD Music web site for more details and ticket sales.

Electronic Circus Festival
Date: Saturday 12th September

Venue: Movie, Bielefeld, Germany. ( Doors open 12:30 hours)

Ian Boddy wil perform a solo set and in collaboration with David Wright & Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock.
Please visit the Electronic Circus web site for more details and ticket sales. 

The Gatherings : performing as ARC (Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve)
Date: Saturday 14th November

Venue: St. Mary's Church, Philadelphia, USA.

Please visit The Gatherings web site for more details and ticket sales. 

Ian Boddy

Ambient/Improv duo 5turns25 officially announces their release of four debut albums.  After forming on the 25th anniversary of the Landsat 5 satellite launch [3.1.2009],  John Kasiewicz and Dan Tressler spent several cold winter's nights in a Connecticut barn surrounded with instruments, looping pedals and a straight-to-stereo-mix recording device.  Their collaboration resulted in four albums: Cloud Unfolded, Origin Of Claws, Elephant Platform, and Hamsters On Treadmills [all four released on Scattered Disc/April 2009].  In addition to these recordings, 5turns25 also performs live as part of a monthly residency every fourth Wednesday at the Georgetown Saloon in Georgetown, Connecticut [USA]. 

Visit our website for music samples:

Social Networks:

Third and final volume of Janet Robbins’ electronic music collection:  Carrying the Bag of Hearts, Interpreting the Birth of Stars

When Janet Robbins started working on what became Carrying the Bag of Hearts, Interpreting the Birth of Stars she was in “a period of much transition and exploration” in Woodstock, New York.   Inspired by the “deep timelessness” of the area she created a variety of musical parts, ideas and sections that were later completed in Asheville, North Carolina, where she now resides.   The pieces all reflected “a sort of soul retrieval nature, journeying through various realms of timeless states/consciousness to regain parts of yourself.”  A track from Carrying the Bag of Hearts, Volume I  received the First Place Award in Just Plain Folks Music Awards’ Ambient Songwriters category.   Praise for Volumes I and II included:  “Robbins masterfully makes good use of varying intensity, special effects and thematic developments to fill her compositions with passion and color” (Morpheus Music);  "...riveting and compelling look deep inside the spaced out world of ambient music..." (,  “The music remains engaging even after repeated listenings,” (Star’s End);  “…I recommend the EP if you want to hear someone who strikes out in new ambient directions” (Wind and Wire).

Carrying the Bag of Hearts, Volume III, released November 11, 2008, is the last CD in this series of “space, ambient, soundscape musings.”  Track description:  “Nibiru’s Crossing,” a mid-groove deep space symphonic track, about the planet first observed by the ancient Sumerians; “Ascension” an ambient groove space track; “Walking The Milky
Way” a textural guitar loop recorded with a Stratocaster and “Train to Rhinecliff” - dark space groove with a “returning home” theme, closing the CD and volume series.

Janet grew up playing classical piano and later picked up guitar.   The songs from her  1998 release All The Worlds were written on guitar, piano and keyboards, influenced by Kate Bush, Tori Amos and compared to Jim Morrison.  Always venturing beyond the traditional, her music was described as “she is as poetic in her prose as she is with her music.”   A world traveler her compositions are as equally influenced by the imagery of ancient sacred sites in Turkey, England, Egypt or the mountains of upstate New York and Asheville.

Equipment list:  Mackie D8B console, Logic Pro 7.2.3 on a Mac Pro, Genelec monitors, Spectrasonic's Stylus RMX, Distorted Reality, and Liquid Grooves plus various software synths and plug-ins, Lexicon reverb units.   An Electrix Filter Factory and Electrix Repeater, Digitech 2101 processor, various Emu synth modules and samplers, a Korg Wavestation, Fender guitars for loops as well as Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, assorted household noises and Mom’s Lowry organ.  

All artwork by Janet Robbins.   The CD is available through, CDBaby, , or for download through iTunes.

Richard Bone News & Updates 2-6-2009

Just wanted to let you know about some new items Richard has on iTunes. First off, there is a wonderful free video Podcast available entitled "Recombinant - a Series of Brief Video Experiments" consisting of 3 short videos Richard created by assembling individual brushstroke jpegs. And on the music side you will find much of Richard's recent catalog, as well as three of his very early 80's Survival albums. Incredibly Richard's early synthpop recordings "Brave Tales", "Exspectacle", and his 1982 EP "The Beat is Elite" are all available there in wonderfully remastered form. Simply do a search for Richard Bone on the iTunes homepage and enjoy!

Out now: New album by Antonio Testa called Ecosphere

Antonio Testa & Susana Beatriz Alvear 

ECOSPHERE is an alchemic project of ancestral sounds full of tribal rhythms, performed for an underground language, creating a balance between biosphere and technosphere.

The sounds, music and dancing make us come back to the past, offering us the view of a world deeply rooted in our unconscious.

The music spreads all its energy and its little/ big melodies; its hidden atmosphere help to find a balance between the electronic and the acoustic sound.

The voice evokes angelical moments between the imperceptible evolution of celestial sound and the ethnic roots of human soul, mixed to world, electronic, ambient, reggae and dub music, creating atmospheres which evoke in our imaginary visions and images of afar places.  

1Rapanui  2Recuerdos  3Rajasthan  4Subterranean Dream  5Peuls  6Dance to Bobo  7Sealand   8Maya Prayer  9Tecnosphere  10Bamouni Dub   11Joao  12Spiritualwater  

Antonio Testa / organic instruments, Kalabash, talking drum, udu, bamboo, teponaztli, horn,  wood and bone flutes, mbira, darabukke, stones, shell, stalagmites, voice, piano, keyboards, samples, textures and drones, programming, Fields recording from Burkina Faso, Mexico, Italy. mixed by Antonio Testa. 

Susana Beatriz Alvear / effects, instruments, lyrics, classic and ethnic voices. 

All composition by A. Testa except: track 2 - 4  A. Testa, Tito Rinesi

Track 11 A. Testa, U.De Souza, Raphael Scinia,  guest musician & artists who contributed to this project:
on track1. Susana B. Alvear lyrics, classic and ethnic voices.
on track 2  Roberto Santoro/ trumpet and classic guitar.
on track 4  Tito  Rinesi / programming, keyboards, bouzouki.
on track 4  Alio Die drones.
on track 2.5  Davide Mantovani / bass guitar.
on track 6  Francesco Saverio Porciello/ acustic guitars.
on track 8  Kayum/voice recording live at Mexico forest.

on track 11 live recording at tribe studio via A. Aleardi, 9 Milano Italy in the 1995, U. De Souza / lyric, voice and classic guitar, Raphael Scinia /electric guitar, Susana Beatriz Alvear / effect, Rosana Santos agogo.

Photo cover / By Rahién Testa
© (P) ExperimenTribe Records

Ecosphere release's are available to purchase online@

Click the link below to listen to audio samples mp3:

DiN32 - 'Shade' by Parallel Worlds new cd album Release date 23rd March 2009

Shade is the studio album follow-up to Obsessive Surrealism (DiN26 - 2007) and is the fifth CD release by Parallel Worlds (the main musical project of Greek electronic musician Bakis Sirros).

Parallel Worlds employ a vast arsenal of both vintage and modern analogue modular synthesisers with extensive use of classic sequencing techniques to produce a sonic world that combines modern electronica and ambient music styles with the feel of retro electronic music. His attention to detail is astonishing and his careful sculpting of sounds and textures produce an organic, ever evolving atmosphere full of half glimpsed meanings and subdued emotions. The purely electronic rhythms and beats seem to have a life of their own and showcase a musician who is a virtuoso with these types of instruments that are the antithesis of the quick fix pick-a-preset mind set of much of todays society. Musically he likes to explore various states of mind, no doubt influenced by his medical background and this adds a tension and darkness to his compositions that are punctuated by disarmingly simple and wistful melodies.

With Shade Parallel Worlds show a musical maturity and command of sonic atmospherics that takes the music on a journey, moving through dreams and shades, aiming for the light.

www. DiN. org. uk

CD announcement: Darkened Soul - Bathys

Artist: Darkened Soul
Title: Bathys
Label: Hypnos Secret Sounds (Ltd CDR)

Hypnos is pleased to announce Bathys, the first appearance on our label (in this case, our Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint) by Darkened Soul. The word "bathys" in Greek translates as "deep," and the rest of the titles here continue the Greek language theme. It's the root of the word "bathyscaph" which is a submersible vessel for deep sea exploration.

"Deep" is relevant here, as this recording collects resonant dark ambient sounds into aural mixtures deep and spacious. This aural journey is evocative of a subterranean trek through wet, metal-walled tunnels, with gritty textures underfoot, and dripping sounds of water. Vague hints of machine-like sounds can be heard churning away in the distance. Bathys by Darkened Soul is an exercise in resonant dark ambient textures.

Darkened Soul is a psydonym under which Mike Soucy records dark ambient soundscapes. His previous releases have been mostly self-released, though Hypnos followers may have seen his release Seasons of Dark and Light on Umbra, the Italian label operated by recording artist Oophoi.

Track listing :
1 Eis Arthro Michani
2 Ateleiotos Agkareia
3 Mysteriodis
4 Trela
5 Ypexairesi
6 Bathys

Galactic Travels stream URL changes

The stream URL used for listening to Galactic Travels on WDIY has changed to the following:

iTunes, JetAudio, WinAmp:

Windows Media Player:

Real Player:

Thanks for listening!
Bill Fox

Host of Galactic Travels

dw046 - Mystified - Altered Signals 

"Altered Signals" is a series of pieces based on the alteration of a relatively simple original sound or set of sounds. Most sounds treated for this release involve some form of broadcast, such as radio. The tracks are much more ambient than most of mystified's recent work, but they do call on his studies of noise. The centerpiece of the album is a 30-minute piece called "The Science Of Change"-- a longform piece that moves back and forth but never repeats, sounding a bit like one of Roach's "Immersion" pieces.

Robert Carty videos on YouTube

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying the spring. I have uploaded new videos, just wanted to share this with. the addresses are:

Robert Carty

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