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Renee' Blanche

Night Tides with Renée Blanche Playlists 
October 8, 2017 


Song - Artist - Album 

Final Refugium - Protou & Hilyard - Alpine Respire
Appalachian Waters -Timothy Wenzel- What We Hold Dear
Aya -Michael Hewett- Muses
Looking to Lowman- Lynn Tredeau- Shifting Sands
Return to the River- Steve Orchard- Still the River Flows
Hey Ma Durga- Tina Malia- Anahata
Passages (Solarsoul Chilled Remix)- Tigerforest- Songs of Reverence (The Remixes)
Ostinato For Piano, Percussion, Strings and Electronics- Christopher James- The Sad Waltz
Helelele- Hennie Bekker- African Tapestries - Jabula
Magnetism- Mars Lasar- Utopia
Snow Dream- Logical Drift- Sands of Time
The Jam: Luxor, Egypt- Elise Lebec- Origin: One World Turning Project
Trip to Birmingham_the Blackthorn Stick- Matthew Olwell- Cybertrad
Narayani (feat. Hans Christian)- Jim Beckwith- Be Love
Perpetuum Mobile- Kerani- Stardust
Morning Dove -Peter Calandra- The Road Home
Nunavik- Guy Bergeron & Christelle Cotnam- Car Ride
Eastern Sea Route (Tokaido)- Hiroki Sakaguchi & Ron Korb- Japanese Mysteries
Dream Tunnel- Sangeeta Kaur- Ascension, Niguma, Vol. 2: The Mantra Project
We Heard Earth Weeping (feat. Laura Halladay & Maksim Velichkin)- Merrill Collins- Ethereal Escapes (feat. Laura Halladay & Maksim Velichkin)
As the Earth Awakens- Robert Thies & Damjan Krajacic- Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries
Whispering Seas- Charles Denler- One Drop Became an Ocean
The Three Friends of Winter- Kevin Kendle- The Mandarin's Garden
Forever- Gina Lenee'- Red Diamonds
Harvest Song- Matt Marshak- Year's End
Little Angel- Rick Sparks- Nightfall London
Water's Edge- NoizeFilter Music- Ambient Road
Threads of Thought- Howard Givens & Craig Padilla- Being of Light
Darknot- Evolv- Hawk Moon Records, Vol V
Artificial Life- Dave Luxton- Music for Science and Stargazing
A Gentle Breeze- Aidia- Sweet Dreams - Music for Relaxation and Sleep
Wilderness- Terry Oldfield- Pure Flute
Vision Quest- Heartistry- Inner Sanctum
Waltzing With Her Ghost- Roy Mattson- Melancholy Moon
Breathe- Carl Borden- Breathe
Inside 12- Zero Ohms- Inside-
The Decay of Things- Threadbare- Home Is A Memory
Final Refugium- Protou & Hilyard- Alpine Respire
Pellucid Glimpse- Fernando James- Dreamshadows
Crackling Fire- Robert Otto- Postcards from Earth
Final Refugium- Protou & Hilyard- Alpine Respire
Life In Slow Motion- Kevin Lyons- Dancers At the End of Time

Ambient Visions Classic Ambient/New Age/Other Top 20

1. Various Artists - Path: An Ambient Journey From Windham Hill
2. Steve Roach - Structures From Silence
3. Tim Story - The Perfect Flaw
4. Various Artists - Slumberland Vol. 1
5. Andreas Vollenweider-Eolian Minstrel
6. Global Communication- 76:14
7. Heavenly Music Corporation - Consciousness III
8. Will Ackerman- Conferring With the Moon
9. Craig Padilla - Vostok
10. David Lanz- Cristofori's Dream
11. Dead Can Dance-Spiritchaser
12. Mickey Hart - Planet Drum
13. John Flomer- Night in the Vapor Jungle
14. Michael Gettel- Winter -Songs of My People
15. Mike Oldfield- Tubular Bells II
16. Various Artists- Narada Decade: The Anniversary 2 Disc Collection
17. Patrick O'Hearn- Ancient Dreams
18. David Arkenstone - In the Wake of the Wind
19. Deep Forest - Deep Forest
20. Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors- Stillpoint

