New/Upcoming Releases List 2019


by Bruno Sanfilippo


by The Haiku Project


Secret Signs to Her Lover
by Yuki Ato Narayan


by Shoshana Michel


Seven Colors
by Neostra


Persistent Visions
by Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig



January 2019 Releases

Pianette by Bruno Sanfilippo (1/1/2019)
The Space Within by Renee' Michele (1/1/2019)
Looking for Utopia by Bluesilhouettes aka David Peoples (1/1/2019)
Notes from Zion by Faith Angelina (1/3/2019)
Music From the Heart by Various Artists (1/4/2019)
Life by The Haiku Project (1/11/2019)
by Mute Branches (1/11/2019)
Instar by Scott Reich (1/11/2019)
Spotted Peccary Sampler 32 by Various Artists (1/14/2019)
Waterforms by Music for Sleep (1/23/2019)
Reflection by Shoshana Michel (1/25/2019)
Riding the Thermals by Nicholas Gunn (1/25/2019)
Nocturne by Vangelis (1/25/2019)
Seven Colors by Neostra (1/29/2019)
The Fata Morgana Dream by Forrest Fang (1/29/2019)

Februrary 2019 Releases

Searching for Nepsis by Nathan Speir (2/1/2019
Rhythmic Musings
by Robert Carty (2/2/2019)
Music for Sleep by Various Artists (2/8/2019)
Fragility Can Fly by Sozuproject
Sleep in Perpetual Storm by Lowering (2/8/2019)
Secret Signs to Her Love by Yuki Ato Narayan (2/14/2019)
Ice Worlds by Kevin Keller (2/15/2019)
The Space Within by Renee Michele (2/15/2019)
The Voyage by Galactic Dreams (2/15/2019)
Nachtfalter by Gunter Schickert (2/15/2019)
Subvert Yourself by No Arrival (2/22/2019)
Toward the Horizon by Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen (2/22/2019)

March 2019 Releases

Simplicity in a Complex World by Gunnar Spardel (3/4/2019)
Jazz Meditations by Dan Rufolo (3/8/2019)
Persistent Visions
by Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig (3/15/2019)
Morning Embrace by Carl Borden (3/15/2019)
Telegraphe by d'Voxx (3/15/2019)
Binary by Sounds From the Ground (3/25/2019)

April 2019 Releases

Lilac Skies by Shambhu (4/12/2019)

May 2019 Releases


June 2019 Releases


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December 2019 Releases



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