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New/Upcoming Releases List 2016


Moment at Dawn Piano

Moment at Dawn
by Charles Denler


Falling Towards Atlantis Ambient

Falling Towards Atlantis
by Luna Firma


Signature - Synchronicity piano

Signature - Synchronicity
by Fiona Joy


All the Time
by Csillagkod


From the Depths
by David Clavijo


You Only Live Ice
by Philippe Petit


by Stratosphere


by Steve Roach
and Robert Logan

Monument Builders
by Loscil

January 2016 Releases

Moment at Dawn by Charles Denler (1/1/2016)
Beyond the Clearing by Robert Linton (1/5/2016)
Heaven Condensed by Craig Padilla (1/8/2016)
A Sequence of Moments by Ali Ferguson (1/12/2016)
The Storm of Silence by Dirk Serries and Chihei Hatakeyama (1/15/2016)
Glimpses by The Haiku Project (1/22/2016)
The Sleepwalker's Ocean by Fang Forrest (1/22/2016)
Presence by Various Artists on New Earth Records (1/22/2016)

Februrary 2016 Releases

Falling Towards Atlantis by Luna Firma (2/3/2016)
Deep Sleep by Liquid Mind (2/5/2016)
Emotions Revealed by Steve Roach (2/5/2016)
Abendromen by Tom Eaton (2/8/2016)
Druid Circle by Charlie Roscoe (2/9/2016)
Reversal of Thought by Forrest Smithson (2/15/2016)
Being Here by Robert Carty (2/22/2016)
Pacific Journey by Logical Drift (2/25/2016)
Inner Passions by Peter Kater and Tina Guo (2/26/2016)
Tone Science by Ian Boddy (2/26/2016)
Papillon by Bjarno (2/26/2016)

March 2016 Releases

Still Voice by John Gregorius (3/4/2016)
Salammbo: Priestess of Tanit by Sylvain Carel (3/10/2016)
Interstellar Love by Darren Rogers (3/10/2016)
Deep Space by A Multitude of One (3/11/2016)
Yoga Meditations by Sayama (3/18/2016)
Signature-Synchronicity by Fiona Joy (3/18/2016)
Rise by Stratosphere (3/18/2016)
On Eagle Mountain by Todd Mosby (3/21/2016)
Eternal OM by Lisbeth Scott (3/25/2016)
Peripheral Vision by Steve Orchard (3/25/2016)
Exosphere by Ketil Lien (3/31/2016) 

April 2016 Releases

All the Time by Csillagkod (Oliver Dombi) (4/1/2016)
Beyond the Waves by Ann Licater (4/8/2016)
Reflections of Indra by Sinepearl (4/10/2016)
I Hear Crow by Janet Robbins (4/12/2016)
Southern Cross by Jim Ottaway (4/15/2016)
A New Dream by Lynn Tredeau (4/15/2016)
Yodok III by Legion of Radiance (4/16/2016)
Submental Vol. 2 by Wintersilence (4/20/2016)
Secret Garden by Monica Logani (4/22/2016)
Biosonic by Steve Roach and Robert Logan (4/29/2016)
Second Nature by Steve Roach and Robert Logan (4/29/2016)
The Poet by Bruno Sanfilippo (4/29/2016)
Shamanic Trance Dance by Byron Metcalf (4/29/2016)
Earth Luminous by Erik Wollo and Byron Metcalf (4/29/2016)
All is One - One is All by Gandalf (4/29/2016)
Second Nature by Steve Roach (4/29/2016)
What We Left Behind by Robert Rich (4/30/2016)

May 2016 Releases

Aera by Richard Bone (5/2/2016)
Terrelektra by Jeffrey Koepper (5/2/2016)
Passages by Chronotype Project
From the Depths by David Clavijo (5/13/2016)
Antiferromagnet by Michael Brückner (5/15/2016)
You Only Live Ice by Philippe Petit (5/20/2016)
Machines of Desire by Peter Baumann (5/20/2016)
This Place To Be by Steve Roach (5/27/2016)
In the Lens by Solo Andata (5/27/2016)

