New/Upcoming Releases List 2011





January 2011 Releases

0306 by Ronny Jung
A Child's Garden by Brian Henke
A Distant Light by Hollan Holmes
Afield by John Broaddus
Alone Solo Piano Collection by Doug Astrop
Ancient Reflections by Littleleaf
The Apppointed Hour by Roger Eno and Peter Hamill
Beyond the Pale by Experimental Audio Research
Blueprints by Various Artists
B-Right-On by Various Artists
Circa Diem by Indidginus
Dreamatorium by Death Cube K
espiritsta by Apne Sinn
Flow by Mark Rushton
Frost by Somnarium
The Glass Mirror by Priori
Golden Autumn 1 - Pieces for Piano by Fariborz Lachini
Golden Autumn 2 - Pieces for Piano by Fariborz Lachini
Immersion Five- Circadian Rhythms by Steve Roach
Klangstudie & Komposition by Various Artists
Liber Scientia by Already Maged
Music for a Retro Future by Various Artists
Mystagogue by Various Artists
Nature Twist by Pharmacore
Psychedelic Dilemma by Goalien
Secret Life by Material
Shadow of the Wind by Bekki Williams
Soma-Bandhu: Friend of the Moon by Carrier Grossman
Sounds from the In Between by Steve Roach and Brian Parnham
Terrestre by Mathon
Underwater Noises by Various Artists
Variations on Sonic Integrity by Rigel Orionis
Weld by Laurent Brondel

Februrary 2011 Releases

Ambient World by David Arkenstone
Climate Adaptive Capacity by naw
Coast to Coast by Lucette Bourdin and Phillip Wilkerson
Daydream by Michele de Wilton
Golden by Robert Illesh
Magic Place by Julianna Barwick
Up From Here by Petal
Sauna Porch Recordings Co. by Heiki
Slopt by Simon Whetham
Soniq Variants by Alpha Wave Movement
Spectral Omissions by Chromosphere
The Mountain Lake by Johan Agebjorn
The Sun is Just the Sun, But the Stars They Call the Heavens by Markus Reuter & Zero Ohms
Cosmic Background Radiation by Spiral Dreams
The Other Side by Galactic Anthems

March 2011 Releases

Bake Sale by Burning Artists Sale
Dying Star by Celer remixed by Mystified

Equinox by Shane Morris
Low Sky by EugeneKha
Sound of Two Eskimos Kissing by Beatsystem
Suite For New England by Lily Pond Orchestra
Unconditional by Marc Enfroy
The Veil of Whispers by Thierry David
Weaving Worlds by Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter

April 2011 Releases

Abstract Transmissions by Jake  Jackson
Alchemy by Atomic Skunk
April Triptych by Collin Thomas
Arctisonia by Jeffrey Koepper
Argo by David Hannah
Athena by Articology
Avatara by Steve Brand
Beneath Forever by M. Peck
Cave Town of Inerman by Didula
Chilldazzle by Slowdazzle
Complex Silence by Mystified
Components by Mind Over Midi
Crooked Little House by Palancar
Deep Energy 3 by Jim Butler
Disintegration Ranch by i AM esper and Mystified
Event Horizon by Modulator ESP
Expressive Piano Solos by Joseph Oscapinski
Fragile.Flicker.Fragment by Monty  Adkins
Hearts EP by Fenderchet
Invisible Landscapes by Divine  Matrix
Magic Touch by UFANCY
Melancholic Creature by Kenji  Siratori
Music for Rodents by HALStER
Music to a Higher Power by Jno.2
Nemuriyume by Nemuriyume
North of Now by Stephen Evangelista
Nyctalopia by Philippe Petit
Passages by Resonant Drift
Red Planet by Arborea
Reverse Life by Kiulu
Solitudes by Animobo
Subliminal Pulse by Bruno  Sanfilippo
Surreal Landscapes by  Neuroexorcism
Temporali by Luca Nasciuti
The License to Interpret Dreams by  Antonymes (download track here)
The Lost Sea by Randy McGinnis
The Second Passageway of the  Golden Illusion by Scott Shaw
Three Graces by Gregg Plummer
Ways by RamsayGee
Ways of Meaning by Kyle Bobby Dunn
y:e:t by v4w.enko and sanmi

