New/Upcoming Releases List 2018


Drones From the 12th Planet
by Richard Bone


The Cage
by Bob Holroyd



January 2018 Releases

The Void by Ninth Sign (1/1/2018)
Four Stones by Dean McPhee (1/12/2018)
SR 016 ~ Side Effects by Kenta Kamiyama (1/12/2018)
Nibiru: Drones From the 12th Planet by Richard Bone (1/19/2018)
Moonlight In Empty Rooms by Heidi Breyer (1/23/2018)
Snow Light by Gallery Six (1/29/2018)
Little Things by Dalot & Sound Awakener (1/31/2018)

Februrary 2018 Releases

Nachtstücke by Hiemis (2/4/2018)
Tracks from the Archives Vol. 3 by Nattefrost (2/4/2018)
The Biode by Robert Rich (2/9/2018)
Terra Incognito by Richard Dillon (2/14/2018)
The Falling by junklight (2/14/2018)
Drum Distillery by James Asher and Arthur Hull (2/15/2018)
After by Cyberchump (2/16/2018)
The Messenger by Scott Lawlor (2/2018)
Meridian by Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo (2/16/2018)
The Expanse by ambientsketchbook ( 2/18/2018)
Remarkable Events by Kloob (2/23/2018)
Mechanics of Deference by Thomas Walsh (2/26/2018)
Gray Acres by Gray Acres (2/26/2018)

March 2018 Releases

Sunset Breeze by Lynn Yew Evers (3/1/2018)
Story of Ghosts by Fiona Joy Hawkins (3/1/2018)
Mountains Made of Shadow, Anthems Made of Light by Dan Kennedy (3/2/2018)
4@33 by John Broaddus (3/2/2018)
On the Edge of a Dream by Robin Spielberg (3/2/2018)
Waters of March by Matt Borghi (3/6/2018)
The Cage by Bob Holroyd (3/9/2018)
Branches of Sun by Aukai (3/9/2018)
The Sea Was Once Here by Robert Casady (3/12/2018)
The Topography of Vibrating Bodies (tracks for Nagual 4) by tsone (3/13/2018)
Tomorrow's Daydream by Brian Kelly (3/16/2018)
Heart Wisdom by Mathias Grassow (3/16/2018)
Tone Science Module No. 1 Structure and Forces by Various artists (3/16/2018)
Solitaire by Neil Patton (3/16/2018)
Subcircuits by Leaving Richmond (3/16/2018)
Frozen Sadness EXT mix by Ambient Shane (3/16/2018)
I dreamt of forest by odysmod (3/17/2018)
Wandering of Days by Endurance (3/19/2018)
Polar Isolation by Scott Lawlor (3/19/2018)
Ventus by Chris Russell (3/19/2018)
To the Heights by Zen Rat (3/19/2018)
Leaving by Shuta Yasukochi (3/22/2018)
Jura by Marco Malasomma (3/22/2018)
Polarities by ArtisanDuSon (3/23/2018)
Water for Air by Sleeping Horses (3/23/2018)
Pareidolia by jarguna (3/23/2018)
Momentum by Max Wurden (3/23/2018)
Archiphonic by Thought Guild (3/25/2018)
Hidden by Amniotic (3/27/2018)
A Season Lost by Gregory Cain (3/27/2018)
Tears by Rhucle (3/28/2018)
Songs for Smiler McGee by Jon Dahlander (3/28/2018)
Merging Galaxies by Dawn Tuesday, Total E.T. & Cousin Silas (3/28/2018)
Every Moment by Joseph L. Young (3/29/2018)
Ourdom by Solar Fields (3/29/2018)
Ghosts of Evolution by Lavatone (3/30/2018)

April 2018 Releases

Cold Winter Ambience by December Nightskies (4/1/2018)
Visitors by EXIMIA (4/3/2018)
Rising by Vincente Avella (4/4/2018)
Halo EP by Ambient Shane (4/4/2018)
by Shall Remain Nameless (4/6/2018)
Synthesis by Earlyguard (4/6/2018)
Beyond the Horizon by Romerium & Marin Neuhold (4/6/2018)
Before Sunrise by Jeff Greinke (4/6/2018)
Circuit Bloom by 36 (4/6/2018)
No. 4 by Christina Vantzou (4/6/2018)
Un, Certaine Assurance by Arbee (4/8/2018)
Tranquility by Ambiscend (4/10/2018)
Hospitals by Cryptic Scenery (4/11/2018)
A Composer's Garden Volume Two by Glenn Sogge (4/13/2018)
Serentity II by Michael Kollwitz (4/13/2018)
Natura Est by Natura Est (4/13/2018)
Andromeda by Fritz Mayr (4/13/2018)
Aurora Skies by Robert Carty (4/15/2018)
DreAM by Alessio Miraglia (4/15/2018)
Binary Forecast by Redbox (4/15/2018)
Particle Void by Sphäre Sechs  (4/17/2018)
Perspective by Shunkan Idou (4/19/2018)
Nocturnes II by Max Corbacho (4/20/2018)
Stimuli by Deepernet (4/20/2018)
Drawn From Memory by Joergmueller (4/20/2018)
Beautiful Journey by Brenda Warren (4/24/2018)
Celestial Orchestra by Rest You Sleeping Giant (4/24/2018)
Black Box Animals by Luton (4/27/2018)
Threshold Point by Erik Wøllo (4/27/2018)
Fall (Collected Ambient Vol II) by Gregory French (4/27/2018)
Turgeoncellsil by Weldroid (4/28/2018)