June 2016 Releases

Deep As the Dark Blue Sea by Desolate Horizons/Endless Melancholy (6/1/2016)
Follow the River Home by Jeff Pearce (6/1/2016)
Deep As the Dark Blue Sea by Desolate Horizons/Endless Melancholy (6/1/2016)
Moksha: The Path to Inner Peace by Rajendra Teredesai (6/3/2016)
Klassic Lounge Nightflight Vol. 8 by Various Artists (6/3/2016)
Days in the Sun by Five Seasons (6/3/2016)
Fire Light by Darshan Ambient (6/3/2016)
Slowly Comes the Morning by (6/9/2016)
Sulla Riva by Amy Lauren (6/10/2016)
E-Scape 2016 by Various Artists (6/11/2016)
Landscapes of the Heart by Gary Schmidt (6/16/2016)
In the Midst of Stars by Majestica (6/17/2016)
Dreaming by The Winterhouse (6/23/2016)
Piano 3 by Andrew Shapiro (6/24/2016)
First Autumn by Amory Stephenson (6/25/2016)

July 2016 Releases

Timeworn by Michael Meara (7/4/2016)
This Little Light by Matthew Schildt (7/7/2016)
Celtic Skies by Eamonn Karran (7/8/2016)
Beneath a Darkening Sky by David Arkenstone (7/12/2016)
Amma by Paul Avgerinos (7/15/2016)
Creatures by Androcell (7/16/2016)
Beyond Dreams by Hennie Bekker (7/22/2016)
Missing Parts by The Eight (7/25/2016)
Crossroads by Marc Enfroy (11/26/2016)
Road to Chiang Mai by Bill Wren (7/26/2016)
Lua by Will Samson (7/29/2016)

August 2016 Releases

The Network by deeperNET (8/5/2016)
Longitudes and Latitudes by Lawrence Blatt (8/6/2016)
The Nature of Silence by Phillip Wilkerson (8/6/2016)
Shadow of Time by Steve Roach (8/19/2016)
At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father's Tree by Terry Lee Nichols (8/19/2016)
Secret Coves by Jack Hertz (8/22/2016)
Between Waves (DeluxeVersion) by The Album Leaf (8/26/2016)
Circles of 8 by Holland Phillips (8/26/2016)
A Hero's Journey by Karen Olson and Crispin Barrymore (8/28/2016)
I Thought I'd Never Find You by Desolate Horizons (8/30/2016)

September 2016 Releases

Nebulae Live at the Planetarium by Martin Nonstatic (9/1/2016)
Source of Compassion by Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi (9/2/2016)
Radio Edits 1 by Jim Ottaway (9/8/2016)
When I Remember by Kevin Kern (9/9/2016)
Path of Dissolutions by Hoshin (9/13/2016)
Touched by Love by Bernward Koch (9/16/2016)
Whispers From Silence by Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer (9/16/2016)
Immortelle by Deuter (9/16/2016)
Phosphenia by Code 1 (9/20/2016)
Ghost Stations by Marconi Union (9/23/2016)
The Fairy Garden by David Arkenstone (9/23/2016)
Airport by Fritz Mayr (9/25/2016)
Indesterren by Tom Eaton (9/26/2016)
Dancing on the Wind by Shoshana Michel (9/26/2016)
Why by Ken Elkinson (9/30/2016)

October 2016 Releases

Beyond Cloud Nine by Philip Wesley (10/1/2016)
Indesterren by Tom Eaton (10/4/2016)
Mytic by Al Conti (10/7/2016)
Salvaging the Present by Dean De Benedictis (10/7/2016)
Coastlines by Rudy Adrian (10/7/2016)
Shakti Sutra by Sheela Bringi (10/7/2016)
Reflections For Angels Unaware by The Infinite Calling (10/7/2016)
Healing Hearts 3 by Louis Landon (10/10/2016)
Sequences by Robert Otto (10/17/2016)
Climb to the Sky by Stanton Lanier (10/18/2016)
Paradise Painting by Uwe Gronau (10/21/2016)
Christmas From the Heart by Various Artists (10/21/2016)
New Horizons by Luna Firma (10/22/2016)
Calm Seas by Craig Urquhart (10/25/2016)
Afterlight by Robert Davies (10/26/2016)
Ordeal "26.04.86" by Shrine (10/26/2016)
Haseya by Ajeet Kaur with Various Artists (10/28/2016)
No Stars Without Darkness by ASC (10/28/2016)
Resonance by Peter Kater (10/28/2016)
Uncharted by The Piano Guys (10/28/2016)
Rendezvous by Kelly Andrew (10/28/2016)
Fears by Remy (10/29/2016)
trois briques by Michael Brückner (10/29/2016)
On An Island by Fritz Mayr (10/30/2016)
Arktika by Council Estate Electronics (10/31/2016)

