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Renèe Blanche

Night Tides with Renée BlanchePlaylists
November 27, 2023


Harvest Season ARTIST:Bernd Scholl ALBUM:The Winds of Autumn 

Sundial ARTIST:AeTopus ALBUM:Cup 

Am Ende - Im Anfang ARTIST:Synthasis ALBUM:Zu Abend Mein Herz 

Tidal ARTIST:World Circuit ALBUM:Desolate Snow Roads 

Acamar ARTIST:Rising Galaxy ALBUM:Motion 

La Suite ARTIST:Red Eye Express ALBUM:Reemixed II 

Pilot ARTIST:Echo Season ALBUM:Solarmetric 

Solarmoon ARTIST:EugeneKha ALBUM:Dream Drone 

Mary Did You Know ARTIST:Bryan Lubeck ALBUM:Welcome Winter 

In the Bleak Midwinter ARTIST:Kristen Miller & Tom Eaton ALBUM:Winter Frost: Relaxing Holiday Instrumentals 

Do You Hear What I Hear? ARTIST:Dana Cunningham ALBUM:Homecoming: Songs of Comfort and Joy

Snow Kaleidoscope ARTIST:Saah ALBUM:Warm Wishes 

Sakura Sakura ARTIST:Daigo Hanada ALBUM:Journey Through Memories 

Dystopia ARTIST:Corciolli ALBUM:No Time But Eternity 

Violet Night ARTIST:Deborah Martin & Jill Haley ALBUM:Into The Quiet 

Desert Flora ARTIST:Carlos Dengler ALBUM:Private Earth 

Christmas Caravan ARTIST:Paul Avgerinos ALBUM:Shanti Noel 

Compassion and Devotion ARTIST:KarmaCosmic ALBUM:Sky Space Bar II 

Illumina Suite ARTIST:Carl Weingarten ALBUM:The Simian River Collection 1980-2020 

The Life Within ARTIST:Orix ALBUM:A New Life Source  

The Color of Space ARTIST:The Ashes of Piemonte ALBUM:Lee Anthony Norris - Italian Works 

Obscuration ARTIST:Beyond the Ghost ALBUM:Sundown 

The Gates ARTIST:Qeight ALBUM:The Abyss of Loneliness 

Behind The Door (432 Hz) ARTIST:Mirage of Deep ALBUM:Signs Of Heaven 

The Crossing ARTIST:Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy ALBUM:Shimmer 

A Living Continuation ARTIST:Scott Lawlor ALBUM:A Living Continuation 

Encounters and Goodbyes ARTIST:Phillip Wilkerson ALBUM:Silver Afternoon 

In the Morning Light ARTIST:Yanni ALBUM:In My Time


New Age Music Sampler November 26, 2023
Episode "Soft Snow"


5:00 AM

Maple Glen Rudy Adrian A Walk In The Shadow Garden

Transitions John Louis Kluck From Thin Air

Ancient Paths Meg Bowles Pilgrimage

Into The Quiet Deborah Martin & Jill Haley Into The Quiet

Myriad Visions Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell Dark Measures

In The Shadow of Memories Gunnar Spardel The Fade To Afterlife

The New Land Forrest Smithson Parallel Worlds

Woven Frore & Shane Morris Horizon


Solar Winds (Remix) Chronotope Project Chronology

They Know AeTopus Cup

Stellar City Welcomes U John Louis Kluck The Cosmic Realm

Persona Non Grata Paul Ellis Music For The Space Between Atoms

6:30 AM

The Cold Distance Between David Helpling IN    

Ancient Starlight Jim Ottaway Infinite Universes

Aquatic Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen Weathering The Storm