WVKR-FM Secret Music Top 20 for September

1. FLOW - FLOW - LMB Music
2. Penguin Cafe - The Imperfect Sea - Erased Tapes
3. Robert Rich - Foothills: Robert Rich Live on KFJC 28 May 2014 - Soundscape
4. Vidna Obmana - Near The Flogging Landscape - Self Released
5. Alpha Wave Movement - Cerulean Skies - Harmonic Resonance Recordings
6. Roy Mattson - Melancholy Moon - Self Released
7. Tapes And Topographies - Signal To Noise - Simulacra
8. Paul McCandless with the Paul Winter Consort - Morning Sun - Living Music
9. Arcane - Live At E-Day 2017 - Self Released
10. Mark Seelig & Sam Rosenthal - Journey To Aktehi - Projekt
11. ['ramp] - synchronize or die - Doombient
12. Javi Canovas - The Following Rain - Self Released
13. Chris Russell - Spectra - Earth Mantra
14. Jack Hertz & Michael Meara - Terra Australis - Aural Films
15. Fictions And Poetics - Intersections - Dataobscura
16. Julio DiBenedetto & Anthony Paul Kerby - Falling Into Place - Dataobscura
17. Rudolf Heimann - Touch The Sky - Spheric Music
18. Tapana - Letters From Jonathan - Self Released
19. Rick Dietrick - Gentle Wilderness - Tompkins Square
20. Rick Dietrick - River Sun River Moon - Tompkins Square

WVKR-FM Secret Music Top 25 Albums for 2016


1. Peter Baumann - Machines Of Desire - Bureau B
2. Tom Eaton - abendromen - Riverwide Records
3. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things OST Volume 1 - Lakeshore
4. Paul Ellis - A Guitar Has Moonlight In It - Self Released
5. Jeff Pearce - Follow the River Home - Jeff Pearce Music
6. Tom Eaton - Indesterren - Riverwide Records
7. Ben Neill - Horizonal - Audiokult
8. Forrest Fang - The Sleepwalker's Ocean - Projekt
9. Various Artists - Beyond The Borders: Ultima Thule Ambient Vol.2 - Ultima Thule
10. The Contact - Zero Moment - Temporary Residence
11. Tigger Benford & Party - Vessel Of Gratitude - Self Released
12. Sonic Skypilots - Interplanetary Medium - Self Released
13. Janet Robbins - I Hear Crow - Star 7 Records
14. Loscil - Monument Builders - Kranky
15. Stratosphere - Rise - Projekt
16. Marconi Union - Ghost Stations - Just Music
17. Saul Stokes - Objects And Phenomena - Self Released
18. Arcane - Automaton - Self Released
19. Loren Nerell - The Venerable Dark Cloud - Projekt
20. Various Artists - Saving Cecil's Pride - RadHaus
21. Julianna Barwick - Will - Dead Oceans
22. Errant Space - Sons De Meubles Modernes - Self Released
23. Metlay! - Fade - Aural Films
24. Contact - Eno: Discreet Music - Cantaloupe Music
25. Guy Buttery - Guy Buttery - Self Released

WVKR-FM Secret Music Playlist for October 8, 2017

         Artist                                           Song                                    Album 

Chuck Van Zyl        Until The Kingdom Comes Pt.1    Recitals
Ryan Huber            Lower Light        Suburban Peril
Ankubo                Obsolete Apparatus    Ambient Italy
Igneous Flame            Kielo            Sylvi
Tony Gerber            Secret Garden        Secret Garden
All India Radio            Future City        Solo Electronique 1984
Yves Putin            Forest Mist        Forest Stairways
Steve Roach            Nostalgia In Waves    Nostalgia For The Future
Michael Meara            Entrance        The Static Past
Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter    Waken             Stay
Erik Wollo            Crescent Moon        Cinematic
Max Corbacho            Monolith        Arte Magnetica
Hammock                When The Body Breaks    Mysterium
Roedelius            Kamee            Selbstportrait
Roedelius            Gift Of The Moment    Gift Of The Moment
Roedelius            Wenn Der Sudwind Weht    Wenn Der Sudwind Weht
Roedelius            Bergan            Like The Whispering Of The Wind
Roedelius            Aufbruch        Selbstportrait II
Stephan Micus            Haze            Inland Sea
Blackmore's Night        Ghost Of John        To The Moon And Back
Damon Buxton            Another Sunday Drive    Another Sunday Drive
Jack Gates            Bring The Flavors    Bring The Flavors
Merrill Collins        Remembering The Emerald        Ethereal Escapes

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524


Galactic Travels Playlist #1072 October 19, 2017

On this show, I continued the month-long focus on Paul Vnuk, Jr.  The Featured CD at Midnight was "Distance to Zero" by Paul and 
Oöphoi on Hypnos Records.  You also heard new music by Bouvetøya.


