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Pete Ziegelmeier


Ambient Vision's Q & A With

Pete Ziegelmeier of Ceiba Records

AV: Tell me about the original inspiration for going out and forming Ceiba. Was it a spur of the moment kind of decision or did you ponder long and hard before taking the leap?

PZ: It was a very spontaneous decision to form Ceiba records, because at that time there was no label in the U.S involved with psy/trance music and we felt the need to create an outlet for this music, beside we had a lot of tracks and that seemed the easiest way to get the music out.

AV: You mention the Mayan origins of the name Ceiba on your webpage, what significance did this have for you?

PZ: When we started Ceiba records we wanted a different identity than the other psy/trance labels who at that time mostly used Indian names or icons like Buddha's and shiva's etc.. Besides we found a lot of inspiration in the Mayan culture, myth and artwork.

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