November 2016 Releases

In the Company of Clouds by Erik Scott (11/1/2016)
Mystic's Nine by Dyan Garris (11/1/2016)
The 4 Horseman of the Electrocalypse: The Red Horse by Bluetech (11/1/2016)
Another Christmas Eve
by Jim Ottaway (11/3/2016)
Anahata by Tina Malia (11/4/2016)
High Language by Man in A Room (11/4/2016)
A World Bathed in Sunlight by Matthew Stewart (11/4/2016)
Memories & Photographs by Wolfgang Gsell (11/5/2016)
Moral by Mnemonic (11/5/2016)
Isolation by TJ Porter (11/7/2016)
Breeze by Curtis Macdonald (11/8/2016)
Falling Into Place by Julio Di Benedetto & Anthony Paul Kerby (11/9/2016)
Verses by Soundician (11/10/2016)
Synthetica by MTA Lab (11/10/2016)
Konglomerat by TM Solver (11/10/2016)
Second Youth by Lena Natalia (11/11/2016)
Orwell Court by Gareth Dickson (11/11/2016)
Four Days in My Life by Louis Colaiannia (11/11/2016)
Monument Builders by Loscil (11/11/2016)
Beyond Wist by The Dandelion Council (11/11/2016)
Shakti Sutra by Sheela Bringi (11/13/2016)
Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries by Robert Thies and Damjan Krajacic (11/15/2016)
Vestiges by Robert Rich (11/17/2016)
Forest Bathing: A Collection by Various Artists (11/18/2016)
Magic by Wolfgang Gsell (11/18/2016)
By the Sea by Carolyn Southworth (11/18/2016)
Stillness by Dean Evenson (11/18/2016)
Echoes of Bliss by Carl Borden (11/18/2016)
The Space Between by Scott Lawlor (11/23/2016)
Stillness Moving: Source Quartet, Vol. 2 by Andrew Forrest (11/23/2016)
Future of the Past (Remaster 2016) by Der Spyra (11/26/2016)
QHE by Mokano7 (11/28/2016)
Dagaz (recorded 2012, remastered 2016)  by Mathias Grassow (11/28/2016)
Central Plateau by Alargo (11/29/2016)

December 2016 Releases

Eyes to the Height by James Murray (12/1/2016)
Atlantic Treasure by TC (12/1/2016)
Granite Remixes by Martin Nonstatic (12/1/2016)
Traditional Space Tracks by K. Markov (12/1/2016)
Carbon by Ens (12/1/2016)
Ambient Land 4 by Lemongrass (12/2/2016)
Sounds of Mara by Stuce the Sketch (12/2/2016)
The Light Within by Greg Maroney (12/3/2016)
Lake Spheres by Fritz Mayr (12/9/2016)
Trails by Robert Carty (12/10/2016)
Winter by Marin Neuhold & Wolfang Gsell (12/10/2016)
My Little Garden of Sounds (Remaster 2016) by Der Spyra (12/11/2016)
Forest of Sound by Various Artists (12/12/2016)
The Bright Side of the Sun (Elevator to Heaven Pt. II/Remaster 2016) by Der Spyra (12/4/2016)
Isokinetic by Alptuer (12/15/2016)
Day & Night by Lisa Hilton (12/16/2016)
Spectra by Chris Russell (12/17/2016)
Achtundsechszig24 (Live@Toskana- Therme / Remaster 2016) by Der Spyra (12/18/2016)
Kreuzblut by Mathias Grassow (12/19/2016)
Rmx by Snowbeasts (12/20/2016)
Illuminant Shatter by Dissolved (12/26/2016)
Fade to Gray by Steve Roach (12/31/2016)
Painting in the Dark by Steve Roach (12/31/2016)
Spiral Revelation by Steve Roach (12/31/2016)


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