Liquid Sphere Richard Ross Ambientopia


The Gambit Peter Calandra The Blue Light

Timeless Voices Ann Licater Between The Stars

Quiet Rhythms No. 21 William Susman Quiet Rhythms

Calling The Raven Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy Shimmer

Anything For You Rebecca Harrold The Tree Of Life

Final Ascent Masako Call of the Mountains -Ascent-

Midnight (the Moon) Boediheart Out of Doors

7:30 AM

Peeking Through Jill Haley Alaskan Soundscapes

Life's Answer Paul Long The Spectrum of Life

Home Mak Grgic Peaceful Guitar

Over The Horizon Alen Matthews Seasons Change

Welcome Winter Bryan Lubeck Welcome Winter

Back To the Roots David Cullen Revival


The 4th Dimension Stephen Peppos Celestial

the world with her in it Tom Eaton Weathering   

Invocation Peter Sterling Mystic Voayger

Lament of the Ice Giants David Arkenstone Solitude

Winterpeg Jeff Oster Howling Loon

Distant Shores Sangeeta Kaur Aurora

8:30 AM

Spyroid Ozric Tentacles Curious Corn

Oolite Groove Ozric Tentacles Curious Corn

Afroclonk Ozric Tentacles Curious Corn

Papyrus Ozric Tentacles Curious Corn

Do It Again Skunk Baxter Speed of Heat

Winter's End John Louis Kluck Wonderous Nights


5am-9am: New Age Sampler with Misha

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Star's End Playlist for November 12, 2023

STAR'S END 1-6AM Sat Night/Sun Morning Playlist for 12 November 2023 88.5 fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7 fmWXPH Harrisburg PA |90.5 fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore MD| 88.7 fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA |91.9 fm Hackettstown|104.9 fm Lehigh Valley PA Host: Chuck van Zyl



Neil CipponYZF-2 Foundation (self-released)

Thom BrennanPart 1 Wavemaker (self-released)

Benge Part I. II. III The View From Vega (DiN)

Amongst Myselves Fading Stellar Remnant An Abandoned Day (self-released)

Nimanty Nebula of LifeThe Star Night Process (venonza records)


Kontroll-Raum Sparkling Gate 23 (manikin)

Bahia Mansa Paisaje del Alma Mallki (cyclical dreams)

TAL sounds Slides Shift (nna tapes)

Henrik Meierkord Undermedvetna Resor Fornimmelser (audiobulb)

K Nogami/Circa Alto Natsang Oyasumi (facture)

Bart Hawkins Concert Recording Cyclical Fest 2023 (cyclical dreams)


Radio Massacre Int'l Concert Recording (excerpt) Awakenings  21 October 2023 (awakenings)

Pauline Anna Strom Cult Of  Isis Trans-Millenia Consort (rvng intl)

Air Sculpture Tripel Quark Soup (neu harmony)


Phobos excerpt Resonances (self-released)

B AshraDeep Graving Dark Moments (klangwirkstoff)

Steve Roach Sanctuary of Desire Sanctuary of Desire (projekt)


Pietro Zollo Part 1 April (projekt)

Detlef Keller Spaintronic II Spaintronic (manikin)

The Green Kingdom Gathering Clouds Ether Hymns (dronarivm)



Star's End Top 50 Releases October 2023 - Alphabetical

AeTopus - Cup (Spotted Peccary)

Alluste - The Way to the Stars (self released)

Caterina Barbieri - Myuthafoo (Light Years)

Ron Boots - Alone on Stage (Groove Unlimited)

Michael Bruckner - The Morphic Cycle (Cyclical Dreams)

Jeremiah Chiu - In Electric Time (international anthem)

Dacker - Anthropomorphic Personification (Deserted Island Music)

M Cross Dougherty - Cosmic Engine (Heart Dance)

Mark Dwane - The Utopian Paradigm self released)

Gert Emmens - City Never Sleeps (Groove Unlimited)

Encounters - A Path Beyond Remixed (Over the Moon Music)

Forrest Fang - The Oort Cloud Meditations (Projekt)

Fringo Chills - In Far Lands (Syngate)

grum~pe - Immunity From Darkness (Cyclical Dreams)

Hyperion V - Accretion Disc (Spotted Peccary)

Imaginary Landscape - Auf der Suche Nach der Verlorenen Stille (Syngate)

Simon Lomax - These Tranquil Winds (self released)

Lone Bison - Wave Construction (Castles in Space)

jarguna - Retrospective of Deep Days [2006-2023] (Projekt)

Johann Johannsson - Prayer to the Dynamo Deutsche Grammophon)

