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Michael Foster, editor




AV has been around the web since 1999 and we have gone through a few cosmetic changes over the years but mostly just the way the site was laid out and what colors would represent the site. With this sub section of AV I am hoping to incorporate another of my musical interests right into the website and help bring more great music to light for the long time readers of this website. Of course this music won't appeal to all of the readers of Ambient Visions and that is fine. Ultimately Ambient Visions represents my musical interests and those who find their way to this section will find it as informative as Ambient Visions has been for ambient music up to this point in time

So what will this new section mean to the readers of Ambient Visions who enjoy these genres of music? We are going to try and supply you with the same type of information that you have come to expect from AV over the years except now it is going to be aimed at genres of music other than ambient/new age. We have always done a little cross pollenization when it came to music as we would toss in the occasional world music CD for review or the very fine Waveform music that Forest puts out on his label. So in actuality it is nothing new for us. What it does represent is more complete coverage of these genres beyond the occasional mention in these pages.

We are hoping to be able to offer you the same great features you've come to expect from AV such as artist interviews, CD spotlights, reviews of the latest CD's, links to the major sites of interest and news about the community itself. I am pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement with Damion who runs the Psyreviews website to reprint some of his reviews in the reviews section of this new component of AV. We will also be adding our own reviews and possibly recruiting others from around the world who might want to contribute reviews to this latest part of Ambient Visions.

Musically I have always been an explorer and I view this move to be just a continuation of that exploration. I have never been satisfied to listen to the same music for long periods of time as there is always something new that needs to be listened to. From rock, to punk, to new wave, to new age, to ambient, to electronica and trance and techno. This may not be a progression that everyone will make but it is one that has moved me from genre to genre over the years and ultimately has led me to some great music and wonderful listening experiences. With music there is never a reason to be bored or to feel that you have heard it all. Just try a new genre with open ears and you might be surprised at what you find. Enjoy!

Michael Foster, editor
Ambient Visions 


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