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Renee' Blanche

Night Tides with Renée Blanche Playlists 
January 6, 2019 


Winter's Grace ARTIST:Pangaea Projekt ALBUM:Winter, Vol. 3 - Single

Negotiations Underground ARTIST:Tacit Blue ALBUM:Abandon

Far Away Hills ARTIST:Homeless Balloon ALBUM:Murrr - EP

Fifty Een ARTIST:Tommy Strauser ALBUM:Pneumatic Static

Heart of the Matter ARTIST:Streamline ALBUM:Modern Seduction

Unusual Road to Donsak ARTIST:Neuronium ALBUM:Lysergic Dream

Wake Up To Reality ARTIST:Karmarius ALBUM:Ambiomatic

Lets Talk About It ARTIST:Steve Orchard ALBUM:Steve Orchard - Skyway

Dolphin Dreams ARTIST:Sherry Finzer & Mark Holland ALBUM:Somewhere New

Sword and Stone ARTIST:Peter Sterling ALBUM:Magic Kingdom

Character Lines ARTIST:Richard Souther ALBUM:The Hummingbird and the Milky Way

Bently ARTIST:Don Latarsky ALBUM:River

Love Leaves a Memory ARTIST:Lynn Tredeau ALBUM:Fellowship of Solitude

Serenity ARTIST:Craig Karolus ALBUM:Many Blessings

Under the Willow Tree ARTIST:Ryan Judd ALBUM:An Open Sky

Le nouveau départ ARTIST:Alexandra Stréliski ALBUM:INSCAPE

Belum Caves ARTIST:Loren Nerell & Mark Seelig ALBUM:Cave Dwellers

Ancestral Gathering ARTIST:Ann Licater ALBUM:Quiet Spaces: Flute Meditations for Mindfulness and Relaxation

Planting Moon ARTIST:Marcia Watson Bendo ALBUM:Woodland Moons

The Great Beyond ARTIST:Monica Williams ALBUM:Journey of Tears

A Benevolent Spirit ARTIST:Byron Metcalf ALBUM:Inner Rhythm Meditations, Vol. II

Way of the Bronze ARTIST:Jarguna & Marcello Calasso ALBUM:…and Friends: Trapped Vol.2

Reticent ARTIST:Anton Belov ALBUM:Piano Works I

This World Waits ARTIST:Michelle Qureshi ALBUM:Silver Chord

Binary System ARTIST:Transponder ALBUM:Beholder

Planes ARTIST:Eternell ALBUM:Beneath an Endless Sky

Infinite Moments Pt. 1 ARTIST:Erik Wøllo ALBUM:Infinite Moments

In Upon Itself ARTIST:Apne Sinn w/Steve Brand ALBUM:Foreldrelose

The Need for Quiet ARTIST:Nathan Speir ALBUM:Quiet Wonder

Durand ARTIST:Futuregrapher & Eric The Taylor ALBUM:Effects of Clouds

Internal Horizons ARTIST:Rising Galaxy ALBUM:Theater of Absence

Murmuration ARTIST:Poemme ALBUM:Moments in Golden Light

Iteration II ARTIST:Blank Embrace ALBUM:Natural Light

In the Morning Light ARTIST:Yanni ALBUM:In My Time

Ambient Visions Classic Ambient/New Age/Other Top 20

1. Various Artists - Path: An Ambient Journey From Windham Hill
2. Steve Roach - Structures From Silence
3. Tim Story - The Perfect Flaw
4. Various Artists - Slumberland Vol. 1
5. Andreas Vollenweider-Eolian Minstrel
6. Global Communication- 76:14
7. Heavenly Music Corporation - Consciousness III
8. Will Ackerman- Conferring With the Moon
9. Craig Padilla - Vostok
10. David Lanz- Cristofori's Dream
11. Dead Can Dance-Spiritchaser
12. Mickey Hart - Planet Drum
13. John Flomer- Night in the Vapor Jungle
14. Michael Gettel- Winter -Songs of My People
15. Mike Oldfield- Tubular Bells II
16. Various Artists- Narada Decade: The Anniversary 2 Disc Collection
17. Patrick O'Hearn- Ancient Dreams
18. David Arkenstone - In the Wake of the Wind
19. Deep Forest - Deep Forest
20. Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors- Stillpoint