Kevin Keller - Evensong (self released)

m00m - Scary Sound Effects Record (Aural Films)

Claudio Monteverdi - Vespro Della Beata Vergine (Harmonia Mundi)

Shane Morris - Book of Shadows (self released)

Mutagenese - Voices (Syngate)

Observatories - Frost Forms (Quiet Details)

Oneohtrix Point Never - Again (Warp Records)

Christoph Sebastian Pabst - Sweven EP (Sine Music)

Palancar - Mesomatter II (self released)

Perceptual Defence - Emotional Ruins (Syngate)

Massimo Pupillo - Our Forgotten Ancestors (Glacial Movements)

Zander Raymond - To Have Several Lives (Sound as Language)

Steve Roach - Sanctuary of Desire (Projekt)

Reuter/Rossi - Mumblecore Failure (Iapetus-Media)

Ola Sandberg - Invisible Room (Castles in Space)

Nimrod Scott = AEGYRE - The Snows (self released)

Richard Sears - Appear to Fade (Figurelight records)

Sigur Ros - Atta (Krunk)

The Soviet Space Dog Project - By Chance As Observed (prerelease)

Stellarium - Solar Magnitude (Exosphere)

Joel Styzens - Resonance (Relax Your Ears)

Subdream - Nameless Constellations (Exosphere)

Subphotic - Wardle Rigg (Castles in Space)

Terminus Void - Apeiron (Groove Unlimited)

Chuck van Zyl - Gwynedd (Synkronos Music)

Williams Point - Mirage (self released)

Christian Wittman - Evanescence (self released)

Erik Wollo - Cloud of Strings (Projekt)

Various Artists - Berlin: A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve (self released)

Various Artists - Tone Science Live (DiN)

For links to these artists websitesclick here.

Star's End Significant Releases of 2022 (listed by month)

January 2022

Alluste: Sparkling Star (self released)

C-Jay/LOM/Stephane Gervais: Dormarch Remixes (The Sessions)

Julien Demoulin: Everything Forgotten, Everything Remembered (Sound in Silence)

Paul Ellis/Paul Nagle: The Hidden Camera (self released)

Filter-Kaffee: Filter-Kaffee 105 (Manikin Records)

Bruce Gall: To the Earth's Core (Cyclical Dreams)

Daryl Groetsch: Home Again (self released)

Hollan Holmes: Emerald Waters (Spotted Peccary)

Lightbath/Effenberger: The Medicine is the Awakening (self released)

Lingua Lustra: Life2 (Exosphere)

Simon Lomax: Notes from the Void Vol 2 (Council of Nine)

M3NASH: Die Loreley (Cyclical Dreams)

MiDiBiTCH: Natal (Cyclical Dreams)

Nimanty: Distant Call (Venonza Records)

Panic Girl: Washed Ashore (I U We Records)

Rathrobin: Ear to the Ground (Naviar Records)

Steve Roach: Zones Drones & Atmospheres (Projekt)

Dirk Serries/Trosta: Island on the Moon (Consouling Sounds)

Slow Meadow: Upstream Dream (self released)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: Subterranean Suburbia (self released)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: Viewpoint (self released)

Juta Takahashi: Miyabi (Lunisolar)

theAdelaidean: Solarpunk (Projekt)

Various Artists: Pop Ambient 2022 (Kompakt)

February 2022

American Astro Monkey Project: Space Bass (self released)

Amphior: Another Presence (Glacial Movements)

Seigo Aoyama: Prelude for the Spring (Audiobulb)

Dan Armstrong: Numerical Solitude (Reflection Records)

Bjarni Biering: The Andvaka Suite (Curious Music)

Peter Gregson: Patina (Deutsche Grammophon)

jarguna: Neogene (Projekt)

Kevin Keller: Ambient Chamber Music (self released)

Kubusschnitt: The Core (self released)

Volker Lankow: Music for Studying and Research Pt 2 (self released)

Sven Laux/Logic Moon: The Unavoidable Death of Loneliness (Ambientologist)

The Living Earth Show: Music for Hard Times (Earthy Records)

Marcon Union: Signals (Just Music)

K Markov: Hyperspace (self released)