11:04 pm
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ===============================
Kevin Braheny        Starflight 1 *       Galaxies (Hearts of Space)
Bouvetøya            Zenit                Machines for Collective Living (SynGate)
Tony Gerber          Secret Garden        Secret Garden (Space for Music)
Chronotope Project   Ovum                 Ovum (Spotted Pecary)
Jeffrey Koepper      Aurora               MantraSequent (Projekt)
Jeffrey Koepper      Gateway              MantraSequent (Projekt)
Hollan Holmes        Sublime Stasis       Prayer to the Energy (none)

12:00 am
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ===============================
Vnuk and Oöphoi      I                    Distance to Zero (Hypnos)
Vnuk and Oöphoi      II                   Distance to Zero (Hypnos)
Vnuk and Oöphoi      IV                   Distance to Zero (Hypnos)

1:00 am

 * = excerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)
++ = Advance CDR from Artist
-- = Background music under interview
** = Continued
xx = aborted by CD player

On the next Galactic TravelsTM, I'll conclude the month-long focus on Paul Vnuk, Jr.  The Featured CD at Midnight will be 
"Hymn of Tongues" on AtmoWorks Records.

Galactic Travels is an electronic, ambient, and space music show, that airs each Thursday at 11:04 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown  and Bethlehem, PA, 93.9 FM in Easton, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ, 93.7 FM in Fogelsville and Trexlertown, and webcasting  on the internet.  WDIY also broadcasts in Digital HD at 88.1 FM.

Bill's Galactic Travels


Galactic Travels Top 20 September 2017

Alpha Wave Movement - Cerulean Skies - HRR
Chronotope Project - Ovum - Spotted Peccary
Harrison McKay - Harrison On-Air 10-10-25 - none
Howard Givens and Craig Padilla - Being of Light - Spotted Peccary
Jim Ottaway - Deep Space Blue - none
Loom - The Tree Hates the Forest - Viktoriapark
Mário Raposo - Far and Beyond - none
Remy - EOD - AKH
Remy - Great Church Trilogy - Deserted Island
Remy - Sessions 2012 - Deserted Island
Remy - i-Dentity - Deserted Island
Solaris - Aeon V - Synphaera
Sonogram - Telescopic - Simulacra
Sverre Knut Johansen - Secret Space Program - Spotted Peccary
The Melting Transistor - Bending Light - none
The Tangent Project - Threads - none
Tony Gerber - Secret Garden - Space for Music
Various Artists - Northeastern electro-music Festival 2017 - electro- music media
Yves Potin - Forest Stairways - Jazzcomputer
['ramp] - synchronize or die - doombient


Star's End Playlist October 15, 2017

STAR'S END  1-6AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 15 October 2017 88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5fm WKHS 
Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9fm Hackettstown|104.9fm Lehigh Valley PA
Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Manfred Hamil           Gravity                         Pigeonhole (self-released)
Carbon Based Lifeforms  tracks 4 5 6                    Derelict (blood music)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith   To Feel Your Best               The Kid (western vinyl)
Fourth Dimension        Equilibria                      The Perfect Form (synphaera)
K Markov                Seite B                         Plattenspieler (self-released)

Chuck van Zyl           Outwatched by Stars Pt 2        Recitals (synkronos music)
Arc                     Arc Angel.Relay                 Radio Sputnik (DiN)

Vangelis                tracks 7 8 9 10                 Blade Runner (atlantic records)
['ramp]                 Hanging Gardens                 Synchronize or Die (doombient)
TJ Porter               The Death of Turkish Democracy  Mechanical Eye self-released)
Secondface              Growth                          Transitions (gterma)

The Ministry of Inside Things - tracks 3 4 5 disc 2     Everlasting Moment (synkronos music)
Klaus Schulze           Heinrich von Kleist             X (brain)

Hotel Neon              3:04AM (Warmth Remix)           Context: Remixed (self-released)
James Murray            Columba                         Heavenly Waters (slowcraft)
Alio Die                Part 1                          Standing in a Place (hic sunt leones)
The Circular Ruins      Satisfaction of Knowing         Pathways (databloem)



Star's End Top 15 September 2017 - Alphabetical

Aglia - Water Inside the Light - Hic Sunt Leones
Alio Die - Imaginal Symmetry - Hic Sunt Leones
Ian Boddy/Markus Reuter - Stay - DiN/DDL
Eyes cast down - The White Island - Kalindi Music
Howard Givens/Craig Padilla - Being of Light - Spotted Peccary Music
An Imaginal Space - Loop 1702 Beyond - self released
Bernd Kistenmacher - Paradise - MI Records
Manfred Hamil - Pigeonhole - self released
K Markov - Plattenspieler - self released
James Murray - Heavenly Waters - Slowcraft Records
Oneohtrix Point Never - Good Time - Warp Records
Jeff Pearce - From the Darker Seasons - self released
Perge - Catharsis - self released
['ramp] - Synchronize or Die - Doombient
Saul Stokes - Local Crowd - Databloem


Star's End 2016 in Review

STAR'S END  1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 1 January 2017 88.5 fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7 fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5 fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7 fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9 fm Hackettstown|104.9 fm Lehigh Valley PA

