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Sines and Singularities

by bluetech

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Evan Bluetech’s work is described as “electronic dub”, and has been featured on WaveForm recordings as well as having CDs previous to this one. 

This is dance music, this is electronica at its finest.  The tracks find a beat, and then layers soundscapes and electronic designs.   The tracks flow one into the other but retain a freshness and originality from track to track. 

This side trip off of the ambient highway presents us with some expertly designed and executed works that are totally electronic dub.  The music can be “spacey” with a very definite jazz influence as in Enter the Lovely, the opening track.   

There are the electronic bubbles of sound, as in Condensation, that tell you this is electronic music, but it is skillfully integrated into the compositions, allowing you to hear the elements, but accept them as part of the
“music”.  Sometimes it can be slightly brooding as in Forgiveness, but it still maintains a very upbeat rhythm and feel. 

There are remix’s included in the eleven tracks.  Yaniv Shulmans First Came the Stars and Paddy Free and Michael Hodgson of Pitch Black - Ape to Angel.  These are wonderful interpretations of the originals, with a very Bluetech spin.  I liked the reggae beat addition in Ape to Angel. 

Outstanding tracks also include Dreamtime Lullaby, with lots of beat and a very driving bass.  Minimalist in its approach, it is very subtle yet intense.  Shimmer is a very different yet provocative composition, with a lovely light melody hidden in the folds of the rhythms and beats.   

Wilderness presents us with a very natural soundscape, complete with electronic “frogs” which delights the ear as we are drawn into a construct that Bluetech carries through very skillfully.    

The closing track A Garland of Stars is very spacey.  True space music has no fixed beat so this piece fits into the electronic “dub” but crosses over into the ambient genre with the addition of Rena Jones on cello.  This is a very elegant presentation, combining elements of different genre and showing how they can blend very effectively. 

I am impressed with this offering from Bluetech.  This is music for contemplation as well as enjoying the expert hand that designed it.  This is enjoyable to the ear, and exciting to the mind.  We explore the different elements Bluetech presents us and find how they blend and work together to furnish us with soundscapes to fill our personal spaces.  A very masterful work and one which shows Evan Bluetech to be an expert in the field. mafoster

Reviewed by Margaret Foster for  Ambient Visions


Smooth Chill

by Various Artists

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WaveForm has been giving us the best of the best of the electronica genre for many years.  Most of their CD’s are compilations of some great artists and their best contribution to the electronica style of music.  From deep space sounds to artistic renderings of sounds and feelings, to the deep beats of trance music, WaveForm has given us much to listen to and consider from musicians around the world. 

Smooth Chill – The Radio Singles is a compilation of “the best of the best” of their offerings.  The mixes on this CD are the recordings that have received the best audience responses when aired on the radio.  These are the “smoother” pieces from the collections, offering some very subtle yet high impact music for the listener to get into and appreciate. 

If you are a WaveForm fan, you will recognize most of the tracks on this CD.  If not, then this CD will introduce you to some artists you should definitely check into as well as introduce you to the WaveForm catalogue. 

The CD has eleven tracks.  Artists represented here are Sounds from the Ground, Coldcut, Potlach, P.R.O.M., Space Safari, Deep-Dive Corp and Trance Groove to mention a few. 

The opening track by Sounds from the Ground – The Cut – sets the mood and the smooth for the rest of the CD.  This is a jazzy piece, mellow and sublime, but very electronic.  You hear bits of trumpet, voices as in a night club, and some spacey backfill giving this a very off-worldly feel. 

One of my personal favorites is Autumn Leaves by Cold Cut.  A very pensive work, very electronica, but very delicate in its approach.  The repeated lyrics, “But I miss you most of all, my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall” makes this a touching love story where you fill in the story.   

Sleep at the Swamp by Potlach is another work that is suggested by the repeated lyrics but it grabs you with its moody electronica composition.  Hypnotized by P.R.O.M. has the beat that suggests chill music and the electronica soundscape that will shoot you out into the universe.  Another jazzy piece that you will find yourself playing again and again. 

Imagination from Deep-Dive-Corp is another upbeat work that will have you chair dancing in front of your computer.  Another one of my personal favorites.   

An additional and very excellent jazzy piece with an addition of the story “Not Just Yet” told within the work is Paris by Trance Groove.  A lovely combination of story and electronica accompaniment.  And again, another one of my favorites. 

Soma Sonic presents us with Crazy Moon, a very spacey electronic piece with vocals and a beat.  Smooth and very intriguing, a composition that floats but demands your attention.   

Also floating but very cutting edge is RAS Command’s Slippin’, very jazzy, suggestive beat and very artistic in its presentation.   

If you are familiar with the WaveForm catalogue, you are going to love this collection of their best works.  If you have never heard WaveForm before, this is the perfect introduction to their catalogue and would make a perfect gift for that someone who you would love to introduce to this form of music. mafoster

Reviewed by Margaret Foster for  Ambient Visions

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