Craig Padilla: Discovery of Meaning (Spotted Peccary)

Palancar: Desert Power (Emergent World)

La Ponto Ensemblo: The CERN Diaries (Cyclical Dreams)

Project X: White Clouds Drift Westward (self released)

Michael Rother/Vittoria Maccabruni: As Long as the Light (Groenland)

Forrest Smithson: Sky Mind Dreaming (self released)

Startera: Transformative Cycles (Exosphere)

subtractiveLAD: Wreckage (self released)

Taiyo Rey: Shattering Stimuli (self released)

Erik Wollo: Sojourns (Projekt)

Rene van der Wouden: Tangerine Sands (Cyclical Dreams)

March 2022

American Astro Monkey Project: Beyond the Bass (self released)

Seigo Aoyama: Prelude for the Spring (Audiobulb)

Steve Brand: Personal Myths (Pioneer Light)

Cosmic Ground: Decade 2012-2022 (self released)

Deepspace: Superradiance (Projekt)

Ludovico Einaudi: Underwater (Decca)

Paul Ellis/Jared White: Unbroken Spirit (Groove Unlimited)

Anne Garner: Dear Unknown (Slowcraft)

Jeff Greinke: Noctilucent (Spotted Peccary)

The Kids and the Cosmos: Ambient Mix Tape vol 1 (Sound in Silence)

Lorenzo Montana: Descent (Projekt)

K Markov: The Lost Planet (self released)

K Markov: Obscurity (self released)

Colin Rayment: Polyphonic Memories II (self released)

Field Lines Cartographer: Superclusters (Woodford Halse)

Ariel Raguet: The New Memories (Cyclical Dreams)

Schonwalder/Keller/'ramp/Cosmic Hoffmann: Funny Sounds in Public (self released)

Robert Schroeder: Spaces of a Dream (Spheric)

Michael Stearns: Planetary Unfolding (Projekt)

Lucas Tripaldi: Lacandona (Cyclical Dreams)

Chuck van Zyl: The Gatherings 9 December 2021 (CIMA of PA)

Various Artists: Protons & Neutrons (DiN)

April 2022

AeTopus: Urbus (self released)

American Astro Monkey Project: Penal Colony Tier 5 (self released)

Carlos Dengler: Aqueduct (self released)

ELEON: Hidden Time (Heart Dance Records)

Paul Ellis: Pulse Width (Cyclical Dreams)

Cheryl B Engelhardt: The Passenger (self released)

David Helpling: (Spotted Peccary)

JAAR: Talking About X (Sound in Silence)

jarguna/Chris Russell: Transmissions from Serpent Mound (Projekt)

Johann Johannsson: Drone Mass (Deutsche Grammophon)

Lankow/Wostheinrich: Creatures in Haunting Cities (self released)

Palancar: Aliquid ex Nihilo (Emergent World)

David Parsons: Atmanaut (Celestial Harmonies)

Path of Silence: Ancestral Light (Synphaera)

SKYENCE: Mimicking Bodies (Modularfield)

Kiji Suedo: Yin (Solar Phenomena)

TaboTago: Corroding Modernism (Iaepatus Media)

Test Card: Patterns (Sound in Silence)

May 2022

Alias Zone: Compassion (unreleased)

Anantakara: There is Something (Aural Films)

Basic Principles: Colours (Deserted Island Music)

Frank Beissel/Steve Roach: Nautical Twilight (Soundquest Music)

Meg Bowles: Pilgrimage (Kumatone)

Joep Breving: Hermetism (Deutsche Grammophon)

Peter Davidson/Karl Gasleben: Ariel Ship of Flowers (Xenophone)

Joyce DiDonato: Eden (Erato)

Elrox: Era (Musikkselskapet EE)

Roger Eno: The Turning Year (Deutsche Grammophon)

Anne Garner: Dear Unknown [Instrumental] (Slowcraft)

Daryl Groetsch: Living in the Clouds (self released)

Robert Hakalski: Behind the Scenes with the Mediums (Singularity)

Ichion: One (Audiobulb)

Jack Hertz: Elements (Aural Films)

Matthieu Karsenti: Piano Paintings (self released)