Ambient Visions Latest Spotify Playlist




Bluetech Vessels Liquid Geometries
Opening the Hand of Thought Chronotope Project Lotus Rising
Burning View Solar Fields Ourdom
Tranquil Dreams Ann Licater Quiet Spaces
The Lotus Within Jeff Oster Reach
Great Lights of Tripyramid Entheogenic Kykeon
Low Tide Explorations AES Dana Pollen (remastered)
Wise Whispers in the Wind Sync24 Omnious
A Steadfast Path Byron Metcalf Inner Rhythm Meditations, Vol. II
Journey Home Doug Hammer Celtique
Luminescent Hue Madhavi Devi The Truth of Being
Lost Souls Loreena McKennitt Lost Souls
Playing for a Lullaby Jarguna - Shane Morris ...And Friends: Trapped Vol. 2
Japanese Maple Aleksandra Takala Visions & Emotions
Forest Moon Marcia Watson Bendo Woodland Moons
Crystaline Forms Bluetech Liquid Geometries

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WVKR-FM Secret Music Playlist for December 30, 2018

         Artist                                           Song                                    Album 

Bernhard Wostheinrich        Pixel            Elsewhere
Robert Rich & Markus Reuter    Part 3        Flood Expeditions: Farmington
Annemarie Borg            Pace            In Nomine Tellus
K.Leimer            Life Of The Poet    Imposed Order 
Node                Perpetuum Mobile 2    Node Live
Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell        Cipher        Dystopia 
Peter Calandra            Agnus Dei        Carpe Noctem
Peter Calandra            A 21st Century Monk    Piano Improvisations Vol.1
Matteo Palmer            Nova            Opaline Sky
Entourage  The Two Snails That Went To The Funeral Of A Dead Leaf  Ceremony Of Dreams 
The Nightcrawlers    Baba Yaga's Flight    The Biophonic Boombox Recordings
Klangwelt            Exclamation        The Incident 
Meg Bowles            Chalice Of Shadows    Evensong
Jeff Mercel            No.26            Lunescapes Vol.1
Errant Space            Slow Sculpture        Seconds
4 Airports            Blueshift        4 Airports 
Steve Roach            Songline        Return To The Dreamtime
Vidna Obmana            Guarding Souls        The Trilogy
Jon Hassell            Dreaming        Listening To Pictures
Suss                Big Sky            Ghost Box
Forrest Fang            Nocturnum        Scenes From A Ghost Train

Scott Raymond
16 Penn St.
Fishkill, NY 12524

WVKR-FM Secret Music Top 20 Playlist for December 2018

1. Vidna Obmana - The Trilogy - Zoharum

2. 4 Airports - 4 Airports - Self Released

3. Peter Calandra - Little Paws On The Walls

4. Robert Rich & Markus Reuter - Flood Expeditions: Streamside - Iapetus

5. Louis Landon - Solo Piano Fantasies - Landon Creative

6. Dan Blanchard - The Spirit of Christmas - Peaceful Vibes

7. Pollard/Daniel/Booth - Eight - Electronic Composers Outlet

8. Steve Roach - Mercurius - Projekt

9. Bluetech - Liquid Geometries - DiN

10. Parallel Worlds - Tonal Paintings - Lost In It

11. Nunc Stans - Resolution - Dataobscura

12. Syndromeda - Eternal Destination - SynGate

13. Bouvetoya - Moonquake - Syngate

14. Matt Borghi - Ambient Guitar For Christmas - Slobor Media

15. Fictions & Poetics - Sands - Dataobscura

16. Fictions & Poetics - Inscriptions 02 - Dataobscura

17. Chronotope Project - Lotus Rising - Spotted Peccary Music

18. Phillip Wilkerson - Reveries - Self-Released

19. Charles Denler - Noel - Little River Music

20. Andrew Colyer - Christmas Time - Inner Nova Music

WVKR-FM Secret Music Top 20 Albums for 2018

1. The Nightcrawlers - The Biophonic Boombox Recordings - Anthology Recordings

2. Meg Bowles - Evensong: Canticles for the Earth - Kumatone Records

3. Steve Roach - Return To The Dreamtime - Timeroom

4. Node - Node Live - DiN

5. Kerry Leimer - Imposed Order/Imposed Absence - Palace Of Lights

6. Vidna Obmana - The Trilogy - Zoharum

7. Peter Calandra - Carpe Noctem - PCM

8. Jon Hassell - Listening To Pictures - Ndeya

9. 4 Airports - 4 Airports - Self Released

10. Suss - Ghost Box - EVP Recordings

11. Robert Rich & Markus Reuter - Flood Expeditions: Farmington - Iapetus

12. Jeff Mercel - Lunescapes Vol.1 - Psychic Troubles Tapes

13. Bernhard Wostheinrich - Elsewhere - Iapetus

14. Annemarie Borg - In Nomine Tellus - Gterma

15. Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell - Dystopia - DiN

16. Klangwelt - The Incident - Spheric Music

17. Entourage - Ceremony Of Dreams - Tompkins Square

18. Peter Calandra - Piano Improvisations, Vol. 1 - PCM

19. Errant Space - Seconds - Self Released

20. Matteo Palmer - Opaline Sky - Self Released

Galactic Travels Playlist #1134 December 27, 2018

On this show, I concluded the month-long focus on Cosmic Ground. The Featured CD at Midnight was "Cosmic Ground IV" on 
Studio Fleisch Records. You also heard new music by Bouvetøya on SynGate Records.
11:00 pm
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ===============================
Kevin Braheny        Starflight 1 *       Galaxies (Hearts of Space)
WintherStormer       D.E.S.H.             D.E.S.H. (Pakusch Project)
Bouvetøya            Ocean of Storms      Moonquake (SynGate Waves)
Parallel Worlds      Tonal Painting 1     Tonal Paintings (Lost In It)
Steve Roach          After the Return     Return to the Dreamtime (Timeroom Editions)
Cosmic Ground        Possessed            IV (Studio Fleisch)
Cosmic Ground        Stained *            IV (Studio Fleisch)
12:00 am
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ===============================
Cosmic Ground        Stained **           IV (Studio Fleisch)
Cosmic Ground        Obscured             IV (Studio Fleisch)
Cosmic Ground        Greasy               IV (Studio Fleisch)
Cosmic Ground        Progeny              IV (Studio Fleisch)
Cosmic Ground        Plains               IV (Studio Fleisch)
Cosmic Ground        Deep End             IV (Studio Fleisch)
1:00 am
* = excerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)
++ = Advance CDR from Artist
-- = Background music under interview
** = Continued
xx = aborted by CD player  
On the next Galactic Travels™, I'll begin a month-long focus on Andy Pickford. The Featured CD at Midnight will be "Replicant." 
You will also hear new music by TM Solver on SynGate Records.
Host of Galactic Travels™, an electronic, ambient, and space music show,Thursdays at 11:04 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM in 
Allentown and Bethlehem, 93.9 FM in Easton and Phillipsburg, and on 93.7 FM in Trexlertown and Fogelsville.