Host: Chuck van Zyl 

* 2016 - Year in Review Part One *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)


Neuronium               Jamais Vu (edit)        Jamais Vu (neuronium records)
Rene de Bakker          Day Dream               Day Dream (self-released)
Pollard Daniel Booth - Toward That Moment (edit)Volume 7 (eemc)
Solaris                 Solaria                 Starseed (synphaera)
Marconi Union    Remnants/Shadow Scheme (edit)  Ghost Stations (just music)
Lingua Lustra           Cloudsong               Essence (psychonavigation)
Alex Somers             Remembering             Captain Fantastic (lakeshore records)
Eyes Cast Down          Fading Angel            Souls Adrift In Disrepair (self-released)


Sense                   Elran                   A View From a Vulnerable Place (psychonavigation)
AES Dana feat. Miktek   Small Things Matter     Far & Away (ultimae)
Simon Lomax             excerpt                 An Ember Glows (self-released)
Anton Kubikov           April                   Pop Ambient 2016 (kompakt)
Fictioncity             Morphine                The Shell (psychonavigation)
S Skobeleva/S Vdovin    Stories Without History Between Ourselves (psychonavigation)
Tapes and Topographies  GarmentDistrictClothier Soft Decibels (simulacra)
Erik Wollo              excerpt                 Silent Currents 4 (projekt)


David Parsons           Offerings 2             Puja (gterma)
Chris Anderson    Shavi E Shumba Ofora Bamberi  Saving Cecil's Pride (radhaus)
John Gregorius          Benevolence             Still Voice (spotted peccary)
Uma                     Morning Embrace         Altered States (self-released)
Csillagkod              Outside This World      All the Time (spotted peccary)
Fictions and Poetics    A Final Geography       Our Last Days (dataObscura)
Marvin Ayers            Secular Reveries        Circadian Rhythms (wall of waves)
Stratosphere            Explore                 Rise (projekt)
Slow Meadow feat. Hotel Neon - Blue Aubade      Blue Aubade (hammock music)
Nunc Stans              Resolution              Elementa (dataObscura)


Vic Hennegan            Human Search            Space and Shadows (self-released)
Forrest Smithson        Seventh Circle          Reversal of Thought (self-released)
SubtractiveLAD          My Heart A Cube         Nucleus (self-released)
Fous de la Mar   For the Man Who Fell to Earth  Musiques Pour Films (elux records)
Mark Korven             William's Confession    The Witch (milan)
Comfortlevel7           Untitled                Mortal (simulacra)
K Markov                Sleep Now               After the Storm (self-released)
krill.minima            Nachtigal               Sekunden Schlaf (psychonavigation)
Hotel Neon              Deluge                  Remnants (fluid audio)
Tom Eaton               In Stillness            Abendromen (river wider records)


Brian Eno               Reflection              Reflection (warp) 



* 2016 - Year in Review Part Two *

STAR'S END  1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 8 January 2017 88.5 fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7 fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5 fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7 fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9 fm Hackettstown|104.9 fm Lehigh Valley PA

Host: Chuck van Zyl 

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)
Jeffrey Koepper     Interlogic     Terrelektra (air space)

Mythos  From Yokahama to...     Jules Verne - Around the World in 80 Minutes (groove)

Peter Baumann           Searching in Vain       Machines of Desire (bureau b)

G Getty/S Whitlan       Astley Return           Even Higher Green (retrochet records)

The Tangent Project     Unmoored                Threads (self-released)

Jeff Pearce             Downstream I            Follow the River Home (self-released)

Max Richter             Retinal                 Perfect Sense (bfd)
Steve Roach             Endorphine Dreamtime    Live in Tuscon - Pinnacle Moments (timeroom)

Craig Padilla           Across the Light        Heaven Condensed (spotted peccary)

Jack Hertz            Return to Alpha Syntauri  Planet Red (aural films)

Sverre Knut Johansen    Lost                    Earth From Above (spotted peccary)

Forrest Fang            Driftwood               The Sleepwalker's Ocean (projekt)

Havdis                  Dressed in Dark Winter  Novemberly (gterma)

R Sakamoto/A Noto       The Revenant Theme      The Revenant (milan records)

Rezo Glonti             Shuttle                 Budapest (dronarivm)

Max Richter             Song/Echo               Sleep (deutsche grammophon)
E Wollo/B Metcalf       Days of Magic           Earth Luminous (projekt)

Robert Rich             Meeting Face to Face    What We Left Behind (soundscape)

Julianna Barwick        Nebula                  Will (dead oceans)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith   Stratus                 Ears (western vinyl)

Darren Rogers           The Love Inside         Interstellar Love (self-released)

Filter-Kaffee           Bridge Over Troubled... Filter-Kaffee 100 (manikin)