Lawson/Merrill: Signals (Neuma Records)

LaCo Project: Glowing Sounds from the Ice Mesh (Iapetus Media)

Pessi Levanto: The Innocents (Movie Score Media)

Carl Lord: Dream Zone (Heart Dance Records)

Sergio Mariani: Morning Mercies (Cyclical dreams)

Netherworld: Vanishing Lands (Glacial Movements)

Thomas Newman: Operation Mincemeat (Lakeshore)

Path of Silence: Ancestral Light (Synphaera)

Brendan Pollard: Cycles and Pulses (Acoustic Wave)

Polypores: Hyperincandescent (DiN)

Ralicke: Space Between Clouds (AKP Recordings)

Nimrod Scott: Galactik Tyde (self released)

Pabellon Sintetico: Forms (self released)

Skoulaman: Mundus in MOTU (Groove Unlimited)

Snufmumriko: Radio Mnemosyne (Dronarivm)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: Composed Architecture (self released)

Martin Sturtzer: Antimatter Resonance (self released)

Sydalesis: Trivium (self released)

Tapes and Topographies: Modalities (Simulacra Records)

Chuck van Zyl: The Winter Wind (industry8)

Erik Wollo: Inversions (Projekt)

Wostheinrich/Parsick: Ultima Ratio (Iaepatus Media)

Various Artists: Bassbients 4 (Moatun 7)

June 2022

John Luther Adams: Houses of the Wind (Cold Blue)

theAdelaidean: Eternity is [free!] (Projekt)

Blush to the Snow: Nightfall/The Golden Hour (Not Yet Remembered Records)

Steve Brand: Subtle Refractor (Pioneer Light)

Michael Bruckner/Cilia di Ponte: Twenty Five Light Years (Cyclical Dreams)

C-Jay: BackSlider II (The Session Recordings)

Peter Challoner: Imagined or Remembered self released)

Carlos Dengler: Aqueduct (self released)

Jacek Doroszenko: Bodyfulness (Audiobulb)

ELEON: In the Dream Garden (Heart Dance Records)

Emme: Talking to the Sphere (Modularfiefld)

Howard Givens/Madhavi Devi: The Celestial Expanse (Spotted Peccary)

Rob Gould: Dome (Fruits de Mer)

Daryl Groetsch: Scenes From Some Planet (self released)

Hainbach: Core Memory (Seil Records)

Jack Hertz: Baroque Astronaut (Aural Films)

jarguna/Various: Chimera of a New World Session Two (Projekt)

Jonsi: Without Remorse (Krunk)

Sven Laux/Fione: Tomorrow Everything Could Be Different (White Lab Recs)

Lingua Lustra: Soundfields (Exosphere)

K Markov: Galaxy (self released)

Nowhereians: That is Not an Acceptable Lullaby (Sound in Silence)

Jim Ottaway: In Between (self released)

Private Sea: Private Sea (Health Connection Tapes)

Scanner: The Homeland of Electricity (DiN)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: The City and the Stars (self released)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: Mirabilia (Cyclical Dreams)

Martin Sturtzer: Theta Serpentis (self released)

subtractiveLAD: Time Scale (self released)

Suss: Heat Haze (Northern Spy)

Tangerine Dream: Raum (Kscope)

Terminus Void: Origins Unknown (self released)

Thaneco/DASK: Stages (Syngate)

Chuck van Zyl: The Rotunda 4 December 2021 (self-released)

Christian Wittman: Music for Unknown Worlds I (self released)

Christian Wittman: No Way Back (self released)

Zero Ohms: Cloudwalker & the Ascent (Spotted Peccary)

Various Artists: Awakenings 28 May 2022 (Awakenings)

Various Artists: Manikin Records Third Decade (Manikin)

July 2022

Alio Die/Dirk Serries: The Chapter of the Eclipse (Projekt)

American Astro Monkey Project: Woodland Blues (self released)

The Ambient Fish Society: Experimenta [221807-​2300] (self released)

Cass Anawaty/Brian Fechino: Let Go (Heart Dance Records)

Andrea Bacci: Perceptions vol 1 (Heart Dance Records)

Beyond Our Galaxy: Surface Analysis (Cyclical Dreams)

Jonathan E Blake: Reverie (Sine Music)

Peter Challoner: Stasis (self released)

Mike Clay: Somewhere in Space and Time (Heart Dance Records)

Congregation of Drones: Twenty Twenty (Every Possible Recording)

E-Clark Cornell: Silence Noire (Aural Films)

Dream Cycle: Passive Imagination (Heart Dance Records)

Dreamstate Logic: Distant Points of Light (self released)

Evenfall: Ubiquity (Heart Dance Records)

EVERYTHING: The Lovers (self released)

Christian Fiesel: Still Waiting at the Gate Cyclical Dreams)

Robert Fripp: Washington Square (DMG)

Halftribe: Elegant-Golden (Dronarivm)

Vic Hennegan: Time Ritual (self released)

Jack Hertz: Baroque Astronaut (Aural Films)

Gustavo Jobim: Deep Blue (Cyclical Dreams)

Mike Lazarev: When You Are (Slowcraft)

K Leimer: The Starting Errors (Palace of Lights)

Lightwave: Climatic Changes (self released)

Oksana Linde: Aquatic and Other Worlds (Buh Records)

Lisa Bella Donna: Electronic Voyages (self released)

m00n: Deep Time (Aural Films)

Cecile McLorin Salvant: Ghost Songs (Nonesuch)

Jamie Myerson: In Situ (self released)

Nanook of the North: Heide (Denovali)

Craig Padilla/Skip Murphy: Universe (See Peace Music)

Pan Electric: Ram Cycle Ambient Dubs EP (self released)

Parallel Worlds: Dark Energy (Moatun 7)

Paulina Fae: Glow (Projekt)

Peter Phippen/Rahbi Crawford/Ivar Lunde Jr: Galaxies (Projekt)

Conrad Praetzel: Adventures Into Somethingness (Paleo Mmusic)

Steve Reich: Reich/Richter (Nonesuch)

Klaus Schulze: Deus Arrakis (SPV)

Secondface: Wardens of the Mist (Exosphere)

Martin Sturtzer: Epsilon Eridani (self released)

subtractiveLAD: Across the Sunless Sky (self released)

Erik T'Sas/Matthew Florianz: Molenstraat (self released)

TaboTago: Live at Zionskirche Berlin (Iapetus Media)

Robert Scott Thompson: Ascension (Aucourant Records)

Christian Wittman: Music for Unknown Worlds II (self released)

Various Artists: Dreams Out of Joint: A Tribute to Philip K Dick (Machina ad Noctem)

Various Artists: Tone - A Tribute to Tony Sawford (Stonker Productions)

August 2022

Ross Christopher: Phases (Heart Dance Records)

Glenn Dickson: Wider Than the Sky (self released)

Encounters: A Path Beyond (Over the Moon Music)

Paul Headon: Beyond the Known (self released)

Vic Hennegan: Space and the Abstract Mind (self released)

Kwali Kumara/Pete Ardron: Elemental Temple Pt 1 (Ensancha el Alma Records)

Liminal Drifter: Cortisol 22 (self released)

Mac of BIOnight: Phases (self released)

James Murray: Careful Now (Home Normal)

Francisco Nicosia/Mariano: Ecos Frente Al Espejo (Cyclical Dreams)

OdNu: My Own Island (Audio Bulb)

['ramp]: Happy Days Are Here to Stay (Doombient)

Zander Raymond: To Have Several Lives (Sound as Language)

Steve Roach: What Remains (Projekt)

Sophos: Mueon (Cyclical Dreams)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: The Complete Baikonur Concert (self released)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: Der Endlose Fluss der Zeit (self released)

Chuck van Zyl: Skyspace (Synkronos Music)

Christian Wittman: Impermanence (self released)

Various Artists: Projekt 2022 (Projekt)

Various Artists: REQUIEM: Klaus Schulze Tribute (Aural Films)

September 2022

The American Astro Monkey Project: CME MMXXII (self-released)

Caterina Barbieri: Spirit Exit (light years)

Marc Barreca: Recordings of Failing Light (palace of lights)

Ivan Black: Drowning in Your Chant (self-released)