Bill's Galactic Travels


Galactic Travels Top 20 December 2018

Axess - Seashore - Spheric Music
Bouvetøya - Moonquake - SynGate Waves
Bridge to Imla and Friends - One January Evening - none
Chronotope Project - Lotus Rising - Spotted Peccary
Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground - Studio Fleisch
Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground 2 - Studio Fleisch
Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground III - Studio Fleisch
Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground IV - Studio Fleisch
Frédéric Gerchambeau and Bertrand Loreau - Catvaratempo - Spheric Music
Klangwelt - The Incident - Spheric Music
Madhavi Devi - The Truth of Being - Spotted Peccary
Max Corbacho - Horizon Matrix - Silentsun
Opera's Space - Artefakt - Luna
P'Faun - The Golden Peacock - Groove Unlimited
Palancar - Final Theory - Emergent World
Parallel Worlds - Tonal Paintings - Lost In It
Steve Roach - Mercurius - Projekt
Steve Roach - Return to the Dreamtime - Timeroom Editions
VelgeNaturlig - Kundalini - Winter-Light
WintherStormer - D.E.S.H. - Pakusch Project


Stars End Playlist December 23 2018

STAR'S END 1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning Playlist for 23 December 2018 88.5 fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7 fm WXPH Harrisburg PA| 
90.5fm WKHS  Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7 fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9fm Hackettstown|104.9fm Lehigh Valley PA
Host: Chuck van Zyl 

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

One Arc Degree          Marine Snow                     The Glow Beneath (synphaera)
Spyra                   Frozen Fountain                 Dunst (groove)
Saul Stokes             Santa and the Rainy Skates      Santa and the Rainy Skates (self-release)
Nonconnah               Downhill Trailer                Winter EP (silber records)
Peter Irock             Boreal                          Boreal (self-released)
Ascendant               Frozen Clouds                   Meridian (synphaera)
Wollo/Wostheinrich      Midnight Sun                    Arcadia Borealis (DiN)
Arjen Schat             Hemisphere                      Permafrost (self-released)
Jack Hertz              Endless Blue                    Antarctica (aural films)
Aidan Baker             Ecliptic Plane                  Ecliptic Plane (dronarivm)
Jeff Greinke            Winter Light                    The Promises of Silence (projekt)
Autopsia                Stille Nacht                    Excelsis (projekt)
Tuu                     Frozen Lands                    The Frozen Lands (arya)
Irmin Schmidt           Toy Planet                      Toy Planet (spoon)
Klaus Schulze           Crystal Lake                    Mirage (brain)
Solidarity Hymn         In Winter Snowtime              For a Wandering Beam of Sun (self-released)
The Gentlemen Losers    Make We Here Our Camp of Winter Make We Here Our Camp of Winter (sound in silence)
Iluiteq                 A Prayer for the Departed       Soundtracks for Winter Departures (txt recordings)
The Pangaea Projekt     Stars on a Frozen Night         Winter vol IV (self-released)
Vic Hennegan            Icehouse                        Aqua Vista (alien tribes)
Arjen Schat             Solstitium                      Solstitium (self-released)
Wendy Carlos            Midnight Sun                    Sonic Seasonings (east side digital)
Mick Chillage           Hypothermia                     Tales From the Igloo [Retold] (psychonavigation)
Jeff Pearce             Stars in the Drift              December: Solitude (self-released)
Shane Morris            December Cold Moon              The Full Moon Series (self-released)


Star's End Top 17 April 2018 - Alphabetical


Pete Barnhart & George Wallace - Lamina - Airborn Music
Steve Brand - Upwelling: Emergence - Databloem
EFSS - Tidal Shift - self-released
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij - Galaxis - self-released
Free System Projekt & Terje Winther - Spoon Forest - self-released
Jeff Greinke - Before Sunrise - Spotted Peccary
Johann Johannsson - Englaborn & Variations - Deutsche Grammophon
Patrick Kosmos - Monument - Groove
Ken Martin - Quadrivium - self-released
['ramp] - No Sleep 'Til Wilmersdorf - Doombient
Chris Russell - Ventus - Earth Mantra
Skoulaman - Next Step in Evolution - Groove
Stratosphere - Collaborations I - industry8
Tangerine Dream - The Sessions II - Eastgate
Chuck van Zyl - Recitals 2 - Synkronos Music
Wavestar II - Nightwinds - Groove
Winterlight - The Longest Sleep Through the Darkest Days - n5md


