February 2009


  Michael Foster, editor

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For those of you readers who have been coming here waiting for a new blog and never found one I do apologize. We are already into a new year and it is time to re energize Ambient Visions and once again make it a relevant stop on the road to discovering new music by your favorite ambient and new age music artist. It is not like the site actually went away but rather it is like the sleep mode on your computer. It was always there and ready to be of service as soon as someone woke it up. Time  to nudge AV back from nodding and bring it fully awake.

It will take a little time but over the coming weeks and months the site should once again begin to look more like its old self with new material showing up and changing on a regular basis and new interviews with the artists you enjoy listening to. I know that there have been many websites that have disappeared over the last few years including one that will sorely missed and that was Backroads Music. It was sad to see Lloyd close his doors for good on the web but Lloyd's situation is a reflection of where the music industry as a whole finds itself in regards to a physical product versus the digital download. It was probably inevitable that Lloyd would eventually be forced to close his doors but it was nice having the wide selection of physical CD's around while it lasted.

There is a danger that lurks beneath the surface of wishing for the good old days of music when there were nice shiny discs ( or big black vinyl ones) to hold in your hand and to physically place in the tray of your CD player. The danger lies in thinking that things might go back to the way that they used to be in the music industry and not just accepting what has happened and moving on. The record industry in general is in a state of denial of what has happened and wants desperately to go back to selling millions of shiny discs and making a bundle off each new superstar release they put out. The record companies resisted the changes that came upon them and tried very hard to hold on to the shiny discs and the profit they commanded with lawsuits and anti piracy software but to no avail. Sales continued to drop and nothing but ill will came from all of the lawsuits that they filed.

For the progressive record labels and artists the internet and MP3's became their friend and ally as they found new ways to interest listeners in their music and new ways to sell and distribute their songs to places that ordinarily would never have seen a physical copy of their CD's. The world of music is a changing place that continues to change and challenge labels and musicians alike. New Age and Ambient music has always been a niche market but with the internet bringing markets all over the world into the reach of any given artist's music there is also hope that the niche we call ambient and new age music has lots of potential for growth and untapped potential that might surprise a lot of folks in the near future. Keep on thinking free and positive and who knows where it might lead us. Till next time.

Michael Foster, editor
Ambient Visions