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Sometimes it amazes me that people can write these things once a day and get them posted to their websites. I guess that I should simply apply more discipline to my schedule and find the time to post my thoughts to Ambient Visions on a more consistent basis. I guess the next huge question in my mind would be how many folks out there actually want to read my thoughts on that regular of a basis? Over the years I have come to understand that Ambient Visions is a contact point for a niche market and for many the interviews and reviews along with the news help them keep up with some of what's going on within the ambient/new age community and that is why AV is coming up on its 10th year on the web. There are not that many websites out there that cover ambient music that we can afford to lose one so that is why I keep coming back and finding ways to revitalize AV and why I am looking towards year 10 and then beyond that to the next 10 years.

I don't think that AV is super special or that it is better than all the other ambient websites out there doing what I do but I do think that even though it has had a couple of hiccups over the years AV has been pretty consistent and has been there for those who are looking for the music that is featured on the website. And I think that is a very important aspect of AV and that is simply being there year after year so that it can act as a beacon for those who might be looking for information about a particular artist, links to some music they might find interesting and even the charts that show what others are listening to so that they can further explore the genres and find what they will eventually call some of their favorite artists.

I know what it is like to go searching for music that catches my attention and then to find that there are other threads that lead off to other great CD's and artists. My whole journey into ambient music began with a couple of CDs and has blossomed from there. And I must qualify that statement a little because one of those wasn't even a CD it was a cassette tape because that was what found its way into my hands back then. Dreamtime Return by Steve Roach was the cassette and Path a various artists collection from Windham Hill were the two pieces of music that sparked what has turned into a journey that so far has lasted over a decade. So when someone wanders around the net looking for some piece of music that intrigued them and they stumble across AV in the process so much the better. Perhaps they will wander off with a lot of ideas as to where they will go next on their quest for tunage.

Ok, change of subject. I hope that many of you have stopped by the state of ambient music piece linked off the front page of AV and read the responses from Robert Rich and David Helpling in regards to their thoughts on where ambient music is headed in 2008 and beyond and if not then you should. But the content of these two pieces is not what I wanted to bring up right now but rather the lack of responses from the many others that I sent this same question out to. Now I didn't expect everyone to jump at the arrival of my e-mail requesting participation in this little project but I had thought that there would be more than two artists that would have had some thoughts to share with the readers of AV on the topic of where we were heading in 2008 and beyond. I do have one more that person who will be responding shortly and a couple that said pieces would be forthcoming but after a month and a half has passed I have my doubts as to whether those are ever coming in now.

Maybe I am naive when it comes to promoting music in the ambient community but it seems to me that an artist will want to keep themselves in the public's eye as much as possible so that when visitors to AV's website stop by they will see certain artists who seem to be involved on a regular basis with promoting their music and sharing their thoughts about what these genres of music are all about. So it seems to me that a forum for sharing these thoughts on a website that has a decent amount of regular traffic would be something an artist might want to participate in. I guess not. I usually don't follow up on these requests as I don't want to be a nag or worse yet perceived as just another generator of unwanted e-mail similar to the spam that clogs our e-mails boxes so readily these days. I only pose these questions here because I am trying to understand.

To those that have responded and that will respond in the coming days to my call for the state of ambient music in 2008 I thank you for your time and your thoughts. To those who I never heard from again I will just wonder why and leave it at that. There are too many other things to think about as we move through 2008 and I prefer to focus on the positive and those who are moving the community forward than those who aren't. Ambient Visions is still growing and becoming what it will be in the years to come and I hope that 2008 continues to be a year of evolving for me personally and for AV as a website. See ya next time.

Michael Foster, editor
Ambient Visions