The Reality Temples by Richard Bone


Richard Bone

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The Reality Temples



AV:  Richard it's so nice to talk to you again. It has been a few years since the interview we did for Ambient Visions but you are just as active as ever. You have a new release coming up on Spiralight Recordings called The Reality Temples, what directions are you journeying with this latest release?

RB:  I first became obsessed with music at the height of the psychedelic 60's. However, the records that grabbed my attention from that era were not the fuzz toned guitar LPs but rather the ones that explored studio wizardry of the time. Anything that used primitive electronics, backwards parts and moving sounds back and forth across the stereo field, were the records that moved me. The Reality Temples is my attempt to take some of that era's ideas and incorporate them into my style of writing.

AV:  This is your second release with Spiralight Recordings, when did this come about and how has this new arrangement been working out for you?

RB:  The arrangement with Spiralight came about a couple of years ago when I was asked to contribute a track to the Ambienism Volume One compilation. I mentioned to Cameron Akhunaton that I had been planning a disc of rare and unreleased material and he expressed an interest in releasing the project on Spiralight.


The relationship has grown from there. This is a perfect situation for me as it allows me to concentrate on creating the music and leave the business (and graphic art) department to someone who can do it far better than I could!

AV:  It seems that your last two titles have had the word reality in it, is there some message that I should be taking away with that? In your mind what meaning is there to your latest title Reality Temples?

RB:  There is most definitely a meaning behind the title of The Reality Temples but I would prefer that it be revealed while listening to the music and gazing at the amazing artwork Spiralight has created. Forgive me if this sounds a bit coy but I think it will make sense in time.

AV:  How long does it usually take you to finish work on a project like Reality Temples to the point where you are ready to let it go into a life of its own? What are your feelings when you reach the end of any given project? Let down, relief, happines a mixture?

RB:  I've worked on The Reality Temples longer than any project to date. Almost a year and a half. I just continue working until I hear that inner "voice" that lets me know the work is complete. Hard to describe really, it's sort of an excited feeling in the solar plexus! Usually, as a project approaches completion, a new one appears on the horizon. In this case it's a new ambient work for the Electroshock label in Moscow tentatively titled The Serene Life of Microbes.

AV:   What kinds of instrumentation will we be exposed to on Reality Temples? What is the overall feel of the new CD?

RB:  The instrumentation on Reality Temples is similar to what I used on Disorient. That is, a definite Eastern flavor but coupled with extensive backward samples, electric piano & synth.

AV:  Is Reality Temples a departure for you in any way as far as what we have heard in past releases or do we continue along the comfortable road that you have been traveling as of late?

RB:  I think it's is safe to say the Reality Temples is an extension of Disorient. I seem to work in groups of three sometimes especially in my rhythmic works as I did with Electropica, Coxa and Ascensionism. I think each of the three had it's own flavor but seem as though they were part of a trilogy. This of course begs the question, what's the third in this trilogy to be? Honestly, I haven't a clue!

AV:  Since last we spoke what kinds of musical experimentation have you been doing with your compositions?

RB:  I wouldn't say that I've been experimenting per se. It's more about trying to refine my craft. Focusing on composition and recording techniques. So many artists these days seem to say that they need to experiment and push some elusive envelope. I feel it's more important to fully explore where you are now. Only then can one move forward with wisdom and insight.

AV:   Will we be seeing anymore purely ambient releases from Richard Bone in the future ala Spectral Ships?

RB:  More purely ambient is on it's way with my next release for Electroshock as I mentioned above.

AV:  Does Cameron have any input on the final mix of releases that will appear on Spiralight Recordings or is that totally your baby?

RB:  Cameron doesn't interfere with the mixes however I rely heavily on his objective feedback when deciding which tracks make the final cut and the sequencing of the CD.