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New/Upcoming Releases List 2017


Reflected in a Flowing Stream Kathryn Kaye piano album cover

Reflected in a Flowing Stream
by Kathryn Kaye


Argument Lens Decoded Wings of an Angel album cover

Argument Lens Decoded
by Wings of An Angel


Different Spaces Erik Wollo ambient album cover

Different Spaces
by Erik Wøllo


Timeless e-Motion
by Jim Ottaway


Life Michele McLaughlin new age piano album cover

by Michele McLaughlin



January 2017 Releases

Reflected in a Flowing Stream by Kathryn Kaye (1/1/2017)
Timeless e-Motion
by Jim Ottaway (1/1/2017)
Argument Lens Decoded by Wings Of An Angel & nox intempesta (1/1/2017)
Surge by Johannes Malfatti (1/6/2017)
Leaving Terra Firma by Stephen Peppos (1/8/2017)
Echo by Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri (1/10/2017)
Analog Waves by Fritz Mayr (1/11/2017)
Explorations by Stanislav Borisov (1/13/2017)
Prophecy by David Wright and Carys (1/27/2017)
You were not born (alive but dead) by Adeptus Mechanicus (1/28/2017)
Schwarzmond by Moonbooter (1/28/2017)
Details by 4t Thieves (1/29/2017)
Retrospective by Delicate Apparatus (1/29/2017)

Februrary 2017 Releases

Prayer to the Energy by Hollan Holmes (2/1/2017)
Soothe by Shambhu (2/1/2017)
Quiet Piano Improvisations Vol. 2 by Greg Maroney (2/6/2017)
by Michele McLaughlin (2/10/2017)
The End of An Era - A Journey to the Unknown
by Druadan Forest (2/10/2016)
An Act of Love
by Earthen Sea (2/17/2017)
Planetary Artifacts by John Lyell (2/20/2017)
Accident at Clear Lake by The Stratos Ensemble (2/21/2017)
Arboretum by poemme (2/26/2017)
Killing Ghosts by James Murray (1/28/2017)

March 2017 Releases

Sisu by Jennifer DeFrayne (3/3/2017)
Different Spaces by Erik Wøllo (3/17/2017)
Sanctuary for the Soul by Janice Lacy Project (3/17/2017)
Skin Tones by Ken Ikeda & David Toop (3/31/2017)

April 2017 Releases

Between Interval by Between Interval (4/7/2017)
Red Diamonds by Gina Lenee' (4/7/2017)
All the Pieces Fit Forever by Michael Bruckner & Guests (4/13/2017)
home is a memory by threadbare (4/16/2017)
What We Hold Dear by Timothy Wenzel (4/25/2017)

May 2017 Releases

Cosmos In Flux by One Arc Degree (5/16/2017)
Structures of Light by Siddhartha Barnhoorn (5/26/2017)
Gathered Coincidence by Tony Masiello (5/31/2017)
Estuary by Robert Davies (5/31/2017)

June 2017 Releases

The Rainbow Body by Bird Traps (6/1/2017)
Into the Mist by Fiona Joy (6/2/2017)
Blooming Spring by poemme (6/7/2017)
Acclimation by Jake Muir (6/16/2017)
Kingdom of Mountains by Mystic Journey (6/17/2017)
Himuro by Eraldo Bernocchi & Netherworld (6/23/2017)
For the Willow Wept...Sunrise Edition by Keith Richie (6/24/2017)
Hilyard - Suspension EP by Hilyard (6/27/2017)

July 2017 Releases

Deep by Martin Neuhold (7/4/2017)
A Sea Without Memory by David Helpling (7/7/2017)
Almost Home by Lena Natalia (7/7/2017)
Flows by Germind (7/11/2017)
All You Kind Souls by Silken Limbs (7/13/2017)
The Sad Waltz by Christopher James (7/14/2017)
The Last Lighthouse by Campfire's Edge (7/18/2017)
The Road by Martin Neuhold (7/20/2017)
Seventh Wave by Michelle Qureshi (7/21/2017)
Soft Ice by poemme (7/21/2017)
Deep Space Blue by Jim Ottaway (7/24/2017)
Nox by Aaron Turner & Daniel Menche (7/27/2017)

