New/Upcoming Releases List 2015





January 2015 Releases

Echoes of Life by Lynn Tredeau (1/4/2015)
Summon the Wind by Timothy Wenzel (1/6/2015)
Reiki Hands of Love by Deuter (1/13/2015)
Filaments by Robert Rich (1/15/2015)
Letters from Far Away by Heidi Anne Breyer (1/15/2015)
Monuments of Ecstasy by Bryon Metcalf, Steve Roach and Rob Thomas (1/20/2015)
Element Series: Etheria by Peter Kater (1/20/2015)
My Beloved by Michael Dulin (1/20/2015)
Lucid by Magic Sound Fabric (1/27/2015)

Februrary 2015 Releases

Into the Current by Steve Brand (2/6/2015)
Images of Light by Erik Wollo (2/10/2015)
Reiki Hands of Love by Deuter (2/10/2015)
Deep Skies 5: Illumination by Kevin Kendle (2/17/2015)
Rhythms of the Night by Douglas Blue Feather (2/22/2015)
Undercurrent by Michele McLaughlin (2/24/2015)
Bloom Road by Dan Kennedy (2/24/2015)
Ego Hacker by Olulo (2/24/2015)

March 2015 Releases

Heart Song by Elise Lebec (3/3/2015)
Surrounding by Kimberly StarKey (3/10/2015)
Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds by Numina + Zero Ohms (3/10/2015)
Mind Power by Olulo (3/10/2015)
Spiritual Haven by Russell Suereth (3/14/2015)
by Mike Howe (3/15/2015)
Through the Gate to Nowhere by Numina (3/20/2015)
Second Spring by Steve Brand (3/20/2015)
Of Those Things Left Unsaid by Dave Fulton (3/21/2015)
In the Trees by Sunmonx (3/23/2015)
Stranded by M.Persson (3/23/2015)
Future Terrain by Max Corbacho (3/26/2015)
Incandescent by Hollan Holmes (3/27/2015)

April 2015 Releases

Forgotten Road by Eamonn Karran (4/1/2015)
Fruit of the Spring by Steve Brand (4/10/2015)
Blue Radiance by Erik Wollo (4/14/2015)
Time Spinners by Cousin Silas & Jack Hertz (4/20/2015)
Another Time, Another Place by Robin Spielberg (4/28/2015)

May 2015 Releases

Disorientation Flow by Dirk Serries (5/12/2015)
Aftermath by Stratosphere (5/12/2015)
Fire in the Rainstorm by Kori Linae Carothers (5/15/2015)
Splendid Labyrinths by Max Corbacho (5/15/2015)
A New Time by M.Persson (5/24/2015)
Skeleton Keys by Steve Roach (5/26/2015)
Pathways by Chad Kettering (7/27/2015)

June 2015 Releases

Into the Blue by Glenn Main (6/1/2015)
Change of Weather by Dan Pound (6/1/2015)
Reminiscent by Anastasia (6/1/2015)
A Place to Belong by Time Being (6/9/2015)

July 2015 Releases

Echotides by Erik Wollo (7/10/2015)
Walking to You by Rachel Currea (7/16/2015)
Haiku by Doug Hammer (7/21/2015)
Etheric Footprints by Steve Roach (7/24/2015)

August 2015 Releases

Sante Fe by Ottmar Liebert (8/7/2015)
Grace by Paul Averinos (8/21/2015)
Remembering by Bernward Koch (8/21/2015)
Unusual Weather by Michael Manring (8/21/2015)
Run Toward the Mountains by Ian Ethan (8/29/2015)

September 2015 Releases

Elders and Ancestors by Agrelias Castle (9/1/2015)
Moth in Flames by Paul Ellis (9/4/2015)
Illumination of the Heart by Deuter (9/11/2015)
Native Dreams by David Arkenstone (9/11/2015)
Involution Vol. 1 by Richard Bone (9/25/2015)
Imaginings by Paul Adams (9/28/2015)
A Desolate Eternal by Christopher Alvarado (9/30/2015)

October 2015 Releases

Fall Into Winter by Bryan Carrigan (10/1/2015)
Butterfly Rapture by Brian Kelly (10/1/2015)
Eye of the Wizard by Deborah Martin (10/2/2015)
Ancient Observatories by Tim Kays (10/5/2015)
Ballard Landscapes 5 by Cousin Silas (10/12/2015)
Equator by Jack Hertz (10/19/2015)
Between Shadow and Light by Neil Patton (10/23/2015)

November 2015 Releases

Blueprint by Bob Holroyd (11/1/2015)

December 2015 Releases

Visions: A Collection of Music by Erik Wollo (12/3/2015)
Calm Within by Laura Sullivan (12/11/2015)

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