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Renee' Blanche

Night Tides with Renée Blanche Playlist April 16, 2017 


•   Artist Title Track / CD ~ Label

8 – 8:30 p.m.:

•   Sheela Bringi Gayatri Mantra / Shakti Sutra ~ New Earth Records

•   Ron Korb Song of the Forest / Native Earth ~ Indie

•   Burkhard Dallwitz In Memoriam-Pt. 1 / Worlds Apart ~ Ultima Thule Ambient

•   Steve Roach Primary Phase / Spiral Revelation ~ Projekt Records

8:30 – 9:00 p.m.:

•   Robert Carty Biding Tine / Trails ~ Deep Sky Music

•   Jim Ottaway Sequence of Life / Timeless e-Motion ~ Indie

•   Alpha Wave Movement Lattices of Light / Cerulean Skies ~ Harmonic Resonance Recordings

•   Hollan Holmes Insulated / Prayer to the Energy ~ Indie

9 – 9:30 p.m.:

•   Michael Whalen The Distant Light / Dream Cycle ~ Valley Entertainment

•   Kevin Kendle The Brook / Spring ~ Eventide Music

•   Joseph L Young Crystal Sunrise / Ethereum ~ Indie

•   Karen Olson & Crispin Barrymore Epilogue / A Hero’s Journey ~ Innerview Records

9:30 – 10:00 p.m.:

•   Tom Grant Arms Wide Open / Sipping Beauty ~ Nu-Wrinkle Records

•   John Adorney Ashes To Blossom / A World Awakens ~ EverSound

•   Nancy Shoop-Wu Ma’noa Rain / Rainbow Road ~ Lei Hoku Music

•   Tom Caufield  Valentin In the Fountain / Forging the Moonlight ~ Bohemian Embassy

•   Hennie Bekker Tranquility / Reverie ~ Abbeywood Music

•   Richard Carr Serenity / Matters of Balance ~ Rec’d Music

10 – 10:30 p.m.:

•   Ascendant Remains / Aethereal Code ~ Synphaera Records

•   Between Interval The Tunnel / Legacy ~ Spotted Peccary Music

•   Forrest Fang Left of the Sky / Following the Ether Sun ~ Projekt Records

•   Stephen Peppos Cold But Warm Peace / Leaving Terra Firma ~ Sonic Bear Music

10:30 – 11:00 p.m.:

•   Peter Kater Resonance / Resonance ~ New Earth Records

•   Art Patience The Recognition / The Recognition ~ Heart Dance Records

•   Stanton Lanier For Such A Time As This / Climb to the Sky ~ Music to Light the World Inc

•   Jim Brickman Hush / Soothe 2 ~ HOS Records

•   Amethyste My Acadian Heart / Alien Moon ~ Terminal 4 Records

•   Tidal Flow The Ethereal Arcturian / Xenoi ~ Tidal Flow Music

11 – 11:30 p.m.:

•   Manitou  Mist and Fog Settle On the Gray Iron Foundry / Shadows of a Detroit Winter Sun ~ Indie

•   Steve Brand Like Water to the Lowest of Places / Because We Were Once Covered In Gold ~ Pioneer Light Music

•   Carey Moore Working Alluvia Fields / John Donelson’s Ghost ~ Indie

•   Igneous Flame  White Rainbow / Moonglow ~ LuminaSounds


•         Chris Russell Life’s Journey / Labyrinth ~ Spotted Peccary Music

•         Hilyard  Repose IV/V / Repose ~ Stereoscenic Records

•         Poemme Miniature Menagerie / Arboretum ~ Stereoscenic Records

•   Yanni In the Morning Light / In My Time ~ Private Music

Ambient Visions Classic Ambient/New Age/Other Top 20

1. Various Artists - Path: An Ambient Journey From Windham Hill
2. Steve Roach - Structures From Silence
3. Tim Story - The Perfect Flaw
4. Various Artists - Slumberland Vol. 1
5. Andreas Vollenweider-Eolian Minstrel
6. Global Communication- 76:14
7. Heavenly Music Corporation - Consciousness III
8. Will Ackerman- Conferring With the Moon
9. Craig Padilla - Vostok
10. David Lanz- Cristofori's Dream
11. Dead Can Dance-Spiritchaser
12. Mickey Hart - Planet Drum
13. John Flomer- Night in the Vapor Jungle
14. Michael Gettel- Winter -Songs of My People
15. Mike Oldfield- Tubular Bells II
16. Various Artists- Narada Decade: The Anniversary 2 Disc Collection
17. Patrick O'Hearn- Ancient Dreams
18. David Arkenstone - In the Wake of the Wind
19. Deep Forest - Deep Forest
20. Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors- Stillpoint

