New/Upcoming Releases List 2019


Red Sky Prairie
by Sharon Fendrich


by Bruno Sanfilippo


by The Haiku Project


Secret Signs to Her Lover
by Yuki Ato Narayan


by Shoshana Michel


Seven Colors
by Neostra


Persistent Visions
by Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig



January 2019 Releases

Pianette by Bruno Sanfilippo (1/1/2019)
The Speed of Silence by Clifford White (1/1/2019)
Robot Dawn by Clifford White (1/1/2019)
Waterworld by Clifford White (1/1/2019)
The Space Within by Renee' Michele (1/1/2019)
Looking for Utopia by Bluesilhouettes aka David Peoples (1/1/2019)
Notes from Zion by Faith Angelina (1/3/2019)
Music From the Heart by Various Artists (1/4/2019)
Life by The Haiku Project (1/11/2019)

by Mute Branches (1/11/2019)
Instar by Scott Reich (1/11/2019)
Spotted Peccary Sampler 32 by Various Artists (1/14/2019)
Ambyroad by Marcus Denight (1/16/2019)
Waterforms by Music for Sleep (1/23/2019)
Reflection by Shoshana Michel (1/25/2019)
Riding the Thermals by Nicholas Gunn (1/25/2019)
Nocturne by Vangelis (1/25/2019)
Temporal by Julia Kent (1/25/2019)
By the Sea by Shuta Yasukochi (1/25/2019)
Seven Colors by Neostra (1/29/2019)
The Fata Morgana Dream by Forrest Fang (1/29/2019)

Februrary 2019 Releases

Searching for Nepsis by Nathan Speir (2/1/2019
A Long Time Coming by Dan Armstrong (2/1/2019)
Rhythmic Musings
by Robert Carty (2/2/2019)
Music for Sleep by Various Artists (2/8/2019)
Fragility Can Fly by Sozuproject
Sleep in Perpetual Storm by Lowering (2/8/2019)
Secret Signs to Her Love by Yuki Ato Narayan (2/14/2019)
Ice Worlds by Kevin Keller (2/15/2019)
The Space Within by Renee Michele (2/15/2019)
The Voyage by Galactic Dreams (2/15/2019)
Nachtfalter by Gunter Schickert (2/15/2019)
Cityscape by Clifford White (2/20/2019)
Subvert Yourself by No Arrival (2/22/2019)
Toward the Horizon by Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen (2/22/2019)
Atwater by James Bernard (2/25/2019)

March 2019 Releases

Simplicity in a Complex World by Gunnar Spardel (3/4/2019)
Jazz Meditations by Dan Rufolo (3/8/2019)
Past. Present. Future. by Marcus Denight (3/8/2019)
Volcan Dreams by Computerchemist (3/10/2019)
Castle in the Sky II by Spiraldreams (3/12/2019)
Persistent Visions
by Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig (3/15/2019)
Morning Embrace by Carl Borden (3/15/2019)
Telegraphe by d'Voxx (3/15/2019)
AngelRhoPLUS by AngelRho (3/16/2019)
The Space Between by The Ambient Visitor (3/18/2019)
Archetypes by Jarguna (3/18/2019)
High in the Sky by Kowalski Room (3/20/2019)
When the Lights Went Out by Fallen (3/20/2019)
Encounters by Binaural Space (3/21/2019)
Fire Opal by Massergy (3/22/2019)
Binary by Sounds From the Ground (3/25/2019)