Ivan Black: Behind All the Smoke (self-released)

Ian Boddy/Erik Wollo: Revolve (DiN)

City of Dawn/Ross Christopher: Wider That the Sky (heart dance records)

Cosmic Ground: Isolate (tonzonen records)

Delay Tactics: Elements of Surprise (multiphase)

Carlos Dengler: Ecospheres (self-released)

Massimo Discepoli: An Unusual Way to Disappear (self-released)

Brian Eaton: All the Earth Will Mourn (self-released)

Ola Gjeilo: Dawn (decca)

Matthias Grassow: Through an Unknown Stargate (cyclical dreams)

Sverre Knut Johansen: Metahuman (spotted peccary)

Joystick: The Landing (synphaera)

Mac of BIOnight: Magnitude 01 (self-released)

Moody Alien: Moving in the Universe (thirsty leaves)

Alanis Morissette: the storm before the calm (thirty tigers)

Paul Nagle: The Species Gap (groove unlimited)

Niia: Mouthful of Salt (offair)

Nimanty: Omniverse (venonza)

Seamus O'Muineachain: Isthmus (self-released)

Palancar: Music for Stargazing Vol 1 (emergent world)

Jeff Pearce: In Late Summer (self-released)

Colin Rayment: Equilibrium (syngate)

Robert Rich/Luca Formentini: For Sundays When It Rains (soundscape)

Forrest Smithson: Oceans Electric (self-released)

Sonogram: Compendium (simulacra records)

Subtle Shift: Somber Frequencies (harmonic resonance)

Phillip Wilkerson: Cosmic Dust (self-released)

Various Artists: Strega Musica (make noise)

Various Artists: Gemstones III (cyclical dreams)

October 2022

John Luther Adams: Sila: The Breath of the World (Cantaloupe Music)

American Astro Monkey Project: Paranoid Android Sessions (self released)

Anatakara/Jack Hertz: The Gift of Fire (Aural Films)

Ivan Black: A Tear Soiled Your Face (self released)

Ian Boddy: Coil (DiN)

Ian Boddy: Halloween Dream (DiN/DDL)

Bridge to Ilma/Volker Lankow: Ambient Chapel 2 (self released)

Rhys Campbell: Wabi-Sabi (self released)

Nick Cave/Warren Ellis: Blonde (Lakeshore Records)

Ludvig Cimbrelius: Love Letters from the Sky (Sound in Silence)

David Cordero/Miguel Otero: A Possible Distance (Dronarivm)

Deepspace: The Blue Dunes (Projekt)

Desensitized: Chaos in Premonition (Spotted Peccary)

Divine Matrix: Sequencer Drift (AD Music)

Djam Karet: Island in the Red Night Sky (HC Productions)

Earth Room: Earth Room (self released)

Paul Ellis/Pabellon Sintetica - Clouds and Terrain (Cyclical Dreams)


Forrest Fang: The Lost Seasons of Amorphia (Projekt)

Nils Frahm: Music for Animals (Leiter)

Gleisberg/Grassow: The Seer (gterma)

Janne Hanhisuanto: Moon on the Man (self released)

Havdis: Bhogavati (gterma)

Heavy Color: Soft Light (Curious Music)

Vic Hennegan: Medicine Man Cometh (self released)

Hinterland: The Glass Shore (Exosphere)

Huron: The Gatherings 23 April 2022 (CIMA of PA)

jarguna: My Temple 2 (Projekt)

Jean Michel Jarre: Oxymore (Columbia) Kevin Keller: Traces (self released)

LPF12: Contours of Stillness (self released)

Daniel Lanois: Player, Piano (Modern Recordings)

Liquid Mind: Simplicity (Real Music)

Dave Luxton: Comets Dust (Wayfarer Records)

Marcin Macuk/Zuzanna Wronska: The Silent Twins (Back Lot Music)

Moss Covered Technology: Brick and Air (Audiobulb)

Steve Orchard: Macabre (AD Music)

Photay w/Carlos Nino: An Offering (International Anthem)

La Ponto Ensemblo: Drone Days (self released)

Hania Rani/Dobrawa Czocher: Inner Symphony (Deutsche Grammophon)

