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Renèe Blanche

Night Tides with Renée Blanche Playlists 
May 2, 2021 


Celaeno ARTIST:Christel Veraart ALBUM:Pleiades 

Dazzling Blue ARTIST:Thierry David ALBUM:Slow Motion 

Latch ARTIST:Francois Couture ALBUM:Door 

As You Wish ARTIST:Delithopia ALBUM:As You Wish 

All Around Us ARTIST:Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen ALBUM:Strange Gravity 

Ever Encountered ARTIST:Saul Stokes ALBUM:Local Crowd 

Epilogue for a White Rose ARTIST:Reis Taylor Dixon ALBUM:Awake to Dream 

Quiet Rhythms No. 1 ARTIST:Francesco Di Fiore ALBUM:Susman: A Quiet Madness 

At Your Leisure ARTIST:Ryan Michael Richards ALBUM:More Than Time - EP 

Love Letters to the Wind ARTIST:John Adorney ALBUM:The Garland 

Sugar Plum Ghost ARTIST:Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel ALBUM:Heavenly Voices (Audiophile Edition Sea) 

Sea Swells ARTIST:David Lindsay ALBUM:High Wind Blue Sky 

Water ARTIST:Michael Logozar ALBUM:Currents 

By the Pond ARTIST:Victor Towle ALBUM:Acoustic Reflections 

Peace ARTIST:Samir Bodhi ALBUM:Stairway to Nirvana - EP 

Break the Spell ARTIST:Kamarius ALBUM:A Gate To Eternity 

Storms In Africa ARTIST:Enya ALBUM:Paint the Sky with Stars 

River Timeless ARTIST:CG Deuter ALBUM:Song of the Last Tree 

Compassion ARTIST:matthew labarge ALBUM:Music from the Long Quiet 

Alluvium ARTIST:Anantakara ALBUM:Alluvium - Single 

Weightlessness ARTIST:Germind ALBUM:Antimatter, Vol. 5 

Sweetness ARTIST:Scott Reich ALBUM:Interbeing: Elements of Connection 

Cardiff Clearing ARTIST:David Helpling 

Ancient Lives ARTIST:Eric "the" Taylor ALBUM:The Guidance of Ancestry 

Spirals of Time ARTIST:Dronny Darko & protou ALBUM:Metta 

Acceptance Changes Everything ARTIST:Phillip Wilkerson ALBUM:Metaphors for Everything 

Watching Embers Glow ARTIST:Sensitive Chaos ALBUM:Closer to Home 

Inner Waves ARTIST:Billy Denk ALBUM:Soul Immersion 

1,000 Theos ARTIST:Peter Grenader & Miles Richmond ALBUM:Pov2: The Case for Square Waves While Searching for Happy Accidents 

The Theoretical Divide ARTIST:Mount Shrine & Alphaxone ALBUM:Dream Chambers 

Evening Market of the Petal Fields ARTIST:Sam Rosenthal & Jarguna ALBUM:Sunwashed Evening Fire 

Tin (Playthrough III) ARTIST:Bentine Phoam ALBUM:Tin 

In the Morning Light ARTIST:Yanni ALBUM:In My Time

Galactic Travels Playlist #1252 April 29, 2021

On this show, I concluded the month-long focus on Modulator ESP. The Featured CD at Midnight was "The Shadow of Poseidon." You also heard new music by 
Johannes Schmoelling on Viktoriapark Records, by Bernhard Wöstheinrich on Iapetus Music, and by Neuro... No Neuro on Audiobulb.
11:00 pm
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ===============================
Kevin Braheny        Starflight 1 *       Galaxies (Hearts of Space)
Ashtoreth and Stratosphere       Between Worlds       Between Worlds (Winter-Light)
Neuro... No Neuro    All the Missing Words      Object Models (Audiobulb)
Mythos               Dynamic Solutions    Berliner Schule Sequencing  (Cargo)
Bernhard  Wöstheinrich            Part 2 *             THF Experience Show 20210130  Part 2 (Iapetus Music)
Johannes Schmoelling Ancient Ride         20 (Viktoriapark)
Modulator ESP        The Shadow of Poseidon *        The Shadow of Poseidon (none)
12:00 am
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ===============================
Modulator ESP        The Shadow of Poseidon **        The Shadow of Poseidon (none)
1:00 am
 * = excerpt
** = Continued
 + = Bonus or extra track
++ = Advance CDR from Artist
-- = Background music under interview
VA = Various Artists (compilation)
xx = aborted by CD player 
On the next Galactic Travels™, I'll begin a month-long focus on Argyre Planitia. The Featured CD at Midnight will be 
"Soundscapes" on Petroglyph Music. You will also hear new music by Rudy Adrian on Spotted Peccary Music, by 
Robert Schroeder on Spheric Music, by F.D. Project on Groove Unlimited, and by Ian Boddy and Markus Reuter on DiN Records.