WVKR-FM Secret Music Top 20 for November 2016

1. Tom Eaton - Indesterren - Riverwide Records

2. Secret Sky - Secret Sky - Sylvan House Music

3. Duet For Theremin And Lap Steel - 10 - Self Released

4. Kevin Kastning and Sandor Szabo - Perspectives - Greydisc Records

5. Altus - Innerspace - Self Released

6. Jason Sloan - Haven - Self Released

7. Carl Weingarten - An Endless Premonition - Multiphase Records

8. Survive - RR7349 - Relapse

9. Rudy Adrian - Coastlines - Spotted Peccary Music

10. Tim Story & Hans Joachim Roedelius - The Roedelius Cells - Seventh Chance

11. Slow Dancing Society - The Wagers Of Love And Their Songs From

The Witching Hour - Hidden Shoal

12. Christopher Tignor - Along a Vanishing Plane - Western Vinyl

13. Ken Elkinson - Why - August Son Productions

14. Byron Metcalf - Inner Rhythm Meditations - Sounds True

15. Dean De Benedictis - Salvaging the Present - Spotted Peccary Music

16. Cranial Mythos - Permutations - Self Released

17. Howard Givens and Madhavi Devi - Source of Compassion - Spotted Peccary Music

18. Spencer Elliott - Unspoken - Candy Rat

19. Louis Colaiannia - Four Days in My Life - Self Released

20. Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer - Whispers from Silence - Heart Dance Records

WVKR-FM Secret Music Top 25 Albums for 2015

1. Air Sculpture - Vanishing Point Volume 1 - Self Released

2. Ion - A Fall Of Stars - Thinking Metal Music

3. David Cross & Robert Fripp - Starless Starlight - Noisy Records

4. Redshift - Life To Come - A Distant Sun Production

5. Kevin Keller - La Strada - Kevin Keller Productions

6. Dave Bessell - Black Horses Of The Sun - DiN

7. V/A - Ambient Music to Heal: an Album for Our Wounded Warriors - Wayfarer

8. Binar - Mushroom Vimana - Self Released

9. Andy Pickford - Vanguard - AD Music

10. Steve Roach - The Skeleton Collection - Timeroom

11. Forrest Fang - Letters to the Farthest Star - Projekt

12. Erik Wøllo - Echotides - Projekt

13. Arcane - Revenants - Self Released

14. Eric Tingstad - Mississippi - Cheshire Records

15. Pierre Bensusan - Encore - DADGAD Music

16. Emerald Web - Catspaw - Anodize

17. Moebius/Story/Leidecker - Snowghost Pieces - Bureau B

18. Ken Elkinson - Music For Commuting Volumes 7-12 - August Son Productions

19. Rafael Anton Irisarri - A Fragile Geography - Room40

20. Helen Avakian - Notes From Helen - Self Released

21. Roy Mattson - Mesmer - Relaxed Machinery

22. Loscil - Sea Island - Kranky

23. Robin Spielberg - Another Time, Another Place - Play Mountain Music

24. Sonic Skypilots - March Into The Mist - Self Released

25. Robert Rich - Filaments - Soundscape Productions

WVKR-FM Secret Music Playlist for January 8, 2017

         Artist                                           Song                                    Album 

Emma Zoe Elkinson        Part I            Discreet Music
Metlay!                Fade To Green        Fade
Forrest Fang            Part 1 - Cloudburst    The Sleepwalker's Ocean
Loscil                Straw Dogs        Monument Bu?ilders
Marconi Union            Sleeper            Ghost Stations
Julianna Barwick        Heading Home        Will
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein    Stranger Things/Kids    Stranger Things Vol.1
Arcane                Automaton        Automaton
The Contact            Zero Moment        Zero Moment
Peter Baumann            Searching In Vain    Machines Of Desire
Tom Eaton            Slow Rotations        Abendromen
Tom Eaton            Eridanus        Indesterren
Terra Ambient            Redrock            Beyond The Borders
Jeff Pearce            Snowfall        Follow The River Home
Paul Ellis   Here In The Waiting Room Of Eternity   A Guitar Has Moonlight In It
Tigger Benford            Imbroglio        Vessel Of Gratitude
Guy Buttery            Floop            Guy Buttery
Janet Robbins            I Hear Crow        I Hear Crow
Sonic Skypilots            Olympus Mons        Interplanetary Medium
Errant Space            Saltire            Sons De Meubles Modernes
Ben Neill        The Other Side Of Midnight    Horizonal
Byron Metcalf            Dark Brew        Saving Cecil's Pride
Loren Nerell            Dark Horizon        The Venerable Dark Cloud
Stratosphere            Desolation        Rise