Star's End 2018 in Review

STAR'S END  1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 30 December 2018 88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9fm Hackettstown|104.9fm Lehigh Valley PA

Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2018 - Year in Review Part One *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)


Arjen Schat             Zeitgeber                       Circadian (self-released)
Cosmic Ground           Progeny (1st Version)           Relics vol 3 (self-released)
Loren Nerell/Mark Seelig - Reed Flute Cave              Cave Dwellers (seven tones)
Bernhard Wostheinrich   Sandknapp                       Elsewhere (iapetus media)
City of Dawn       She Stares at the Ghost in Her Mind  Wallflower (self-released)



Alluste                 Zone of Influence               Quantum Atmospheres (self-released)
Chronotope Project      Opening the Hand of Thought     Lotus Rising (spotted peccary)
David Arkenstone        Darkness Descending             Colors of the Ambient Sky (qdv productions)
Fiesel & Hertz          Inlet Bay                       The Lighthouse (aural films)
K Markov                The Moon                        The Moon (ambient online)
Martin Nonstatic        Parallel Thoughts               Ligand Remixes (ultimae)
Sendelica               I Can Hear the Dark             Tenderness Avalanche (frg records)
Juha-Matti Rautiainen   Above Me weeps the Sky          Above Me Weeps the Sky (self-released)



Dave Luxton             Vertical Departure              Explorations of Infinity (wayfarer)
Erik Wollo             Mosaic of Time I - Route Change  Threshold Point (projekt)
EFSS                    Transit                         Tidal Shift (self-released)
Node                    Perpetuum Mobile 1              Node Live (DiN)
['ramp]                 Haunted Hills                   No Sleep 'til Wilmersdorf (doombient)
Cosmic Ground           Greasy                          Cosmic Ground IV (studio fleische)
Gray Acres              Rituals of Belief               Gray Acres (sound in silence)



Tapes and Topographies  From a Black Sea                Opiates (simulacra)
Three Fields            Part 2                          Tells (installed worlds)
In the Branches/Bluetech - Horsehead Nebula             Behind the Sky (self-released)
Richard Bone            Nights on Eriou                 Nibiru (quirkworks)
Hotel Neon              Roke                            Means of Knowing (archives)
Svere Knut Johansen w/David Helpling - Space and Time   The Vast Expanse (spotted peccary)
TJ Porter               Butterfly with Broken Wings     Relics (self-released)
Brian Vassallo          Flora                           Beyond 2 (self-released)
David Wahler            Lone Sky Night                  Mosaic (self-released)
Jon Durant              Willamette Fog                  Parting Is (alchemy records)



Palancar                Gravitational Collapse          Final Theory (emergent world)
Helios                  Seeming                         Veriditas (ghostly int'l)
James Murray            Father Figure                   Falling Backwards (home normal)
Olafur Arnalds          Nyepi                           Re-Member (mercury kx)
Murcof                  Chaptier 8                      Lost in Time (glacial movements)
Madhavi Devi            Cloudbreak on Ilsa              The Truth of Being (spotted peccary)
4 Airports              Alpha Echo Three Five           4 Airports (self-released)
KJ                      Foxes (feat Aaron Martin)       Ex (dronarivm)
Sula Bassana            Ending                          The Ape Regards His Tail (sulatron records)
Phillip Wilkerson       Souvenir of Bliss               Reveries (self-released)




* 2018 - Year in Review Part Two *

STAR'S END  1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 7 January 2019 88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9fm Hackettstown|104.9fm Lehigh Valley PA

Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)


* 2018 - Year in Review Part Three *
STAR'S END  1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 14 January 2019 88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5fm WKHS 
Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9fm Hackettstown|104.9fm Lehigh Valley PA
Host: Chuck van Zyl
ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)


* 2018 - Year in Review Part Four *

STAR'S END  1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 21 January 2019 88.5 fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD| 88.7fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9fm Hackettstown|104.9fm Lehigh Valley PA

Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)  


Star's End Significant Releases of 2017 (non-ranking order)