Steve Reich: Runner/Music for Ensemble and Orchestra (Nonesuch)

Chris Russell: Voyager (Exosphere)

John Scott Shepherd: Legends of Mars (Cyclical Dreams)

SONICraider: ELAPSUS (Cyclical Dreams)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: Raum Zeit Kontinuum (self released)

Emily A Sprague: Hill Flower Fog (Plancha)

Mike Hans Steffl: Successful Failure (self released)

Tim Story/Hans Joachim Roedelius: Lunz [20th Anniversary] (Curious Music)

McKenzie Stubbert: Waiting Room (Curious Music)

Martin Sturtzer: Relativity (self released)

subtractiveLAD: Minor Deities (self released)

Syndromeda: Order in the Chaos of Life (Syngate)

Transponder: Starmaps vol 1 (Synphaera)

Christian Wittman: Music for Unknown Worlds III (self released)

Johnny Woods: Things Silently Explode (self released)

Wostheinrich/Reininghaus: Billions of Years Before the End of the World (Iapetus)

Mary Yalex: Sunset Stories (Sound as Language)

Yellow6: A Change in the Weather (Sound in Silence)

Various Artists: Horror Films 2022 (Aural Films)

Various Artists: Eleventh Sun: Revisited (Syngate)

Various Artists: The U.S. and the Holocaust (In a Circle Records)

Various Artists: One Hundred Million Miles Under the Stars: Revisited (Syngate)

November 2022

AEGYRE: Elegia (self-released)

American Astro Monkey Project: Wave Space (self-released)

Blood Incantation: Timewave Zero (century media)

d'Voxx: 1984 (DiN)

Paul Ellis: Five Bliss Machines on the Infinite Stage (groove unlimited)

Fratoroler: Landscapes (syngate)

Gulan: Back to the Roots (self-released)

Hiram: Immersion (home and garden)

Isostatic: The Forest Abides (exosphere)

Jarmodular: Return to the Land of a Static Twilight (cyclical dreams)

Lavaton/Shane Morris: Observation Deck (kalamine)

Mathieu Karsenti: Clair-Obscur Suite for Solo Piano (self-released)

Dave Luxton: Stellafane Skies (wayfarer records)

Johannes Motschmann: AION 2 (springstoff)

Orbital Decay: Back in Time 5 (unreleased)

Orbital Decay: One of These Days You're Going to Be Flat (unreleased)

La Ponto Ensemblo: Drone Days (self-released)

Pulse Emitter: Dusk (hansu mountain)

Michael Stearns: Chronos (projekt)

Tomas Senkyrik: Haju (slowcraft)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: Return to Baikonur (self-released)

STAER: Equilibrium (self-released)

Taranoya: Flying (sound as language)

temp.: Taking Notes (american dreams records)

theAdelaidean: In the Key of Sleep (projekt)

Phillip Wilkerson: Silver Afternoon (self-released)

December 2022

Aglia: Perennial Source (projekt)

Olafur Arnalds: Some Kind of Peace: Piano Reworks (mercury kx)

David Bowie: Moonage Daydream (iso/parlophone)

Meg Bowles: Voices from the Ethereal Forest (kumatone)

Nils Frahm: Electric Piano (leiter)

Eugueni Galperine: Theory of Becoming (ecm)

Lauge/AES Dana: Terrene (ultimae

Alene Marie: Colors of Distance (enmossed)

MiDi B*TCH: Anamnesis (cyclical dreams)

James Murray: Careful Now (home normal)

Palancar: Music for Stargazing Vol 1 (emergent world)

Parallel Worlds: Plector (DiN)

The Rosen Corporation: Beyond the Veil of Consciousness (cyclical dreams)

Christina Ruf: STROM (iapetus-media)

Remote Vision: The Architecture of Time (synphaera)

Dag Rosenqvist: Lexika (dronarivm)

Martin Sturtzer: Microgravity (exosphere)

subtractiveLAD: Fortress (self-released)

Erik Van Thyne: Tape 1 (audiobulb)

Christian Wittman: Sound Painting II (self-release)

All charts and lists used with permission of the originator