May 2018 Releases

The Foundations of Ruin by Dead Melodies (5/1/2018)
Nature's Impression by Kosmic Timing (5/1/2018)
Dislocations by pascal savy (5/4/2018)
The Vast Expanse
by Sverre Knut Johansen w/David Helpling (5/4/2018)
Eternal by Kevin Wood (5/4/2018)
The Seeker by Fritz Mayr (5/4/2018)
Relics by Inner Vision Laboratory (5/4/2018)
Singularity by Jon Hopkins (5/4/2018)
Origin by The Ambient Visitor (5/5/2018)
Night Rain by Ian Naismith (5/5/2018)
Walking a Beautiful World by Sensitive Chaos (5/7/2018)
Stateless by Simon Wilkinson (5/9/2018)
Labyrinth - A Walking Meditation by Gregory Cain (5/10/2018)
Molecules of Motion by Steve Roach (5/11/2018)
Slow Heat - 20th Anniversary Remastered Edition by Steve Roach (5/11/2018)
Means of Knowing by Hotel Neon (5/14/2018)
Sleep Stations
by From the Mouth of the Sun (5/18/2018)
Something Cathartic by Celer (5/18/2018)
Atmanaut by David Parsons (5/21/2018)
Upright Vol. 1 by Various Artists (5/23/2018
Dune by Fritz Mayr (5/26/2018)
Blue Skies & Cherry Blossom by Bing Satellites (5/26/2018)
The Brightest Darkness by Luna Arakawa (5/26/2018)

June 2018 Releases

Lost Wilderness by The Hunted Hare (6/1/2018)
Drifting Through Space
by The Ambient Visitor (6/2/2018)
A Light, A Glimmer by Various Artists (6/4/2018)
Edge of Solitude by Alphaxone (6/5/2018)
Electronica Edifications Vol. 1 by Paul Landry (6/8/2018)
Aven Colony (Original Game Soundtrack) by Alexander Brandon (6/8/2018)
Kosmos by Baransu (6/11/2018)
Empire by Markus Guentner (6/11/2018)
Deep Cuts From the Moral Wilderness by Tom Caufield (6/12/2018)
Disintegrated Journeys // Disintegrated Destinations by Various Artists (6/15/2018)
The Nine Colours of the Threshold by INADE (6/17/2018)
Ghostwritings by DAC Crowell (6/21/2018)
Evensong: Canticles for the Earth by Meg Bowles (6/22/2018)
Passage by Michael Logozar (6/26/2018)
Tiamatu, Vol. 1 by Michael Crain and Jason Carey (6/26/2018)
Nothing Is Missing by The Gateless Gate (6/27/2018)
All that Was Lost
by Stray Theories (6/29/2018)
One January Evening by Bridge to Imla & Friends feat. Volker Lankow & Ralph Baumgartl (6/29/2018)

July 2018 Releases

Ascent by Spiral Dreams (7/10/2018)
Stranger on a Strange Planet by Phrozenlight (7/11/2018)
Colors of the Ambient Sky by David Arkenstone (7/13/2018)
Somewhere New by Sherry Finzer & Mark Holland (7/20/2018)
Fellowship of Solitude by Lynn Tredeau (7/20/2018)
River by Don Latarski (7/20/2018)
Clear Light by Stephanie Sante (7/20/2018)

August 2018 Releases

Echo by Chris Russell (8/10/2018)
Beautiful You
by Matthew Mayer (8/31/2018)

September 2018 Releases


October 2018 Releases

Reach by Jeff Oster (10/5/2018)

November 2018 Releases

Liquid Geometries by Bluetech (11/16/2018)
by Steve Roach (11/18/2018)
Lotus Rising
by Chronotope Project (11/23/2018)
Horizon Matrix
by Max Corbacho (11/30/2018)

December 2018 Releases

Skyway by Steve Orchard (12/3/2018)
Talisman by Sylvain Carel (12/3/2018)


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