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

Galactic Travels Playlist #1026 December 1, 2016

Galactic Travels is an electronic, ambient, and space music show, that airs each Thursday at 11:04 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown and
Bethlehem, PA, 93.9 FM in Easton, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ, 93.7 FM inFogelsville and Trexlertown, and webcasting on the internet.  
WDIY also broadcasts in Digital HD at 88.1 FM. 
On this show, I began a month-long focus on Jim Ottaway.  The Featured CD at Midnight was "Aurora" which is self released.  I also 
played new music by Jim Ottaway and by Matthew Stewart.
11:04 pm
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ===============================
Kevin Braheny        Starflight 1 *       Galaxies (Hearts of Space)
Jim Ottaway          Timeless e-Motion    Timeless e-Motion (none)
Matthew Stewart      The Journey Away     A World Bathed in Sunlight (Spotted Peccary)
George Wallace       Existentia           Live From Planet Earth (AirBorn)
Eyes Cast Down       At This Body's Final Hour       Souls Adrift in Disrepair (none)                                              
Jim Ottaway          Snowfall (Prelude)   Aurora (none)
Jim Ottaway          Fortune              Aurora (none)  
12:00 am
Jim Ottaway          Aurora Borealis      Aurora (none)
Jim Ottaway          Light of Day         Aurora (none)
Jim Ottaway          Desert Shadows       Aurora (none)
Jim Ottaway          Snowfall             Aurora (none)
Jim Ottaway          Ice Age              Aurora (none)
Jim Ottaway          Aurora Australis     Aurora (none)  
1:00 am  
 * = excerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)
++ = Advance CDR from Artist
-- = Background music under interview
** = Continued  
On the next Galactic TravelsTM, I'll continue the month-long focus on Jim Ottaway.  The Featured CD at Midnight will be "Orion" 
which is self released.
Bill's Galactic Travels

Galactic Travels Top 20 November 2016

Brückner & Everling - Sparrows - Luna/SynGate
Carl Weingarten - An Endless Premonition - Multiphase
Dean De Benedictis - Salvaging the Present - Spotted Peccary
George Wallace - Live from Planet Earth - AirBorn
Gert Emmens - The Last Alien - Groove Unltd.
Matt Borghi - Ambient Guitar - Slobor Media
Mikronesia - Host - EarSnake
Mikronesia - Mikronesia - none
Mikronesia - Tissue Paper Ghosts - Gears of Sand
Mikronesia - vxvii - EarSnake
Remy - Fears - Desert Island Music
Remy - Fears Prolog - Deserted Island Music
Rudy Adrian - Coastlines - Spotted Peccary
Steve Roach - Shadow of Time - Projekt
Steve Roach - This Place To Be - Timeroom Editions
The Melting Transistor - Ambiverse - none
Various Artists - electro-music 2016 - electro-music media
Vessels of Light - Sanctuary of Peace - Space for Music
Yves Potin - Waters - none
onewayness and dRachEmUsiK - Mirrors to the Bonfire - onomastic/MCSD

Star's End Playlist December 18, 2016

STAR'S END  1-6AM Sat Night/Sun Morning Playlist for 18 December 2016
88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD|
88.7fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9fm Hackettstown|104.9fm Lehigh Valley PA
Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK              ALBUM (label)

Ulrich Schnauss         Negative Sunrise        No Further Ahead Than Today (scripted realities)
FSOL                    Solace                  Environment 6 (fsoldigital)
The Melting Transistor  Song of the Void        Ambiverse (self-released)
Steve Brandt      The Crucible of Heart (edit)  The Path of the Heart (relaxed machinery)
Peter Kater             One Flame               Resonance (new earth)
Matthew Stewart     A World Bathed in Sunlight  A World Bathed in Sunlight (spotted peccary)
Paul Ellis      A Rainforest in Echoing (edit)  Available Light (self-released)
Michael Brueckner       Drowning                Musikhalia (self-released)
P Namlook/New Composers Part II                 Russian Spring (psychonavigation)