A Winged Victory for the Sullen: Iris (Erased Tapes)

John Luther Adams: Canticles of the Holy Wind (Cantaloupe)

Johan Agebjorn/Mikel Ogren: We Never Came to the White Sea (Spotted Peccary)

Aglia: Water Inside the Light (Hic Sunt Leones)

Aidia: Sweet Dreams (self-released)

Alio Die: An Unfathomable Convergance (Hic Sunt Leones)

Alio Die: Imaginal Symmetry (Hic Sunt Leones)

Alio Die/Aglia: Opera Magnetica (Hic Sunt Leones)

Ambelion: The Cure (Where Ambient Lives)

An Imaginal Space: Dreamings (self-released)

An Imaginal Space: Loop 1702 Beyond (self-released)

Arc: Fleet (DiN)

Olafur Arnalds: Broadchurch - The Final Chapter (Kudos Film and Televison)

Ascendant: Particle Horizon (Synphaera)

B Ashra/Eru: Earth Frequencies (Klangwirkstoff)

Richard Barbieri: Planets + Persona (K-Scope)

Siddhartha Barnhoorn: Structures of Light (self-released)

Siddhartha Barnhoorn: Semispheres (self-released)

William Basinski: A Shadow in Time (Musex International)

Eraldo Bernocchi/Netherworld: Himuro (Glacial Movements)

Between Interval: Legacy (Spotted Peccary)

Billow Observatory: II: Plains/Patterns (Azure Vista Records)

Ian Boddy/Markus Reuter: Stay (DiN/DDL)

Richard Bone: Age of Falconry (Mega Dodo Records)

Steve Brand: Threshold (Pioneer Light)

Steve Brand/Ishq: Spiritual Science (TXT)

Steve Brand: Silence (Pioneer Light)

Broekhuis Keller Schonwalder: Red Live @ USA (Manikin)

Bvdub: Epilogues for the End of the Sky (Glacial Movements) 

Javi Canovas: Exilecself-released)

Javi Canovas: Oscillations (self-released)

Javi Canovas: One More Day, One Day Less (self-released)

Carbon Based Lifeforms: Derelict (Blood Music)

Chronotope Project: Ovum (Spotted PeccarySpotted Peccary)

The Circular Ruins: Pathways (Databloem)

Max Corbacho: Nocturnes (Silent Sun)

Cosmic Ground: Cosmic Ground Live (Sunhair Music)

Darshan Ambient: Lingering Day (Spotted Peccary)

Datadrift: Live on Music with Space (self-released)

Demen: Nektyr (Kranky)

Deuter: Space (New Earth Records)

Djam Karet: Sonic Celluloid (HC Productions)

dreamSTATE: Drone Day (E-Space Editions)

dreamstate vs Heiki: Stone Shore (Paper + Sound)

Earthen Sea: An Act of Love (Kranky)

Elegi: Bansull (Dronarivm)

Brian Eno: Reflection (Warp)

Eyes Cast Down: The White Island (Kalindi Music)

Forrest Fang: Following the Ether Sun (Projekt)

Fhloston Paradigm: After... (kingbrittarchives)

Fictions and Poetics: Intersections (dataObscura)

Sherry Finzer/Peter Sheridan: Traveler (Head Dance)

Fourth Dimension: The Perfect Form (Synphaera)

Free System Projekt: Five Suns (self-released)

Frore: Last Place of Wonder (self-released)

Frore/Shane Morris: Eclipse (Spotted Peccary) 

Tony Gerber: Secret Garden (Space for Music)

Germind: Flows (Synphaera)

Howard Givens/Craig Padilla: Being of Light (Spotted Peccary)

The Glimmer Room: The Locked Box (Silent Rookery)

The Greatest Hoax: Expiration Compositions (Serein)

Matthias Grassow: Divinations (gterma) 

Robert Hakalski: Stereograph (Singularity)

Hammock: Mysterium (Hammock Music)

Daniel Hart: A Ghost Story (Milan Records)