April 2019 Releases

Octogon by zerO One (4/1/2019)
Four Guitars by Will Ackerman, Todd Mosby, Vin Downes and Trevor Gordon Hall (4/2/2019)
Beyond the Purple Sun by Jim Ottaway (4/2/2019)
Blow the Earth (India) by Toshinori Kondo (4/2/2019)
Magic Contrast by Derek Nigell (4/3/2019)
Below Zero by Equal Stones (4/3/2019)
Kryptyk by Michel Huygen (4/5/2019)
Offline Views
by AGLAIA (4/8/2019)
Gateways by Spiraldreams (4/10/2019)
Lilac Skies
by Shambhu (4/12/2019)
Presence of Wonder by Pam Asberry (4/12/2019)
Sanctuary by Chris Heron (4/12/2019)
Atwater remixes by James Bernard (4/15/2019)
Graduated by Steve Brand (4/15/2019)
Mystic Messages by Brooks & Day (4/17/2019)
Infinity and Beyond by DepthCruiser (4/19/2019)
Formic Syntax by Ebauche (4/19/2019)
Sol Laude: Mercury Rising 3 by Rapoon (4/19/2019)
The Beauty of Twilight by The Ambient Visitor (4/20/2019)
Moon Tides by Alan Lidden (4/20/2019)
Farewells by Binaural Space (4/21/2019)
Ethereal III by Kevin Kastning- piano and Sandor Szabo- orchestration (4/23/2019)
Parallel Inflection by Warmth (4/23/2019)

Forest by Winterwood (4/26/2019)
Windowless Journey by James Shain (4/29/2019)
Chronosphere by Alphaxone (4/30/2019)
Faded Clothes by Seki Takashi (4/30/2019)

May 2019 Releases

Another Time and Space by Thom Brennan (5/1/2019)
Migration by Jonny Lipford (5/1/2019)
Graduated by Steve Brand (5/1/2019)
Soundgardens by Thom Brennan (5/1/2019)
Imaginary Conquests by Thom Brennan (5/1/2019)

Elder Crossing by Tony Gerber and Giles Reaves (5/1/2019)
Kaza EP
by Toshinori Kondo, IMA, Icos Tech (5/2/2019)
Alternate Landscapes by Jon Durant (5/3/2019)
Starlight - Atmospheres & Textures volume three by Bing Satellites (5/3/2019)
Electronic Dimension by Cybernaum (5/4/2019)
Evanescent by David Pritchard (5/8/2019)
Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow by Ann Sweeten (5/10/2019)
The Light Within by Julie Lyons (5/10/2019)
Planetes by Sofie Birch (5/14/2019)
Mackland Ave by Mike Woodlark (5/24/2019)
A Place of Peace and Beauty by Ethereal Ephemera (5/24/2019)
Sea Change by Alan Lidden (5/25/2019)

June 2019 Releases

Star Lullaby by Raphael Groten (6/1/2019)
Dance of Two Souls by Perpetual Motion (6/1/2019)
The Beauty of the Night Sky by The Ambient Visitor (6/2/2019)
The Land of Gods
by Marcus Denight (6/3/2019)
Origin # 03 by Solar Fields (6/3/2019)
The Late Train Home by Ed Blumenthal (6/3/2019)
Notte by Milana Zilnik (June 2019)
The Senja Recordings by Biosphere (6/7/2019)
Hyperspace Drifter 3 by Stilz (6/7/2019)
Generations by Anarchist Mountains (6/10/2019)
Lure by Jogging House (6/11/2019)
Elysian Fields by Thom Brennan (6/17/2019)
Base Camp by Atomic Skunk (6/21/2019)
Unpredictable Signs by Kloob (6/21/2019)
Ubique by Fourth Dimension (6/25/2019)
Penrose by Fa Le Brou (6/28/2019)
Taiga by Old Amica (6/29/2019) 

July 2019 Releases

Seventh Chakra by Crystaline Dream (7/1/2019)
Dawn of Love by Christopher Boscole (7/1/2019)
Bruma by Line Spectrum (7/5/2019)
Point of View (feat Steve Roach) by Miles Richmond/Peter Grenader (7/5/2019)
Polyphasic Music by Alpha Wave Movement (7/7/2019)
Wind Colors by Gallery Six (7/10/2019)
ypsilon by Zahn, Hatami, McClure (7/12/2019)
I See Planets by Logic Moon (7/13/2019)
Light In Summer Air by Ethereal Ephemera (7/15/2019)
Surface Reflections by Wil Bolton (7/15/2019)
The Book of Dusts by Emmanuel Witzthum (7/15/2019)
Cosmic Resonances
by Aythar (7/18/2019)
Intimacy by Ludvig Cimbrelius (7/19/2019)