Host of Galactic Travels™, an electronic, ambient, and space music show,Thursdays at 11:04 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM in  Allentown and Bethlehem,
93.9 FM in Easton and Phillipsburg, and on 93.7 FM in Trexlertown and Fogelsville. 

Bill's Galactic Travels


Galactic Travels Top 20 April 2021

Bernhard Wöstheinrich - THF Experience Show 20210130 Part 2 - Iapetus Music
Cosmic Ground - 0110 - Studio Fleisch
Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen - Strange Gravity - Spotted Peccary
DASK - Electron Hell - SynGate
Erik Wøllo - Recurrence - Projekt
Forrest Smithson - Dieux - none
Guy-Lian - Solar System Part 1 - Groove Unlimited
Johannes Schmoelling 20 - Viktoriapark
La Ponto Ensemblo - Eniwetok Suite - SynGate
Matthias Grübel - Futuro - TruthTable
Modulator ESP - Invisible Forces - none
Modulator ESP - The Drone Out of Space - none
Modulator ESP - The Shadow of Poseidon - none
Modulator ESP - The Stillness - none
Modulator ESP and Vince Cory - Beyond the Silver Aether - none
Neuro... No Neuro - Object Models - Audiobulb) Words
Oriom - Healing Source - Klangwirkstoff
Ron Boots - When It Gets Dark - Groove Unlimited
Softbase - Flow - none
Various Artists - Mars Perseverance - Aural Films


Stars End Playlist May 2, 2021

STAR'S END  1-6AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 2 May 2021 88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7fm WXPH 
Harrisburg PA|90.5fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD| 88.7 fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA
|91.9 fm Hackettstown|104.9 fm LehighValley PA Host: Chuck van Zyl


Chuck van Zyl		The Zanti Misfits		Integers and Quotients (DiN)
Helene Vogelsinger	Apparition			Reminiscence (modularfield)
Brendan Pollard		Configure			Isolated Passages Three (acoustic wave records)
K Markov		Cloudy Sunset 1			Cloudy Sunset (self-released)
Steve Roach		Sleep and Dreaming		Quiet Music (projekt)

Tony Obr		Live at SoundQuest Fest 2021	Escape Velocity (self-released)
Michael Stearns		Movements 1 2 3			Planetary Unfolding (continuum montage)

Ian Boddy/Markus Reuter	Citadels.Parallels.Outland	Outland (DiN)
Innesti			Indelible			Filament and Place (dronarivm)
Forrest Fang		An Amulet and Travelogue	The Wolf at the Ruins (ominous thud)

Arjen Schat		Eversion			Manifolds (synphaera)
Klaus Schulze		Wahnfried 1883			Timewind (brain)

Steve Roach		Tears for Time			As It Is (projekt)
David Sylvian/Holger Czukay - Flux			Flux + Mutability (venture records)
Aeoliah			Mahavira			The Light of Tao (sona gaia)
George Wallace		Sacred Earth.Spirited Aire	Sacred Earth (airborne)



Star's End Top 30 Releases April 2021 - Alphabetical



Star's End 2020 in Review Part One

STAR'S END  1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 27 December 2020 88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9fm Hackettstown|104.9fm Lehigh Valley PA

Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2020 - Year in Review Part One *


Robert Rich		Erinacea			Neurogenesis (soundscape)
Cosmic Ground		Sorrows of Venus		Cosmic Ground 0110 (studio fleisch)
Johnny Woods/Josh Ascalon - What Child is This?		Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come (superspectrum records)
Cosmic Star Babies	Plasma Etchings			Greetings From the Unknown (self-released)
Dreamstate Logic	Infinite Awareness		A Place Outside of Time (self released)
Hotel Neon		The Hope of Becoming		All is Memory (fluid audio)
Matt Borghi		Slow Wave Swells		Music for Meditation and Sleep: Short Forms Vol 1 (slobor media)

Steve Roach		The Sky Opens			The Sky Opens (projekt)
Vic Hennegan		On the Tail of a Comet		Between the Spaces (self-released)
Chuck van Zyl		Conduction: Part 4		Live on Star's End 10.06.19 (industry8)
Alluste			Obsequium 			Aludra (self-released)
grum~pe			Crossing Etherwaves		The Danger in Dreams (self-released)
Hollan Holmes		The Phone Call			Milestones (spotted peccary)
Richard Bone		Canopy of Sorrows		Empyrean Castles (quirkworks)