Cosmic Ground           Ground Central          Cosmic Ground III (studio fleisch)
TJ Porter               A Fools' Errand         Post Factual Society (self-released)
Akasha Project          Black Market            Spheres (klangwirkstoff)
Dean De Benedictis      Regret in G             Salvaging the Present (spotted peccary)
J Mundok                Part 3                  Plitvice Botany (self-released)
Eluvium                 Beyond the Moon...      False Readings On (temporary residence)
Biosphere               Departed Glories        Departed Glories (smalltown supersound)
Matt Borghi             Silhouettes             Ambient Guitar (slobor media)

Chuck van Zyl        Until the Kingdom Comes 3  Recitals (synkronos music)
K Dixon/M Stein         Hawkins                 Stranger Things (lakeshore records)
Johann Johannsson       Arrival                 Arrival (deutsche grammophon)
David Wingo             Call the Lawyer         Loving (back lot music)
J DiBenedetto/AP Kerby  Memories of Silence     Falling Into Place (dataObscura)
Steve Roach             Cloud of Knowing        Shadow of Time (projekt)
Robert Davies           Afterlight              Afterlight (dataObscura)
Silentwave              Dry Landscape Garden    Daiyuzan (gterma)

Lustmord                Subspace                Dark Matter (touch)
Matthias Grassow        Chromestesia            The Nightquest Sessions (gterma)
B Ashra                 excerpt                 Venus Meditation (klangwirkstoff)

Robert Hakalski         Annus Mirabilis         Piano 5 (singularity)
Gavin Bryars          As Sure as There is a...  The Fifth Century (ecm)
Robert Rich             tracks 1 2 3            Vestiges(soundscape)
Ian Boddy               As Above So Below       As Above So Below (DiN)


Star's End Top 25 for November 2016



Star's End 2015 in Review

STAR'S END  1-6AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 3 January 2016 88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5fm WKHS 
Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9fm Hackettstown|104.9fm Lehigh Valley PA Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2015 - Year in Review Part One *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)                
Andrew Laitres         All This Could Be Yours  Singularity (self-released)
Roger Davidson          Ayejael Ne Yesu         Sacred Music (soundbrush)
Silencio                Waiting                 She's Bad (self-released)
Arjen Schat             Stellar Parallax        Sonic Identity (self-released)
Cosmic Ground           NGC 224                 Cosmic Ground 2 (studio fleisch)                
Von Hallgath            Night Stretch           Easterfield (self-released)
Filter-Kaffee           Six Eight Time          102 (manikin)
onewaynes/Modulator ESP Bridge 3                Astral Bridges (onomastic/ethereal live)
AirSculpture            Boardwalking            Vanishing Point 1 (self-released)
Craig Armstrong         Never Been Kissed       Far From the Madding Crowd (sony)
Barecca/Leimer          Loess                   Field Characteristics (palace of lights)
Steve Roach             It's All Connected      Skeleton Keys (projekt)
Bruno Sanfilippo        Upon Contact            Upon Contact (ad21)                
Forrest Fang            Hermitage               Letters to the Farthest Star (projekt)
Metcalf/Roach/Thomas    Primal Analog           Monuments of Ecstasy (projekt)
Jens-Uwe Beyer          Mowen                   Pop Ambient 2015 (kompakt)
Grok Oenn               Chronozone              Future Chill vol 1 (quark)
Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana - Muns de Etrah      Holographic Codex (projekt)
Givens & Padilla        Awakened Consciouness   Life Flows Water (spotted peccary)
Simon Lomax             Sometimes I Disappear   5 Textures (self-released)
Bruno Sanfilippo - The Leaves at the Bottom of a Cup - Inside Life (ad21)
Numina & Zero Ohms      A Day Without Time      Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds (spotted peccary)                
Robert Rich             Telomere                Filaments (soundscape)
John Luther Adams       Looking Toward Hope     The Wind in High Places (cold blue)
Waves on Canvas         A Dedication            Into the North Sea (psychonavigation)
Alio Die/Parallel Worlds - Wordless Arcanum     Elusive Metaphor (hic sunt leones)
O Briand/B Loreau       Part 1                  Interfences (spheric)
Lambert                 Hill                    Drachenreise (spheric)
K Leimer                At Remove               The Grey Catalog (palace of lights)
Dave Bessell            Wasteland               Black Horses of the Sun (DiN)
Ken Elkinson            Barely Breathing        Music for Commuting  7-12 (august son)
offthesky               Bloodletting            Light Loss (dronarivm)                
K Markov                Organic (excerpt)       Organic (self-released)
Bryan Carrigan          Behind the Wall         Fall into Winter (self-released)
Paul Ellis         Lights of a Departing Train  Moth in Flames (spotted peccary)
Alluste                 Dark Energy             Dark Energy (self-released)
Syn                     Barsoom                 Valles Marineris (self-released)
Deborah Martin          Waiting                 Eye of the Wizard (spotted peccary)
Wil Bolton              Seep                    Inscriptions (dronarivm)
Geoscience              Gone into the Night     Desert Reflections (self-released)
Anima                   Camino de Pedro         Sacred Alliance (self-released)                

