New/Upcoming Releases List 2021






January 2021 Releases

Into the Majestic by Steve Roach (1/1/2021)
Across the Milky Way by The Ambient Visitor (1/1/2021)
Trying Something New by Bert Hulshoff (1/1/2021)
One, Two, Three Locations by Saul Stokes (1/2/2021)
Slow Travel by Bert Hulshoff (1/3/2021)
On the Third Day of the New Era
by Bert Hulshoff (1/3/2021)
Temporal Paradox by Martin Stürtzer aka Phelios (1/3/2021)
Renewal by Sherry Finzer (1/8/2021)
Mandala by Eric Bikales (1/8/2021)
unlocked by ghost elektron (1/10/2021)
Phosphenes by Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell (1/15/2021)
Nocturne by City of Dawn (1/15/2021)
Stairway to Nirvana by Samir Bodhi (1/15/2021)
Shunia by Shunia w/Hassan Hakmoun (1/15/2021)
Silentium by madsrecords (1/20/2021)
Recurrence by Erik Wollo (1/22/2021)
Where the Ocean Meets the Sky by Julie Hanney (1/22/2021)
A River Flows by William Thomson (1/29/2021)

Februrary 2021 Releases

Impulses by Andrew Tasselmyer (2/5/2021)
An Eternal Moment Hidden Away by Zake & City of Dawn (2/12/2021)
by Ian Haywood and Stijn Hüwels (2/26/2021)

March 2021 Releases

Photosynthesis by Phelios (3/5/2021)
A Year With No Celebration by Cinchel (3/5/2021)
Nature's Light by Blackmore's Night (3/12/2021)
Desert Ghosts by Jaspar Lepak (3/12/2021)
Topaz by Israel Nash (3/12/2021)
False Dawn by RNGMNN (3/12/2021)
Ambientopia by Richard Ross (3/15/2021)
Snapshots by Tom Eaton (3/15/2021)
Reincarnation by Bonzie (3/16/2021)
Wonder World by Olivia (3/16/2021
Heavenly Voices by Fiona Joy & Rebecca Daniel (3/19/2021)
Elements by Sarah Jane Hargis (3/19/2021)
Escapology by Robert Scott Thompson (3/19/2021)
Lapiz by Igneous Flame (3/25/2021)
Ktumba by AO Music (3/26/2021)
Stillness by Carl Lord (3/26/2021)
The Imaginaries by The Imaginaries (3/26/2021)
Nora by Hendrix (3/26/2021)
How To Breathe Like a Stone by Andrew Heath & Anne Chris Bakker (3/26/2021)
Ash Tapes by Daniel Pecorelli (3/29/2021)

April 2021 Releases

A Quiet Path by Lynn Tredeau (4/2/2021)
Rapture by Peter Kater (4/6/2021)
Portraits in Season Live by Charles Denler (4/9/2021)
Distancer by Hiatus (4/9/2021)
Silent Graphs by Survey Channel (4/9/2021)
Ambient Highways by Keith Richie (4/12/2021)
A Gift of Moments by Louis Anthony deLise (4/16/2021)
What's Damata by Damata (4/16/2021)
Twelvemonth by Pam Asberry (4/16/2021)
As It Is by Steve Roach (4/16/2021)
Ar var alda (In Ancient Times) by Gydja (4/16/2021)
Silent Abundance II by Mathias Grassow (4/18/2021)
Heart Sleeve Triptych by Beo String Quartet (4/19/2021)
The Light Will Come by Omar Akram (4/23/2021)
If These Walls by Dallas David Ochoa (4/23/2021)
Orenda: Breath of Angels by Dyan Garris (4/23/2021)
Jökel by Erik Levander (4/23/2021)
Silfra Diving by Skua Atlantic (4/23/2021)
Evening Star by Spacecraft (4/23/2021)
Carolina & Coppice Movements by zake (4/23/2021)
Quiet Sines, Meditative Drones and Eternal Resonance by Zake (4/23/2021)
Existence by unknowndivide (4/24/2021)
The Meadow by
Caeruleum Blue (4/25/2021)
An Ocean of Thoughts by Comit (4/26/2021)
Tapes and Ghosts by David Newlyn (4/30/2021)
Unbelievable by Givun (4/30/2021)
obscure ep by ghost elektron (4/30/2021)
Diptych by Growing (4/30/2021)
Enveleau by Matt Robertson (4/30/2021)
The Composite Moods Collection Vol. 2: Point Blank by Dalhous (4/30/2021)
Hypersonic Symphony by Grandmixxer (4/30/2021)

May 2021 Releases

The First Realm by Kevin Kastning & Soheil Peyghambari (5/4/2021)
Back to Beyond by Alphaxone & ProtoU (5/4/2021)
Sublime Emotion by Ian Bullough (5/5/2021)
Closer to Home by Sensitive Chaos (5/7/2021)
You Are Here and I Am Yours by The Broken Cradle (5/7/2021)
Rosewater by Anthene (5/10/2021)
Natural Serenity by Taennya (5/12/2021)
From Out of This World by Ken Lusk (5/12/2021)
The Grand Piano Spa by Darlen Kolderhoven (5/14/2021)
Verdant by David Dunn (5/21/2021)

Justinian Intonations by Philip Blackburn (5/21/2021)