Jeff Pearce		Cathedral Light			Songs for The Gathering (self-released)
Amongst Myselves	I'd Hoped There'd Be Stars	The Good Earth (self-released)
Christopher Bissonnette	Choreographer of Space		The Wine Dark Sea (dronarivm)
K Leimer		August				A Figure of Loss (palace of lights)
Neuro... No Neuro	Scrape to Touch			A Particular Timeline (audio bulb)
Bob Guido		Mooregate			Bob Guido (self-released)
Ecovillage		Topanga feat Halftribe		Arrived (dronarivm)
Juta Takahashi		Pleochroism 1			Pleochroism (neotantra)

Janne Hanhisuanto	Refreshing Memory		Slowology (self-released)
Forrest Smithson	The Five Gazes			The Five Gazes (self-released)
Halftribe/Spinnet	A Minimal Resolution		Patterns of Sync (synphaera)
Luca Longobardi		Elke				Dep (the ambient zone)
David Norland		Ash Hotel			Glam Tear Stain (denovali)
K Leimer		Where the Sea			Semblance (palace of lights)
Gary Husband/Markus Reuter - Illuminated Heart		Music of Our Times (moonjune)
Micah Pick		Shooting Star			Brighter Than I Thought (audio bulb)
John Gregorius		Rincon Fading Light		Full of Life (spotted peccary)
Errant Space		Barun				Baato (self-released)

Dave Bessell		A Man is a Small Thing and...	Reality Engine (DiN)
Lingua Lustra		Photon Warp			Astra (exosphere)
Jarguna			The Crystal Staircase		The Morning Star (projekt)
Roger Eno/Brian Eno	Obsidian			Mixing Colours (deutsche grammophon)
Alio Die/Parallel Worlds - Beams of Sunlight		The Utopian Blossom (hic sunt leones)
Steve Tibbetts		Burning Temple			Compilation: Acoustibbetts/Elektrobitts/Exotibbetts (frammis)
Kirsten Agresta Copley	Winter's Bone			Around the Sun (self-released)
Phillip Wilkerson	The Way of Heaven		Absolute Fields (stereoscenic records)
Chris Russell		Soul Nexus			Destiny (spotted peccary)



Star's End 2020 in Review Part Two

STAR'S END  1-6 AM Sat Night/Sun Morning  Playlist for 3 January 2021 88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia|99.7fm WXPH Harrisburg PA|90.5fm 
WKHS Worton/Baltimore MD|88.7fm Middletown/York/Lancaster PA|91.9fm Hackettstown|104.9fm Lehigh Valley PA Host: Chuck van Zyl
* 2020 - Year in Review Part One *


Echo Season		Between				Solarmetric (exosphere)
Alluste			Purpoise Dreams			Beyond the Infinity (self-released)
Orbifold C	     Atmospheric Influences I: Sunrise  Apeiron (self-released)
K Markov		Comet Tail			Ancient Light (self-released)
The Soviet Space Dog Project - Experiment 1		Experiments in Sound (self-released)
Valot Hill/Dynastor	Miraginarium			Midnight Fairytales (dronarivm)
Hotel Neon		oct 11				Moments (sound in silence)
Tim Motzer		Sanctuary of the Sky		Tear Aside the Veils (1k recordings)
Shinjuku Thief		Darkness Falls			Winter Orbit (projekt)

Daniel & Booth		Incident at Serenity (excerpt)	Inverse (eco)
Skoulaman		Shades of Oceanblue		Deepminds (self-released)
Nimanty			Galaxies Reborn			Galaxies Reborn (venonza)
Ancient Astronaut	Awakening of Memories		Spheres of Love (self-released)
Isostatic		Crystals of Ice			Cloud Forms (exosphere)
Volker Lankow		Valprot				Granulierte Gegend (self-released)
Halftribe		Subliminal			Archipelago (sound in silence)
Drifting in Silence	1111				Away (labile records)

Helene Vogelsinger	Illumination			Contemplation (modularfield)
Divine Matrix		Atomic Spectra			Helios (ad music)
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij	Nightshift			Forgotten Tracks (self-released)
Ian Boddy		Set 02 (excerpt)		The Gatherings 6 May 2000 (cima of pa)
d'Voxx			Mesaieed			Portals (behind the sky music)
AeTopus			Viridian Deep			Deep Variants (self-released)
subtractiveLAD		A Home for the Restless		Mercy (self-released)
Syndromeda		Hlijan Vetur			K A L T (syngate)