August 2017 Releases

Flying Not Falling by Max Highstein (8/1/2017)
Ovum by Chronotope Project (8/4/2017)
for the first time in years by anthene (8/4/2017)
Nostalgia For the Future by Steve Roach (8/5/2017)
Harmony by Wolfgang Gsell (8/6/2017)
This Is the Water by Jack Hertz (8/7/2017)
Beyond Theory by Lektroid (8/8/2017)
Isotope by Sam Rosenthal (8/11/2017)
Labyrinthine by Erik Emil Eskildsen (8/12/2017)
Sylvi by Igneous Flame (8/12/2017)
The Moon Is Low by Wolfgang Gsell & Lutz Thuns (8/13/2017)
A Light To Guide Us by The Ambient Visitor (8/13/2017)
Arte Magnetica by Max Corbacho (8/14/2017
A Passage Through Time by Christian Fiesel (8/14/2017)
Signal To Noise by Tapes and Topographies (8/17/2017)
Traveler by Sherry Finzer & Peter Sheridan (8/18/2017)
Long Thoughts by Steve Roach (8/18/2017)
The Landscape of Whispers by Bzaurie (8/18/2017)
Postcards From Earth by Robert Otto (8/19/2017)
Clones by Vacant Stations (8/25/2017)
Mysterium by Hammock (8/25/2017)
Under A Second Moon by Holland Phillips (8/25/2017)

September 2017 Releases

Night Paths by Wil Bolton (9/1/2017)
Dancing on Water by Peter Kater (9/1/2017)
Loss by Marcus Fischer (9/1/2017)
The Full Moon Series Volume 09 - September The Full Corn Moon by Scott Lawlor
The Perfect Form by Fourth Dimension (9/5/2017)
Being of Light by Howard Givens & Craig Padilla (9/8/2017)
Prelude to a Dream by Shoshana Michel (9/8/2017)
Threshold by Steve Brand (9/9/2017)
The View From the Quinta by The Ambient Visitor (9/10/2017)
Of Myth & Mercury by Sam KDC (9/13/2017)
Until Voices Wake Us by The Winterhouse (9/13/2017)
by Eric Wøllo (9/15/2017)
Journeys To Peace & Happiness by The Lovely Moon (9/18/2017)
From the Darker Seasons by Jeff Pearce (9/22/2017)
The Great Crater by Scanner (9/29/2017)
Elementals by Sound_00 & Lefterna (9/29/2017)

October 2017 Releases

Desolatus II by Phillip Wilkerson (10/1/2017)
Flow by Flow (10/6/2017)
The Journey Continues by The Ambient Visitor (10/8/2017)
Divinations by Mathias Grassow (10/15/2017)
Transmitter by Jeffrey Koepper (10/16/2017)
The Journey Continues by The Ambient Visitor (10/16/2017)
Auratones by Deepchord (10/20/2017)
The Return of Planet X by Remy Stroomer (10/21/2017)
Yellow by Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder (10/21/2017)
Resonant Fields by Robert Davies (10/21/2017)
Sangreal by Wolves and Horses (10/22/2017)
Dreamworld by Bing Satellites (10/23/2017)
Breathe Slowly! by EugeneKha (10/23/2017)
Journey to Aktehi by Mark Seelig and Sam Rosenthal (10/26/2017)
Die Berliner Mauer (The Berlin Wall) by Romerium (10/27/2017)
As If We Were Never Here by Marc Kate (10/27/2017)
Listening To the Long Shadows by Ghost Harmonics (10/27/2017)
Architects of Orion by Colin Rayment (10/28/2017)
Deceptions by Phrozenlight (10/28/2017)

November 2017 Releases

Approaching Dark Space by Phobos (11/7/2017)
Pathfinder, Volume One by Unknown Path (11/10/2017)
Source of Present by Max Corbacho (11/10/2017)
Last Ship To Paradise by Eat Static (11/17/2017)
by Frore & Shane Morris (11/17/2017)
The Radiant Sea by Bridge to Imla (11/24/2017)

December 2017 Releases

The Radiant Sea by Bridge to Imla (12/1/2017)
Ad-Venire by Scott Lawlor (12/3/2017


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