Dave Luxton             Artificial Life         Music for Science and Stargazing (wayfarer)

Gert Blokzijl           excerpt                 Jurei (self-released)

Jim Ottaway             Southern Cross          Southern Cross (self-released)

An Imaginal Space       Dreaming                Ghosts (self-released)
Martin Nonstatic        tracks 1 2              Nebulae Live at the Planetarium (ultimae)
Johann Johannsson       A Song for Europa       Orphee (deutsche grammophon)

Jason Sloan             Aleppo                  Haven (slobor media)

Vangelis                Return to the Void      Rosetta (decca)

Dave Luxton             Swarm                   Phantom Circuits (wayfarer)

H Givens/M Devi         Pathless Passage        Source of Compassion (spotted peccary)

Legiac                  Ambikythera Mechanism   The Voynich Manuscript (dronarivm)

Apocyphos/Kammerheit/Atrium Careri - Avenoir    Onyx (cryo chamber)
S Roach/R Logan         Moment's Notice         Second Nature (projekt)
Darshan Ambient     Sunrise on the Mississippi  Fire Light (spotted peccary)

Silvia Nakkach          Liminal Dream           Liminal (vox mundi)

Janet Robbins           What Do They Hear?      I Hear Crow (star 7 records)

Chronotope Project      Churning the Ether      Passages (spotted peccary)

Max Richter             Lost in Space           The Last days on Mars (bfd)

Leslie Flanigan        Can Barely Feel My Feet  Hedera (physical editions)

An Imaginal Space       Lamentations Pt VI      Loops (self-released)

The Human Voice         We Are Not Alone        Silent Heart (cyclic law)


* 2016 - Year in Review Part Three *

STAR'SEND  1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 15 January 2017 88.5 fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7 fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5 fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7 fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9 fm Hackettstown|104.9 fm Lehigh Valley PA

Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)
Ascendant               Landfall                Meridian (synphaera)

Saul Stokes         Nesser's Night Flight Home  Objects and Phenomena (self-released)

Scann-Tec               Parsec                  Unyt (ultimae)

Dan Pound               NightShade              Shadows of the Heart (self-released)

Jack Hertz              Polynya                 Antarctica (aural films)

An Imaginal Space       Myths (original mix)    Mythopoesis (self-released)

A Rostami/D Blomquist   Ridge A                 Wandering Eye (glacial movements)
Chuck van Zyl        Until the Kingdom Comes 3  Recitals (synkronos music)

K Dixon/M Stein         Hawkins                 Stranger Things (lakeshore records)

Johann Johannsson       Arrival                 Arrival (deutsche grammophon)

David Wingo             Call the Lawyer         Loving (back lot music)

J DiBenedetto/AP Kerby  Memories of Silence     Falling Into Place (dataObscura)

Steve Roach             Cloud of Knowing        Shadow of Time (projekt)

Robert Davies           Afterlight              Afterlight (dataObscura)

Silentwave              Dry Landscape Garden    Daiyuzan (gterma)
Javi Canovas            Part 1 (excerpt)        Oscillations (self-released)

K Markov                Vibrophony              Traditional Space Tracks (self-released)

Janne Hanhisuanto       Part 5                  Sleepless (self-released)

Aglaia                  Last Straw              Leaves and Thunderstorms (hic sunt leones)

Juha-Matti Rautiainen   Grain on the Wind       The Endless Now (randomizer media)

Mica Levi               Vanity                  Jackie (milan)

Johann Johannsson       Part 4                  End of Summer (sonic pieces)

Steve Brand             Simple Things           Leaving the Hive (pioneer light)

Phillip Wilkerson       The Last Day Here       Walking Across the River (self-released)
Cosmic Ground           Ground Central          Cosmic Ground III (studio fleisch)

TJ Porter               A Fools' Errand         Post Factual Society (self-released)

Akasha Project          Black Market            Spheres (klangwirkstoff)

Dean De Benedictis      Regret in G             Salvaging the Present (spotted peccary)

J Mundok                Part 3                  Plitvice Botany (self-released)

Eluvium                 Beyond the Moon...      False Readings On (temporary residence)

Biosphere               Departed Glories        Departed Glories (smalltown supersound)

Matt Borghi             Silhouettes             Ambient Guitar (slobor media)
Rudy Adrian             Message of Dolphins     Coastlines (spotted peccary)

Steve Hauschildt        Time We Have            Strands (kranky)

Spyra                   Dusk                    Staub (butterfly collectors)

loscil                  Weeds                   Monument Builders (kranky)

James Murray            Kinosura Remix          Ghostwalk EP (ultimae)

Forma               Collapse of Materialists 2  Physcialist (kranky)

Subverter               Escape Velocity         Dark Mater Tuxedo (psychonavigation)

