Reviews 11-17-2000

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The Gathering by Inlakesh album cover

The Gathering 

by Inlakesh

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Having listened to the didjeridoo on many of Steve Roach's recordings I have been hooked by the primitive sound of this instrument and was very pleased when I ran across this offering from Inlakesh. In fact Steve even makes an appearance on this CD from Inlakesh on a song entitled Eat Flowers-Breath Light.

The music combines dense atmospheres heavy with drum, voices and of course the didjeridoo. The voices for the most part are used as background for the didjeridoo and the percussion. They come in and out of the music creating a very tribal feel for the entire CD.

Since discovering the sound of the If you have been listening to the likes of Steve Roach for awhile you would find this music to be very much to your liking. Inlakesh creates a mystical world all its own and shares it with you on this release.

The tracks on The Gathering tend to be on the long side but that is exactly what you want from a release such as this. The music creates an environment that can be used for meditative and trancing purposes and gives the listener ample time to let their minds wander around the landscape that Inlakesh have created with their music. All in all a great CD to add to your collection.


Coxa by Richard Bone


by Richard Bone

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Coxa is the "hip bone" and this CD and Mr. Bone are exactly that... hip. This is jazz that is hot to the touch and cool to the ear. Mr. Bone offers here his interpretation of some great jazz inspired by the likes of Creed Taylor and Rudy Van Gelder (from the 50's, kids... can you dig it?) I am a jazz lover and this really gave me the chills as I listened to the mixture of jazz keyboards with the electronic sound.

Take a walk on the wild side and give this a listen. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful mastery of jazz Mr. Bone has to offer.



Refuge Gabrielle Roth album cover


by Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors

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Gabrielle Roth is the multi-talented force behind the music of Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors Dance is her main pursuit and the music was created to enhance the dance so it follows her Five Rhythms of the Soul . Her books go into detail about these rhythms, but her music stands on its own.

The key element to her music is beat. It is expressed in her recordings with much soul and in various tempos. Each of her CD's uses known and unknown musicians to help her achieve some of the most professional and powerful rhythms available.

Not just for dance, this music lends itself to a variety of expressions. I find it hard to keep still while listening.

Dance, rhythm and the beat of the soul, that is Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors.