Ambient Visions Talks with....Nohno aka Dean Dennis


Dean Dennis



With over two decades of recording and performing, Dean Dennis’ musical journey has now arrived at the Nohno project. Dennis has traversed the musical spectrum, immersing himself in everything from his jazz-funk stomping grounds to the genre-bending electro-jazz & industrial outpourings of the seminal Clock DVA, the early electronic experimental work of The Anti Group Collective right on through to the darker aspects of techno with the Sector project.  

Nohno is the bastard progeny. A hybrid that mutates and evolves through techno jazz, tech-house to ambient industrial sound-scapes. Nohno is metamorphic. Nohno is liberated.  

The  “Metropolis” album, released in 2006, is Nohno’s first offspring. A deeper affair, “Metropolis” is a sofa rocker.  If music were in 3-D, “Metropolis” would be a flood of images, downloaded directly from your psyche.  Images of how London was last time you were there and images of how you dream of Tokyo being if you ever get to go there.  

“Metropolis” also signals a new & fruitful collaboration for Dennis as he is joined by Jose M. Jose brings additional elements of improvisation, sound and vocal sampling to the Nohno project and the potential for new visual dimensions.  

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Dream Wide Awake





Dream Wide Awake: 
Ambient Visions Talks with....Omnimotion aka Stefan Lundaahl


aka Stefan Lundaahl



Stefan Lundaahl known for his deep emotional ambient music, was born in 1976 in Sweeden. Stefan started his spiraling musical journey at the age of 15 when he began playing the guitar, writing music and playing in bands. The passion for music resulted in a three year music gynmasium program where he played in various bands and wrote more and more music and also played guitar in a Metal band. After exploring various genres, Stefan finally discovered the gate to the dreamy infintie world of ambient music and began his Omnimotion project. Along with his passion for ambient music he was also attracted to the romantic classical era. And so, ended up in a two year classical composing program where he had learned to write for orchestral instruments, classical vocals, piano, string quartet and full orchestra.

By 1999 he released his first track, and in 2002 his very sucessful debut self titled album was released by the well-known US label Waveform. He went on releasing many tracks on different compilations around the globe and his music was also chosen to accompany dance performances choreographed by famous choreographer Moses Pendelton.

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Ambient Visions Talks with....Rena Jones

Rena Jones



Rena Jones, a multifunctional and multinational artist, has had multiple tours within the US and Europe. Playing at some of the worlds leading electronic music festivals such as, The Glade Festival (UK), Shambhala (B.C.), Burning Man (Nexus, Entheon Village), and many of the worlds more popular nightclubs and also some of the hottest nightspots in San Francisco including The Warfield, 1015 Folsom, The Cow Palace, 550 Barneveld and she held a residency at The Supperclub in San Francisco, CA. Most recently Rena played a solo set at the Oracle World Show, with Elton John, Joan Jett, Devo and Berlin.

Rena Jones has released three epic solo albums, "Breaking the Divide" (2004), "Transmigration" (2005) which were self released and "Driftwood" (2006) on Native State Records which was on the top 25 albums on NPR for November and December and was given the honor of sixth top record of 2006. These masterpieces of auditory genius have been featured on radio programs such as Echoes Radio (NPR) where she performed a live concert and interview with John Dilberto.

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