Carl Weingarten         The Far Away            An Endless Premonition (multiphase)


* 2016 - Year in Review Part Four *

STAR'SEND  1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 22 January 2017 88.5 fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7 fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5 fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7 fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9 fm Hackettstown|104.9 fm Lehigh Valley PA

Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)
K Markov                DNA Sequences (excerpt) Species (self-released)

Cliff Martinez          Runway                  Neon Demon (milan)

Modulator ESP           excerpt                 Nova Sequentia (self-released)

Syn                     Paeridolia              Paeridolia (self-released)

Perge                   Bataclan                Aural Coefficients Within a Fractal Plane (perge music)

Hotel Neon              Cascading               Live on WPRB (self-released)
Ulrich Schnauss         Negative Sunrise        No Further Ahead Than Today (scripted realities)

FSOL                    Solace                  Environment 6 (fsoldigital)

The Melting Transistor  Song of the Void        Ambiverse (self-released)

Steve Brandt      The Crucible of Heart (edit)  The Path of the Heart (relaxed machinery)

Peter Kater             One Flame               Resonance (new earth)

Matthew Stewart     A World Bathed in Sunlight  A World Bathed in Sunlight (spotted peccary)

Paul Ellis      A Rainforest in Echoing (edit)  Available Light (self-released)

Michael Brueckner       Drowning                Musikhalia (self-released)

P Namlook/New Composers Part II                 Russian Spring (psychonavigation)
James Murray            The Black and the Grey  Eyes to the Height (ultimae)

Ian Boddy               Quantum of Memory       As Above So Below (DiN)

TJ Porter               The Outsider            The Outsider (self-released)

The Orb              First Consider the Lilies  Cow/Chillout World (kompakt)

K Markov                To the Unknown (edit)   On the Road (self-released)

Peter Vasks/Voces8      The Fruit of Silence    Winter (decca)

Hennie Bekker           Self Connect            Beyond Desire (abbeywood records)

No Mask Effect          Denver                  Nothing Out There (psychonavigation)

D Lanois/R Deluca       Satie                   Goodbye to Language (anti/redfloor records)
Fourth Dimension        The One                 The Core (synphaera)

K Markov                Easy Morning            Easy Morning (self-released)

S Roach/R Logan         Ecdysis Activation      Biosonic (projekt)

Ian Boddy               Tone 1                  Tone Science (DiN)

Guitar Pilots           Primrose Prelude        Up and Out (synkronos music)

Lustmord                Subspace (excerpt)      Dark Matter (touch)

Moby                    LA8                     Long Ambients 1 (self-released)

Gavin Bryars         As Sure as There is Space  The Fifth Century (ecm)

Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Please Don't Go    These Fleeting Moments (projekt)

onewayness/dRachEmUsik  Part II (excerpt)       Mirrors to the Bonfire (onomastic/mcsd)
KA Smith/S Ciani        Closed Circuit          Sunergy (rvng)

Council Estate Electronics - Liquified Natural Gas - Arkita (glacial movements)

Phillippe Petit         excerpt                 You Only Live Ice (glacial movements)

Robert Rich           Obscured by Leaf Shadows  Vestiges (soundscape)

Weingarten/Charlton     Comfort in Silence      Where There is Light (spotted peccary)

George Wallace          It Is                   Live From Planet Earth (airborn music)

Byron Metcalf           As Clouds Dance         Inner Rhythm Meditations (sounds true)

Trevor Gordon Hall      Himinn                  Late Night With Headphones vol 1 (self-released)


Star's End Significant Releases of 2016 (non-ranking order)