Memory 417 by In Quantum (7/23/2019)
Encore Live Vol. 1 by SpiralDreams (7/24/2019)
Encore Live Vol. 2 by SpiralDreams (7/24/2019)
Starflower by Ishq (7/24/2019)
Serpentines & Valleys by ESKOSTATIC (7/24/2019)
Borderless by Vinuela/Rosenberg (7/25/2019)
The Last of Our Time Together by Hakobune (7/26/2019)
Raven, Raven, Raven by Spring Quintet (7/27/2019)
Organic Matter by Kowalski Room (7/29/2019)
Understanding Holy Ghosts by Moss Garden
How Not To Disappear (Completely) by Pepo Galan (7/30/2019)
Music of the Smoky Rainbow by roy Mattson (7/31/2019)

August 2019 Releases

Red Sky Prairie by Sharon Fendrich (8/1/2019)
OpenWaters by Todd Mosby (8/1/2019)
Counterintelligence by Steve Brand (8/2/2019)
Prospettive Animiche by Jarguna (8/2/2019)
The Lightness of Dark by Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel (feat. Kanimsla Quartet) (8/2/2019)
XUXU: Opus 1 by XUXU (8/2/2019)
Reserve by Music for Sleep
Elegy for a Lost Cosmonaut E.P. by Sumatran Black (8/6/2019)
The Secret Life of the Fireflies by Gerd Weyhing (8/7/2019)
Svalbaro by Glasbird (8/10/2019)
Floating Land (EP) by Phrozenlight (8/11/2019)
Illusions by Imaginary Landscape (8/12/2019)
Drift Apart by Substak (8/13/2019)
Drifting In and Out of Reality by The Ambient Visitor (8/14/2019)
Bloom Ascension by Steve Roach (8/17/2019)
Boundless by Phillip Wilkerson (8/18/2019)
Boring Summerdays by Phrozenlight (8/18/2019)
Reserve by Music For Sleep (8/21/2019)
Echo of Longing by Max Corbacho (8/21/2019)
Beyond by Bodverse (8/23/2019)
Internal Motion by Dronal (8/23/2019)
The Silence Between by Timothy J.P. Gomez (8/30/2019)
Promise by FLOW (8/30/2019)
Ultimate Answer by Binaural Space (8/30/2019)

September 2019 Releases

Telemetry by STAER (9/3/2019)
Generous night, redeem by Ryan Marvel (9/6/2019)
Centuries by Sun Through Eyelids (9/12/2019)
Skies and Stars by Jeff Pearce (9/13/2019)
Here We Come by the Warm Jets (9/15/2019)

October 2019 Releases

Pulsations by Angele Dubeau and La Pieta (10/4/2019)
Inner Landscape - Atmospheres & Textures volume six by Bing Satellites (10/21/2019)
12 Images: Prompted Improvisations for Piano by Michael Sheppard (10/25/2019)
Afon Ether by Theta Wave Orchestra (10/31/2019)

November 2019 Releases

Trance Archeology by Steve Roach (11/1/2019)
Ambient World of Bing Satellites, volume two: 2011 by Bing Satellites (11/6/2019)
Schemes & Ruses by Ian Boddy & Nigel Mullaney (11/15/2019)
Methoden und Maschinen (Methods and Machines) by Bersarin Quartett (11/29/2019)

December 2019 Releases

Stillpoint by Steve Roach (12/21/2019)



Ambient Visions Best Viewed in 1600 X 900 Resolution