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Reviews 4-14-2019

Featuring Lost & Found by Bruno Sanfilippo reviewed by Richard Gürtler


Reviews 5-20-2018

Featuring Forsaken by Alphaxone & Dronny Darko reviewed by Richard Gürtler


Reviews 10-12-2017

Featuring Deep Space Blue by Jim Ottaway review by Richard Gürtler 


Reviews 8-25-2017

Featuring Trans-Neptunian Objects by ASC review by Richard Gürtler 


Reviews 8-24-2017

Featuring Stardust by Alphaxone & ProtoU review by Richard Gürtler 


Reviews 8-21-2017

Featuring Albion by Juta Takahashi review by Richard Gürtler 


Reviews 8-9-2017

Featuring Legacy by Between Interval review by Richard Gürtler 


Reviews 8-3-2017

Featuring The Future Approaching CDr by Darren Rogers review by Richard Gürtler 


Reviews 7-30-2017

Featuring Structure of Light by Siddhartha Barnhoorn review by Richard Gürtler 


Reviews 7-26-2017

Featuring Nocturnes by Max Corbacho review by Richard Gürtler 


Reviews 1-15-2017

Featuring Muzikhala by Michael Brückner and Central Plateau by Alargo reviewed by Richard Gürtler   


Reviews 12-30-2016

Featuring The Future of Man by Duff Egan reviewed by Richard Gürtler   


Reviews 12-18-2016

Featuring Path of Dissolutions by Hoshin reviewed by Richard Gürtler   


Reviews 7-23-2011

Featuring Rainshadow Sky by Jeff Pearce reviewed by Richard Gürtler   





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