AES Dana feat. Miktek: Far & Off (Ultimae)
Rudy Adrian:
Coastlines (Spotted Peccary)
Aglaia: Leaves and Thunderstorms (
hic sunt leones)
Vanishing Point 1 & 2 (self released)
Akasha Project: Spheres (
An Imaginal Space: Loops (
An Imaginal Space: Mythopoesis (self released)
Apocyphos/Kammerheit/Atrium Careri: Onyx (
Cryo Chamber)
David Arkenstone: Beneath a Darkening Sky (
QDV Recordings)
Meridian (Synphaera)
Marvin Ayers: Circadian Rhythms (
Wall of Waves)B Ashra: Venus Meditation (Klangwirkstoff)
Rene de Bakker: Day Dream (
Julianna Barwick: Will (
Dead Oceans)
Peter Baumann: Machines of Desire (
Bureau B)
Hennie Bekker: Beyond Dreams (
Abbeywood Records)
Biosphere: Departed Glories (
Smalltown Supersound)
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: These Fleeting Moments (
Gert Blokzijl: Jurei (self-released)
Ian Boddy:
As Above So Below (DiN)
Ian Boddy:
Tone Science (DiN)
Booth & Creek: Afterimages (
Matt Borghi: Ambient Guitar (
SloBor Media)
Steve Brand: Leaving the Hive (
Pioneer Light)
Steve Brand: The Path of the Heart (
Relaxed Machinery)
Michael Breuckner: Muzikhala (
Gavin Bryars: The Fifth Century (
ECM)Javi Canovas: Oscillations (self-released)
Chronotope Project:
Passages (Spotted Peccary)
City of Dawn: Sage (
Comfortlevel7: Mortal (
Common Ground: Common Ground (
self released)
Cosmic Ground:
Cosmic Ground 3 (Studio Fleisch)
Cosmonauttransfer: The Sky Wants Us (
Council Estate Electronics: Arkita (
Glacial Movements)Darshan Ambient: Fire Light (Spotted Peccary)
Robert Davies:
Afterlight (dataObscura)
Dean De Benedictis:
Salvaging the Present (Spotted Peccary)
Julio DiBenedetto/Anthony Paul Kerby: Falling Into Place (
Kyle Dixon/Michael Stein: Stranger Things (
Lakeshore Records)Tom Eaton: Abendromen (River Wide Records)
Tom Eaton:
Indesterren (River Wide Records)
Paul Ellis:
Ancient Light Having Reached Us (self-released)
Paul Ellis: Available Light (
Eluvium: False Readings On (
Temporary Residence)
Eyes Cast Down:
Souls Adrift in Disrepair (self-released) Forrest Fang: The Sleepwalker's Ocean (Projekt)
Fictions and Poetics: Our Last Days (
Christian Fiesel/Jack Hertz: End of the Steam Age (
Aural Films)
Christian Fiesel/Jack Hertz: Fast Trains (
Aural Films)
Filter-Kaffee 100 (Manikin)
Leslie Flanigan: Hedera (
Physical Editions)
Physicalist (Kranky)
Fourth Dimension:
The Core (Synphera)
Fous de la Mar: Musiques Pour Films (
Elux Records)
FSOL: Environment 6 (
fsoldigital) Graham Getty/Stephan Whitlam: Even Higher Green (Retrochet Records)
Howard Givens/Madhavi Devi:
Source of Compassion (Spotted Peccary)
Rezo Glonti: Budapest (
Matthias Grassow: The Darklight Quest (
Matthias Grassow: The Nightquest Sessions (
Guitar Pilots:
Up and Out (Synkronos Music)Robert Hakalski: Piano 5 (Singularity)
Janne Hanhisuanto: Sleepless (self-released)
Steve Hauschildt:
Strands (Kranky)
Havdis: Novemberly (
Vic Hennegan: Space and Shadows (
Jack Hertz: Antarctica (
Aural Films)
Jack Hertz: Planet Red (
Aural Films)
Hotel Neon: Live on WPRB (
Hotel Neon:
Remnants (Fluid Audio)
The Human Voice: Silent Heart (
Cyclic Law)Johann Johannsson: Arrival (Deutsche Grammophon)
Johann Johannsson: Orphee (
Deutsche Grammophon)Peter Kater: Resonance (New Earth)
Jeffrey Koepper:
Terrelektra (Air Space)
Sverre Knut Johansen: Earth From Above (
Spotted Peccary)
Mark Korven: The Witch (
krill.minima: Sekunden Schlaf (
Psychonavigation)Daniel Lanois/Rocco Deluca: Goodbye to Language (Anti/Redfloor Records)
Bruno Ender Lee: Studio 88 (
Legiac: The Voynich Manuscript (
Mica Levi: Jackie (
Milan Records)
Simon Lomax: An Ember Glows (
Monument Builders (Kranky)
Lustmord: Dark Matter (
Lingua Lustra: Essence (
Dave Luxton: Music for Science and Stargazing (
Dave Luxton: Phantom Circuits (
Wayfarer)Marconi Union: Ghost Stations (Just Music)
K Markov: After the Storm (
K Markov: Easy Morning (
K Markov: On the Road (
self released)
K Markov: Species (
K Markov: Traditional Space Tracks (
Martin Nonstatic: Nebulae Live at The Planetarium (
Cliff Martinez: Neon Demon (
The Melting Transistor: Ambiverse (
self released)