Chihei Hatakeyama: Above the Desert (Dronarivm)

Havenaire: Rabot (Glacial Movements)

David Helpling: A Sea Without Memory (Spotted Peccary)

Jack Hertz: Andromeda Strains (Aural Films)

High Plains: Cinderland (Kranky)

Tom Holkenborg: The Dark Tower (Sony Classics)

Hollan Holmes: Prayer to the Energy (self-released)

Hotel Neon: Context (Fluid Audio)

Hotel Neon: Context: Remixed (self released) 

The Irresistible Force: Kira Kira (Liquid Sound Design) 

Steve Jansen: The Extinct Suite (self released)

Jarguna and Friends: Trapped vol 1 (Projekt)

Jean-Michel Jarre: Oxygene 3 (Columbia/Sony)

Sverre Knut Johansen: Secret Space Program (Spotted Peccary) 

Steven Kemner: Gradation Movements (Fluid Audio)

Steven Kemner: Live at Mercy College (self-released)

Bernd Kistenmacher: Disintegration (MI Records)

Bernd Kistenmacher: Paradise (MI Records)

Jeffrey Koepper: MantraSequent (Projekt)

Jeffrey Koepper: Transmitter (Projekt) 

Lowercase Noises: The Swiss Illness (BC Media)

Simon Lomax: A Strange Light (self-released)

Lingua Lustra: Myst (Where Ambient Lives)

Lingua Lustra: Self Released Works (Psychonavigation)

John Lyell: Planetary Artifacts (self-released) 

Magnetron: Impulse Response (self-released)

Johannes Malfatti: Surge (Glacial Movements)

Manfred Hamil: Pigeonhole (self-released)

Marconi Union: Ghost Stations Remixes (Just Music)

K Markov: Golden Age (self-released)

K Markov: Machine Learning (self-released)

K Markov: Plattenspieler (self-released)

K Markov: Soul Keeper (self-release)

K Markov: Sound Color (self-released)

Martin Nonstatic: Ligand (Ultimae)

Cliff Martinez: The Foreigner (Sony Music)

Lorenzo Masotto: Aeolian Processes (Dronarivm)

Brian McOmber: It Comes at Night (Milan Records)

Bear McCreary: The Walking Dead (Lakeshore)

Stephan Micus: Inland Sea (ECM)

The Ministry of Inside Things: The Gatherings 18 November 2017 (CIMA of PA)

The Ministry of Inside Things: Trilogy (Indusrty8)

Lorenzo Montana: Phase IX (Projekt)

Lorenzo Montana: SlowaVes (self-released)

Tim Motzer: Soak (1k Recordings)

Tim Motzer: Unseen Universe (1k Recordings)

James Murray: Killing Ghosts (Home Normal)

James Murray: Floods Returned (Slowcraft)

James Murray: Heavenly Waters (Slowcraft)

Mystified: Morning City (Spotted Peccary) 

Neuronium: Lysergic Dream (Neuronium Records)

No Mask Effect: Buddah Bowl (Psychonavigation)

No Mask Effect: Ambient Wars EP (Psychonavigation)

Ombient w/Chuck van Zyl: The Gatherings 20 May 2017 (CIMA of PA)

Seamus O'Muineachain: Cloves (self released)

Omrr: Devils for My Darling (Dronarivm)

One Arc Degree: Cosmos in Flux (Synphaera)

One Arc Degree: Ashore (Mindspring)

Oneohtrix Point Never: Good Time (Warp)

Jim Ottaway: Timeless E-Motion (self-released)

Jim Ottaway: Deep Space Blue (self-released)

Palancar: Many Worlds (Emergent World)

Palancar: Shallow River Flows (Emergent World)

Panoptique Electrical: Quiet Ecology (Sound in Silence)

Pausal: Avifaunal (Dronarivm)

Jeff Pearce: From the Darker Seasons (self released)

Perge: Catharsis (self released)

Phobos: Approaching Darker Space (self-released)

TJ Porter: Andromeda (self-released)