May 2011 Releases

Adaptors by Richard Bone remixed by Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi
Ambient Selections 1995-2011 by John Beltran
A World Beyond Our Own by Susperia-Electrica
Book of Mirrors by Arcanta
Bordeaux by Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd
Celtic Journeys by David Arkenstone
Compile by Atheus
Different Worlds by Faber
The Diminishing Day by Steve Rose
Earthsong & Stardance by Gandalf
Electronic Music for Life by Various Artists
Equinox Solo Piano by Ralph Zurmuhle
Etched to Fade by Shane Morris
Eternity by Dithmar
Exit Strategy by Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds
Floating Veins by Syndrome aka Mathieu Vandekerckhove
The Horn of Triton by Tribe of Astronauts
Horizontal Excursions by Roger Martinez
Lie With Care by Bernadette Erikka
Live at Soundquest Fest by Steve Roach
Logical Drift S/T by Logical Drift
Noble Niche by Yu Miyashita
On Zero Sum Living by The Post Riot Era
Owning Extinctions by C. Reider
Pillars of Light by Siddhartha Barnhoorn
Preparing the Next Generation by Cydelix
Priest Lake Circa '88 (reissue) by Slow Dancing Society
Quiet Exit by The Post Riot Era
Rescuing Andromeda by Oenyaw's Public Radio
Shards of Bone by Mystified
Sleepscape Delta Vol. 1 by Steven Halpern
Tales of Knights and Magic by Megatone (Marcel Gherman)
The Slow and Steady Winter (reissue) by Slow Dancing Society
The Sound of Lights When Dim (reissue) by Slow Dancing Society (dowload a track from album here)
The Vivid Unmapped by Jacob Newman and Devin Underwood
Weather to Shore by Lefolk 
Weightless by Fabio Anile
Zeta Grey by Magic Arrows

June 2011 Releases

Anentropic Potential by Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Nadim Haque
Photonic Movements by Robert Carty
Rainforest Reverberation by Bluetech
The Road Eternal by Steve Roach

Seeker After Patterns by Sensitive Chaos

Smoke in a High Room by Lorde Awsome, Cymbl and James Thomson
Songs From Before by Fionnuala Sherry
Survival and Other Stories by Jon Anderson
Unauthorized Modifications by Ostracon with Graham O'Brien on drums

Logical Drift by Logical Drift

July 2011 Releases

Benthos by Memory Geist
Imperfect Beauty by Richard Anthony Jay
Sofa Surfer by Indidginus (download a free track from album here)
Healing Sound Journey by Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati
XesseX by Richard Bone
Something Getting Wrong by Michael De Salem
Worlds, Afterworlds by Zero Ohms

August 2011 Releases

The Stillness Inside by Paul Horn
From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness by Paul Ellis
Torched by Michael Hedges
Euphoria by Ottmar Liebert
Something of Time by Nightnoise
Surrender by Jeff Oster
The Spectrum of Love by Greg Maroney
Relaxing Melodies of Nature by Kenio Fuke
Wind Rock Sea & Flame by Peter Kater
Spectrum- An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music by Hennie Bekker
Harp Music for Healing by Sarajane Williams
The Call by Karen Drucker
Journey Around the Sun: A Mayan Odyssey by Bill Wren & Frank Ralls
Livelight- Yoga & Meditation Music by Aykanna
Alchemie by The Soil Bleeds Black
Going Native by Kos-sai-shi-qui-i
A More Sensual Kegel by Hypnotic Dreams
Primitive Neural Pathways/Vaalbara by Steve Moore
Cydonia by The Orb
Soul Seeker: The Spirit of Gentle Lounge Music by Various Artists
Twentythree by Carbon Based Lifeforms