Byron Metcalf: Inner Rhythm Meditations (
Sounds True)
Moby: Long Ambient 1 Calm.Sleep (
self released)
Modulator ESP:
Nova Sequentia (self-released)
J Mundok: Plitvice Botany (
James Murray:
Eyes to the Height (Ultimae)
James Murray: Ghostwalk EP (
Mythos: Jules Verne: Around the World in 80 Minutes (
Groove)Silvia Nakkach: Liminal (Vox Mundi)
Pete Namlook/The New Composers: Russian Spring (
Jamais Vu (Neuronium Records)
No Mask Effect: Double or Quits (
No Mask Effect: Nothing Out There (
Nord: Hydra (
Nord: Mare Nubium (
Nunc Stans: Elementa (
dataObscura) onewayness + dRachEmUsik: Mirrors to the Bonfire (onomastic)
The Orb: Cow/Chillout World (
Orbit Over Luna: Transit (
Steve Orchard: Peripheral Vision (
AD Music)
Jim Ottaway:
Southern Cross (self released)Craig Padilla: Heaven Condensed (Spotted Peccary)
David Parsons:
Puja (gterma)
Jeff Pearce:
Follow the River Home (self-released)
Perge: Aural Coefficients Within a Fractal Plane (
Perge Music)
Phillippe Petit: You Only Live Ice (
Glacial Movements)
Pollard Daniel Booth:
Volume 7 (EEMC)
Dan Pound: Shadows of the Heart (
self released)
TJ Porter: The Outsider (
TJ Porter: Post Factual Society (
Pulse Emitter: Live at the Chapel (
self-released)Juha-Matti Rautiainen: The Endless Now (randomizer media)
Robert Rich: Harbinger (
Ultima Thule)
Robert Rich:
Vestiges (Soundscape)
Robert Rich:
What We Left Behind (Soundscape)
Max Richter: The Last Days on Mars (BFD)
Max Richter: Perfect Sense (BFD)
Max Richter: Sleep (
Deutches Grammophon)
Janet Robbins: I Hear Crow (
Star 7 Records)
Steve Roach: Emotions Revealed (
Steve Roach: Shadow of Time (
Steve Roach: Live in Tuscon Pinnacle Moments (
Steve Roach: This Place to Be (
Steve Roach/Robert Logan: Biosonic (
Steve Roach/Robert Logan: Second Nature (
Darren Rogers: Interstellar Love (self-released)
Aria Rostami/Daniel Blomquist: Wandering Eye (
Glacial Movements)Ryuichi Sakamoto/Alva Noto: The Revenant (Milan)
Scann Tec:
Unyt (Ultimae)
Arjen Schat: Permafrost (
Ulrich Schnauss: No Further Ahead Than Today (
Scripted Realities)
Sense: A View From a Vulnerable Place (
Silentwave: Daiyuzan (
Sonia Skobeleva/Stanislaw Vdovinse:
Between Ourselves (Psychonavigation)
Jason Sloan:
Haven (Slobor Media)
Slow Meadow feat. Hotel Neon: Blue Aubade (
Hammock Music)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Ears (
Western Vinyl)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith:
Euclid (Western Vinyl)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith/Suzanne Ciani:
Sunergy (RVNG International)
Forrest Smithson: Reversal of Thought (
Alex Somers: Captain Fantastic (
Lakeshore Records)
Spyra: Staub (
Butterfly Collectors)
Matthew Stewart: A World Bathed in Sunlight (
Spotted Peccary)
Saul Stokes:
Objects and Phenomena (self released)
Stratosphere: Rise (
SubtractiveLAD: Nucleus (
Subverter: Dark Mater Tuxedo (
Takashi Suzuki:
Water and Air (self-released)
Syn: Paeridolia (Paeridolia (self-released)
Syndromeda: When IN Side Becomes OUT Side (
Syngate)The Tangent Project: Threads (self released)
Tapes and Topographies: Soft Decibels (
Simulacra)Vangelis: Rosetta (Decca)
Chuck van Zyl:
Recitals (Synkronos Music)
Chuck van Zyl:
Star's End (Synkronos Music)
Chuck van Zyl:
The Xyl File (Industry8)
Voces8: Winter (
Decca)George Wallace: Live From Planet Earth (Airborn Music)
Carl Weingarten:
An Endless Premonition (Multiphase)
Where There is Light (Spotted Peccary)
Phillip Wilkerson: Waking Across the River (
self released)
David Wingo: Loving (Back Lot Music)
David Wingo: Midnight Special (
Erik Wollo:
Silent Currents 4 (Projekt)
Erik Wollo/Byron Metcalf:
Earth Luminous (Projekt)
Bernhard Wostheinrich: Live at The Gatherings 2015 (
Iapetus Media)
Bernhard Wostheinrich: Live at Star's End 2015 (
Iapetus Media)
Bernhard Wostheinrich/G Klares: Nuu-Chah-Nulth (
Iapetus Media)Zanov: Open Worlds (self released)
Zenith: Zenith (
Various Artists: Pop Ambient 2016 (
Various Artists: Saving Cecil's Pride (
Various Artists:
Starseed (Synphaera)


All charts and lists used with permission of the originator