* 2015 - Year in Review Part Two * 
ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)                
Ombient                 Undersea Miner          Sectio Aurea (synkronos music)
Jed Kurzel              Murder                  MacBeth (decca)
State Azure             Vertigo                 Digiseeds (ultimae)
Nils Frahm              Some                    Solo (erased tapes)
Barreca/Leimer          Loess                   Field Characteristics (palace of lights)
Max Richter             Love and Imagination    Testament of Youth (milan)
Kammarheit              Aeon                    The Nest (cyclic law)
Steve Roach             Part One (excerpt)      Alive in the Vortex (timeroom)                
Arc                     Filtered Through Haze   Arclight (DiN/DDL)
Chronotope Project      Canticle for the Stars  Dawn Treader (spotted peccary)
Max Corbacho            Wave of Reflection      Splendid Labyrinths (self-released)
Time Being              The Wind Has Called     A Place to Belong (spotted peccary)
B Salisbury/G Barrow    The Turing Test         Ex Machina (invada)
Christophe Beck         Five Miles Away         Good Kill (lakeshore)
The Orb                 Lunar Caves             Moonbuilding 2703 AD (kompakt)
Charles Cohen           Spirit Mountain        Brother I Prove You Wrong (morphine)
Syn                     Part II (excerpt)       Aqueous (self-released)
Dirk Serries            The Imperative Edge     Disorientation Flow (projekt)
Nymphalida              Berchida                Loghi (psychonavigation/tranquillo)
Olan Mill               Mussart                 Cavade Morlem (dronarivm)
Another Fine Day        Naiad                  A Good Place to Be (interchill)
Marconi Union           Fading                  Departures (chemical tapes)
The New Composers       Long SQ                 Smart (psychonavigation)
Slow Meadow             A Farewell Sonata       Slow Meadow (hammock music)
Jack Hertz              Rain of Ice             Nataraj (aural films)
Emmens/Heij             Whispering Winds...     Echoes From Future Memories (self-released)
Dan Pound               Through the Fog Pt 1    Change of Weather (self-released)
David Torn           At Least There Was Nothing Only Sky (ecm)
Steve Brand             Transitional Experience Second Spring (pioneer light)
Robert Davies           Sanctum                 Nightshade (dataObscura)
Ebauche                 Warmth                  Adrift (invisible agent)
Stratosphere            Accepting the Aftermath Aftermath (projekt)                
Corcoilli               A Noite Do Meu Bam      Unfinito (azul music)
Johan Agebjorn          The Right to Play       Notes (paperbag records)
Deborah Martin          Twilight                Under the Moon (spotted peccary)
Frore & Shane Morris    Orison                  Blood Moon (spotted peccary)
Erik Wollo              Timemorph               Blue Radiance (projekt)
Hollan Holmes           The Year's First Rain   Incandescent (self-released)
Three Fields            Rise                    Home (self-released)
Olafur Arnalds          Written in Stone        The Chopin Project (mercury classics)
Pete Barnhart & David Rose - Grace              Fall to Grace (spirit winds)
Leila Abdul-Rauf        Wane                    Insomnia (malignant/antibody)
SourceCodeX             Day by Day              Rebirth (self-released)                

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