Unfailing Love by Zake & Marine Eyes (5/28/2021)
Someday, Wyoming by Home Learning (5/28/2021)

June 2021 Releases

Suite Esmerelda for Flue and Piano by Joanne Lazzaro (6/4/2021)
The First Minute of a New Day by The First Minute of a New Day (6/5/2021)
Silfur by Dustin O'Halloran (6/11/2021)
Space Travel [EP] by Johan Agebjorn & Mikael Ogren (6/11/2021)
North Star by Erik Wollo (6/18/2021)
Focus Zone: Music for Studying by Various Artists (6/18/2021)
Vision of Eden by Bart Hawkins (6/18/2021)
Serendipity by John Stein (6/18/2021)
Alter by Lustmord & Karin Park (6/25/2021)
Daylighting by Passepartout Duo (6/25/2021)
Energy Transformation by Michael L. Rogers (6/25/2021)
Bohemian Strings by Johannes Linstead (6/25/2021)
Horizons Quartet by Horizons Quartet (6/25/2021)
Tracings in Honey by C. R. Gillespie (6/25/2021)

July 2021 Releases

Night's Edge by M.K. Sol (7/2/2021)
by Light Humidity (7/5/2021)
MIOS by Synergetic Voice Orchestra (7/7/2021)
Under the Lilac Sky by arushi jain (7/9/2021)
Abandoned Peace by Ambiente Solstice (7/9/2021)
Pax Aurora by Nadia Struiwigh (7/9/2021)
Stille by Francis M. Gri (7/9/2021)
Crossings by Jon Durant and Stephan Thelen (7/11/2021)
Understand by William Tyler & Luke Schneider (7/12/2021)
Mosaic of Senses
by City of Dawn & The Corrupting Sea (7/16/2021)
Kirtan: Turiya Sings by Alice Coltrane (7/16/2021)
Looking For the Timeless by Tom Moore and Tim Sadow (7/16/2021)
Wishing Well by UMA (7/16/2021)
The Quiet Drift by Hollie Kenniff (7/16/2021)
Critical; Mass by Requiem & Simon McCorry (7/16/2021)
Divine Tides by Ricky Kej and Stewart Copeland (7/21/2021)
Elegy by City of Dawn & Sherry Finzer (7/23/2021)
A Seeker's Slumber by Cheryl B. Engelhardt (7/23/2021)
Selvascapes by Lauge, Perry Frank (7/24/2021)
Divine Heart by Michael Martinez (7/28/2021)
Brothers by Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster and Tom Eaton (7/30/2021)
Dream World by Joseph Akins (7/30/2021)
The Disciples' Meditation by Mark Seelig (7/30/2021)
Musical Healthcare by Liquid Mind (7/30/2021)

August 2021 Releases

Home by KevOz (8/1/2021)
Crossover by ELEON (8/6/2021)
Pastures of Wonder by Tom Caufield (8/7/2021)
Submersion by Gdanian (8/10/2021)
Luna by Ciro Hurtado (8/12/2021)
Recent Detours by Twilight Archive (8/12/2021)
Feel the Space by Drifts in Autumn (8/12/2021)
The Winding Way by Peter Sterling (8/13/2021)
OF by Li Yilei
Solace by City of Dawn & Sherry Finzer (8/20/2021)
Nocturne by Brad Jacobsen (8/20/2021)
Threshold of the Universe by Jim Ottaway (8/20/2021)
In Letters by Innesti (8/22/2021)
Siberia by Glåsbird (8/28/2021)
The Fleet by Adrian Lane (8/28/2021)
Gnosis by Chronotope Project (8/30/2021)
Peace by Paul Avgerinos (8/31/2021)
Malibu: Point Mugu by Palm Reading (8/31/2021)

September 2021 Releases

Stochastic by Carbon Based Lifeforms (9/1-2021)
Nocturnes by The Great Northern (9/3/2021)
Eleven After Midnight by Holland Phillips (9/3/2021)
Transparent Sky by Lisa Hilton (9/3/2021)
Pangaea by Wouter Kellerman and David Arkenstone (9/7/2021)
Solitude by David Arkenstone (9/10/2021)
Sleeping on the Clouds by Andrea Bacci (9/10/2021)
Awkening by Dave Eggar (9/10/2021)
This Beautiful Chaos by Trevor Gordon Hall (9/14/2021)
Winds of Change by David J. Peña (9/17/2021)
Horizon by Frore & Shane Morris (9/17/2021)
Nous'klaer Audio Summer Sampler '21 by Various Artists (9/24/2021)
Bright Eyes by John Burke (9/26/2021)

October 2021 Releases

Deep in a Forest Trees Dance by Eleon (10/1/2021)
Cosmos by Atomic Skunk (10/1/2021)
Illusive by Kelly David (10/15/2021)
The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy by Darlene Koldenhoven (10/22/2021)

November 2021 Releases

Miyabi by Juta Takahashi (11/4/2021)
The Hidden Camera
by The Hidden Camera (11/5/2021)

December 2021 Releases

Dark Measures by Phillip Wilkerson and Chris Russell (12/10/2021)
The Machine That Made Eternity by Human Concept (12/17/2021)
Piercing the Beautiful Blue Halo by Blue Sky Alive (12/21/2021)



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