Yair Etziony		Commonplace			We Were Here Before, We Will Be Here After (seasides on postcards)
Sylvain Carel		Empire and Dynasty		Sunrise on Panipat (syngate)
Extraworld		22 Degree Halo			Aphelion (self-released)
Stan Dart		Klang des Abends		Murinsel III (syngate)
Apollo North		Binary Down Lines		Binary Down Lines (self-released)
Noveller		Zeaxanthin			Arrow (ba da bing records)
Scanner			Stranice			An Ascent (DiN)
Sam Rosenthal/jarguna	Evening Market on the... (pt 1)	Sunwashed Evening Fire (projekt)
Phillip Wilkerson	Blue Mountain White Clouds	Metaphors for Everything (self-released)

Martin Nonstatic	Apana Part 2			Apana (ultimae)
SineRider		Lapis (Snufmumriko remix)	Moonflowers (dronarivm)
Umlaut			The Blue Field			Insight (audio bulb)
Ben Cox			Delta Waves			Consciousness, and Other Tricks of the Light (spotted peccary)
Windy & Carl		Will I See the Dawn		Allegiance and Conviction (kranky)
Simon Lomax		Outrunning the Rain		eM (self-released)
Daniel Avery + Alessandro Cortini - Illusion Of Time	Illusion of Time (phantasy sound/mute)
Jarguna/Henrik Meierkord - Alva	 			Tapestry Flow (projekt)
Robert Rich		Awake When Shadows Fall		Offering to the Morning Fog (soundscape)


Star's End Significant Releases of 2019 (alphabetical order)

Rudy Adrian: Woodlands (Spotted Peccary)

AES Dana: Inks (Ultimae)

Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana: The Threshold of Beauty (Projekt)

Alluste: In the Deep Blue (self released)

Ambrosini & Supersonus: Resonances (ECM Records)

The Amnis Initiative: Identity (self released)

Anzio Green: Lygan (TXT Recordings)

Areni Agbabian: Bloom (ECM Records)

Ambientium: City of Memories (self released)

Amp: Entangled Time (Sound in Silence Records)

Awenson: Hope (Groove Unlimited)

Awenson: Within (Groove Unlimited)

Axon Defecto: The Beginning of the New End (self released)

B Ashra: The Sound of LSD: 75 Years of LSD (Klangwirkstoff)

Caterina Barbieri: Ecstatic Computation (Editions Mego)

Adrian Beasley: Machine Code (self released)

Chaka Benson: Live at Star's End (self released)

Beyond Berlin: Totem (Groove Unlimited)

Sofie Birch: Planetes (Seil Records)

Biosphere: The Hilvarenbeek Recordings (Biophon Records)

Biosphere: The Senja Recordings (Biohon Records)

Bluetech: Cosmic Dubs (self released)

Bluetech: Liquid Geometries in Dub (Liquid Sound Design)

Bluetech: Sci Fi Lullabies (self released)

Ian Boddy: Altair (DiN)

Ian Boddy: Altair Redux (DiN)

Ian Boddy/Nigel Mullaney: Schemes & Ruses (DiN/DDL)

Wil Bolton: Kochi (Audiobulb)

Wil Bolton: Surface Reflections (Sound in Silence)

Ron Boots: Once the Dust Settles (Groove Unlimited)

Kevin Braheny Fortune: Liminal Space (self released)

Steve Brand: Counterintelligence (Pioneer Light)

Steve Brand: Graduated (Databloem)

Thom Brennan: Another Time Another Space (TMB Soundworks)

Thom Brennan: Imaginary Conquests (TMB Soundworks)

Thom Brennan: Soundgardens (TMB Soundworks)

Joep Breving: Henosis (Deutsche Grammophon)

Nicholas Britell: If Beale Street Could Talk (Lakeshore Records)

C Jay: Adem (Groove Unlimited)

Peter Challoner: Livescapes 6 (Ambient Sounds Project)

Mick Chillage: Perfect Projection/The River (Moatun 7)

Concept Devices: Concept Devices (Groove Unlimited)

Max Corbacho: Echo of Longing (Silentsun)

Alessandro Cortini: Volume Massimo (Mute)

Cosmic Ground: Cosmic Ground 5 (Studio Fleisch)

Michael Crane/Jason Carey: Tiamatu Twilight of the Arctic (Cranium Music)

d'Voxx: Telegraphe (DiN)

Sarah Davachi: Pale Bloom (W 25th)