TJ Porter: A Brief History of Time (self-released)

TJ Porter: Isolation (self-released)

TJ Porter: Mechanical Eye (self-released)

TJ Porter: Why Orwell Matters (self-released)

Dan Pound: Dreams That Take You (self-released)

Project X: The Broken Group (Flying Disc Music)

Purna: Grachiel (AM800Sound)

Pyramid Peak: Roots (Manikin) 

Quaeschning/Schnauss: Synthwaves (Azure Vista Records)

['ramp]: synchronize or die (Doombient)

Markus Reuter/Ian Boddy: Memento (DiN)

Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross: The Vietnam War (Universal)

Robert Rich: Live at The Gatherings 2015 (industry8)

Robert Rich/Markus Reuter: Lift a Feather to the Flood (Soundscape)

Max Richter: Three Worlds: Music From Virgina Woolf Works (Deutsche Grammophon)

Roedelius: The Roedelius Cells (Seventh Chance Recordings)

Steve Roach: Empetus (Projekt)

Steve Roach: Painting in the Dark (Timeroom)

Steve Roach: Spiral Revelation (Projekt)

Steve Roach: Fade to Gray (Timeroom)

Steve Roach: Nostalgia for the Future (Timeroom)

Steve Roach: The Passing (Timeroom)

Chris Russell: Labyrinth (Spotted Peccary) 

Saafi Brothers: The Quality of Being One (Liquid Sound Design)

Safe Creations: Images of Saturn (Anvil Creations)

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Async (Milan Records)

Scanner: The Great Crater (Glacial Movements)

Arjen Schat: Skarce (self-released)

Arjen Schat: Solstitium (self-released)

Arjen Schat: Spectrum (Tresor D'argent)

Ulrich Schnauss/Jonas Munk: Passage (Azure Vista Records)

Robert Schroeder: Harmonic Decadence (Spheric Music)

Klaus Schulze: Eternal (MIG)

Secondface: Transitions (gterma)

Mark Seelig/Sam Rosenthal: Journey to Aktehi (Projekt)

Jonn Serrie: The Sentinel (New World Records)

S1gns of L1fe: Pathways to Ascension (Synpharea)

Slow Dancing Society: My Blue Heaven (Hidden Shoal)

Slow Meadow: Costero (Hammock Music)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: The Kid (Western Vinyl)

Forrest Smithson: The Journey of the Outshining Source (self-released)

Solaris: Aeon V (Synphaera)

Sonogram: Telescopic (Simulacra)

Staer: Syzygy (self-released)

Stevens/Muhly/Dessner/McAllister: Planetarium (4AD)

Saul Stokes: Local Crowd (Databloem)

subtractiveLAD: Sustain/Release (self-released) 

Juta Takahashi: Albion (Lunisolar Records)

Tale of Us: Endless (Deutsche Grammophon)

Tangerine Dream: Particles (Eastgate)

Tangerine Dream: Quantum Gate (K-Scope)

Tapes and Topographies: Signal to Noise (Simulacra)

Test Card: Rediffusion (Sound in Silence)

Chuck van Zyl: Celestial Mechanics (industry8)

Justin Walter: Unseen Forces (Kranky)

Michael Whalen: Dream Cycle (Valley Entertainment)

Stephan Whitlan/Ron Boots: Seven Days (Groove Unlimited)

Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie: Salero (Erased Tapes)

Erik Wollo: Different Spaces (Projekt)

Erik Wollo: Cinematic (Projekt)

Hans Zimmer: Dunkirk (Watertower Music)

Hans Zimmer/Benjamin Wallfisch: Blade Runner 2049 (Epic)

Various Artists: Greenosophy Chapter II (Ultimae)

Various Artists: Polarity (Ultimae)

Various Artists: Pop Ambient 2017 (Kompakt)

Various Artists: This Music Plants Trees 2 (Aural Films)

Various Artists: This Music Plants Trees 4 (Aural Films)


All charts and lists used with permission of the originator