New/Upcoming Releases List 2022






January 2022 Releases

Zones, Drones & Atmospheres by Steve Roach (1/1/2022)
Emerald Waters by Hollan Holmes (1/1/2022)
Longings by Randal L. Meek (1/3/2022)
Connections by Sherry Finzer (1/7/20223)
Quiet Goodbye by Lisa Pressman (1/11/2022)
Anticipation by Frolin (1/14/2022)
Joshua Tree by Palm Reading (1/14/2022)
sleeplaboratory3.0 by Various Artists (1/15/2022)
Sparkling Star by Alluste (1/17/2022)
Silence 3 by E-Mantra (1/17/2022)
Scenery for Blissful Oblivion by Echosonica (1/18/2022)
To the Earth's Core by Bruce Gall (1/21/2022)
Anoesis by City of Dawn (1/21/2022) 
Shortwave Memories by Biosphere (1/21/2022)
Imaginary Tales by Wil Bolton & Francis Gri (1/22/2022)
Portraits by Dorian Gray (1/22/2022)
Emergence by Malarki (1/25/2022)
Koromebi by Mick Chillage (1/27/2022)
Empathy Alpha by clocolan (1/27/2022)
Tensegrity Collectors Edition by Various Artists (1/27/2022)
Images by William Thomson (1/28/2022)
Formations by Julia Gjertsen (1/28/2022)
The Observer of the Idle Spectacle by Katia Krow (1/28/2022)
Salt og Vind by Pjusk (1/28/2022)
Aqua Solar Cura by Soda Lite (1/28/2022)
The Essence of Self by Solace Road (1/28/2022)
Planetfall by Endeleas (1/30/2022)
In Sheltered Places by Karen Vogt (1/30/2022)

Februrary 2022 Releases

I'll Look For You in Others by Patricia Wolf (2/4/2022)
Motion by Simon James French (2/4/2022)
Daughter by Raum (2/4/2022)
A Place to Remember by Thom Brennan (2/4/2022)
Violet Opposition by bvdub (2/4/2022)
Posle Vsego by Hoavi (2/4/2022)
Panorama by Five Seasons (2/4/2022)
Dusk by Frolin (2/11/2022)
Memoria by Trentemoller (2/11/2022)
Quiet Noise by Andrew Heath (2/12/2022)
Art Patience by The Unknown (2/18/2022)
Discovery of Meaning by Craig Padilla (2/18/2022)
Eventide by Thom Brennan (2/18/2022)
Wacht by Morgen Wurde & Tis (2/19/2022)
Personal Myths by Steve Brand (2/22/2022)
Timeless by David W. Donner (2/25/2022)
Portraits by Brian Hagen (2/26/2022)
Once Twice Melody by Beach House (2/28/2022)

March 2022 Releases

Cornerstone by Ithaki (3/2/2022)
Positano Songs
by William Ackerman (3/4/2022)
Gardens of Zion in the Rain
by Michael Borowski (3/4/2022)
Afterthought by Frolin (3/4/2022)
Satori by Daigo Hanada (3/4/2022)
Traumwerk by Mathias Grassow (3/4/2022)
The Water of Life by Kerani (3/7/2022)
Randomly Generated by Dorian Gray (3/17/2022)
Eventide by Frolin (3/18/2022)
Arboreal by Atmosphare & Balsam (3/18/2022)
Sentrifuge by Pjusk (3/18/2022)
Noctilucent by Jeff Greinke (3/18/2022)
Urbus byu AeTopus (3/18/2022)
Superradiance by Deepspace (3/22/2022)
Breakthroughs in End Theory by 6wx_o (3/25/2022)

April 2022 Releases

The Passenger by Cheryl B. Engelhardt (4/2/2022)
Desert Meditations
by Swartz et (4/8/2022)
IN by David Helpling (4/15/2022)
As the Universe, So the Soul
by City of Dawn (4/15/2022)
Unraveling by Pam Asberry (4/15/2022)
Dream Zone (Remastered) by Carl Lord
Improvisations by Frolin (4/29/2022)

May 2022 Releases

Myrian Worlds by Janet Noguera (5/20/2022)
Tree Tales by Berward Koch (5/20/2022)
Inversions by Erik Wollo (5/20/2022)

June 2022 Releases

In the Dream Garden by ELEON (6/3/2022)
Sapphire Oak by Sharon Fendrich (6/10/2022)
Let Go by Cass Anawaty & Brian Fechino (6/24/2022)
Somewhere In-Between by Jim Ottaway (6/24/2022)

July 2022 Releases


August 2022 Releases


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December 2022 Releases



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