September 2011 Releases

Summer All Over Again by Mark P. Adler
In the Mist by Harold Budd
Empty Sky by Deuter
Awakened Earth by Mirabai Ceiba
Mounqaliba - Rising: The Remixes by Natacha Atlas
The Infinite Heart by Ashana
Time Travelers by Coyote Oldman
Enchantment by Karunesh
Earth Music by Paul Winter Consort
A Piano Christmas - solo piano by Joseph Akins
Silent Currents: Live at Star's End by Erik Wollo
Yearning: Romances for Alto Flute by Michael Hoppe and Tim Wheater
A Delicate Joy by David Nevue
Bliss by Paul Avgerinos
Falling Through Time by Asher Quinn
Earth Blue by Deuter
Reiki Healing Light: Music for Deep Relaxation by David and Steve Gordon
Autumn Moods by Ron Barwick
On Eagle Wings by Chief Joseph and John of Light
Music of the Ocean by John Grout
No Such Thing As Time by Rick Starmer
Groove Tribe by David and Steve Gordon
Life by Romina Arena
Relaxation by Roland Hanneman
Spirit of Alaska by Various Artists
Timeless Carols by Karen Hackett
Chakra Clearing and Energy Shielding Meditations by Lisa Kumaradjaja
The Shaman's Drum by Martin Klabundle
Password by Deva Premal
Night Traffic by Black Mountain School 
Extradimensional Ethnography by Akara
Return to Nature by Sleepwalker

October 2011 Releases

Transitions by Patrick O'Hearn
Soul 2 Soul by Danny Wright
Silent Star by Bernward Koch
Return of the Tiger by James Asher
Chasing the Diving by Mysteria
Dream in Blue by Darshan Ambient
Aum by Deuter
Original Album Classics by Vangelis
Gaia's Garden by Chinmaya Dunster
DNA 1.5 Lucidity by Shapeshifter
Star Eyes by John Fluker
Ten to Eleven by Philip Wilkerson
Island of Anywhere by Mike Howe
Quiescence: A World of Peace by Amberfern aka Clive Brooks
Whispering Heart by Raphael & Shakya
A Gaelic Christmas by Verlene Schermer
Quiet Music: The Original 3-Hour Collection by Steve Roach
Dropped Pianos by Tim Hecker
Miles Tones by General Fuzz
All Around Me by Bob Ohrum
II Silenzio Di Dio by Oophoi
Dreams by Chillaxonic
An Intimate Christmas by Danny Wright
Ambrosial Waves-Healing Waters by Constance Demby

November 2011 Releases

Winter Poem by Secret Garden
Sunday Morning Peace by John Serrie
Om Sweet Om by Lisbeth Scott
Song of the Dolphin by Instrumental Sounds of Nature
The Singularity by Mark Dwane
Arcturian Archives by Geodesium
Orange Skies by Patrick Geren
Focus by Bryan Carrigan
Space Hotel by Al Gromer Khan
The Hours Between Night & Day by Ottmar Liebert
Seasons by Jia Peng Fang
Essentials & Rarities by Jean Michel Jarre
The Blue Idol by Altan
Unfolding by Axiom of Choice, Mamak Khadem
Synthetic Memories by Justin Vanderberg

December 2011 Releases

Trespass by Asha, Asha (Dennis Quinn)
Doc Cheng's- Finest Asia Lounge-The Year of the Monkey by Various Artists
Seasons by Max Melvin
Dubai Eklektic, Vol. 2 by Ravin, Nicholas Schaud
World Radio by Snakestyle
Grid by Logic Bomb
Adiemus III-Dances of Time by Karl Jenkins, Adiemus
Keep the Change by Eric Hamilton
Gentle Force by 3rd Force
East/West Highway: Best of by Shahin & Sepehr
Native Spirit by Various Artists
Force Field by 3rd Force
Farthest Fringes by Hollan Holmes
After the Rain by Michael Jones
Shadow and Light by Craig Chaquico
Bindu by Michael Brant DeMaria
Dead Bees On A Cake by David Sylvian
Sea Change by Ron Barwick
Runaway Sunday by Altan

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