Reviews 10-17-2015

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by Kimberly StarKey

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The one thing that I enjoy about running Ambient Visions is that I am always in discovery mode when it comes to new music and it is a great feeling when I find an artist or an album that I have never heard before but is great nonetheless. One of my habits is to wander around on Facebook on the weekends to see if there are musicians that I might have missed because as we all know there are dozens of releases each week and oftentimes something will just slip away without ever being heard or discovered. What I found in my journeys this time around was a true gem of an album called Surrounding by Kimberly StarKey.  

Surrounding is an album of solo piano compositions that simply shine from the first notes of Capsuled Morning and continues all the way through the last track which is called Be Glad It Happened. Sometimes music will capture my attention on the first listen and others grow on me with time and multiple listens. Kimberlyís wonderfully inspired album of songs definitely fell into the category of capturing my attention from the first refrains of the opening track. Capsuled Morning is a positive song that is filled with light and emotions as it washes over you and the echoing melody simply rivets the listenerís attention as she weaves the rest of the composition in and around it. A song like this at the beginning of an album practically guarantees that listeners will want to follow wherever Kimberly decides to lead with the rest of the album.

It is apparent that Kimberly has invested herself in her music and it is reflected in the passion with which she pours herself into her playing and the resulting memorable melodies that have found their way onto this album. Surrounding is a gentle and comfortable experience that will leave the listener in a peaceful frame of mind as the skillfully crafted songs wend their way into the listenerís consciousness. The recording quality of the project is superb which is essential when the focus of the whole album is a single instrument that must carry the weight of the entire recording on its back. Throughout Surrounding Kimberly again and again demonstrates that she has mastered her instrument and that she is more than capable of taking human emotions and translating them into her compositions.

Surrounding is an intimate and inviting collection of compositions that are instantly engaging. Kimberly has infused these songs with a great sensitivity that is made all the more moving by her heartfelt and confident work at the keyboard. Some of the standout tracks for me were Capsuled Morning, Vision, Be Glad It Happened and This Moment. Kimberly has shown us with Surrounding that she is a world class musician who is proficient at creating a captivating collection of songs tinged with warmth and friendliness. We look forward to many more albums from Kimberly StarKey in the coming years. Recommended by Ambient Visions.  

Reviewed by Michael Foster, editor Ambient Visions