Kelly David: Meditation in Green (Spotted Peccary)

Datadrift: Live at The Gatherings (self released)

Rene de Bakker: Our Gift (Groove Unlimited)

Defective AI: A Book of Coherent Warnings (Jealous Butcher Records)

Deuter: Mirage (New Earth Records)

Dispellers: Mis+ress (Sound in Silence)

Djam Karet: A Sky Full of Stars For a Roof (HC Productions)

Kit Downes: The Dreamlife of Debris (ECM Records)

Dronal: Interval Motion (Supple 9)

Jon Durant: Alternate Landscapes (Alchemy Records)

Tom Eaton: How It Happened (Spotted Peccary)

Ebauche: Formic Syntax (Supple 9)

Ecovillage: Sacred World (Constellation Tatsu)

Ludovico Einaudi: Seven Days Walking: Day One (Decca)

Paul Ellis: Interstellar Nataraja (Groove Unlimited)

Paul Ellis/Daryl Groetsch: The Interior Rhythms (self released)

Eluvium: Pianoworks (Temporary Residence)

Brian Eno: Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks (extended edition) (UMC)

The Equinox Project: Waiting for Spring (self released)

Fluxus: Silent Seas (self released)

Fluxus: Shored Against My Ruins (self released)

Fennesz: Agora (Touch)

Forrest Fang: Ancient Machines (Projekt)

Forrest Fang: The Fata Morgana Dream (Projekt)

Fourth Dimension: Ubique (Exosphere)

Nils Frahm: All Encores (Erased Tapes)

Frame: The Journey (Glacial Movements)

Free System Projekt: British Aisles vol 2 (Groove Unlimited)

Futuregrapher & Eric Taylor: Effects of Clouds (Neotantra)

Pepo Galan/Max Wuerden: All of a Sudden (Unknown Tone Records)

Jan Garbarek/The Hilliard Ensemble: Remember Me My Dear (ECM Records)

Matthias Grassow/Michael Bruckner: Polar Vortex (Databloem)

GROBEK: GROBEK I (self released)

Hildur Guonadottir: Chernobyl (Deutsche Grammophon)

Hildur Guonadottir: Joker (Watertower Music)

Halftribe: Backwater Revisited (Dronarivm)

Hammock: Silencia (Hammock Music)

Hammock: Undercurrents (Hammock Music)

Hammock: Universalis (Hammock Music)

David Helpling: Rune (Spotted Peccary)

Janne Hanhisuanto: Serenitas (self-released)

Porya Hatami: Sallaw (Dronarivm)

Ian Hawgood: Impermanence (Slowcraft)

Bart Hawkins: 21 Pulse Eclipse (Spotted Peccary)

Tim Hecker: Anoyo (Kranky)

Jack Hertz: Back to the Moon 1 (Aural Films)

Hotel Neon: Relic (self released)

Hotel Neon: Vanishing Forms (Archives)

Hotel Neon: Virtual Forms (Archives)

Hugar: Varda (Masterworks)

Huron: Happy Transmission (Rad Cult)

An Imaginal Space: Limitation (self released)

Isostatic: Woodland Structure (Exosphere)

Jarguna: Prospettive Animche (Projekt)

Jarguna and Friends: Trapped vol 3 (Projekt)

Jogging House: Lure (Seil Records)

Sverre Knut Johanson: Precambrian (Spotted Peccary)

Jeff Johnson/Phil Keaggy: Cappadocia (Ark Music)

Eleni Karaindrou: Tous des Oiseaux (ECM Records)

Kevin Keller: Ice Worlds (self-released)

Kevin Kendle: Illumination (Eventide Music)

Kevin Kendle: Terra (Eventide Music)

Kryshe: Hauch (Serein)

Lambert: Dimensions of Dreams (Spheric Music)

Laraaji: Bring on the Sun (All Saints Records)

Sven Laux: ODD (Whitelabrecs)

Sven Laux/Daniela Orvin: The Writings (Dronarivm)

Michael Lawrence: Into the Darkness (self released)

K Leimer: Useless Epitomes (Palace of Lights)

Less Bells: Solifuge (Kranky)

Mica Levy: Monos (Lakeshore)

Liai: Lily (Constellation Tatsu)

Lingua Lustra: Sonic Being (Exosphere)

Simon Lomax: How the Shadow Falls (self released)

loscil: Equivalents (Kranky)

Dave Luxton: After the Epoch (Wayfarer Records)

Dave Luxton: Collected Ambient Works II (Wayfarer Records)

Mac: Removed (self-released)

Marconi Union: Dead Air (Just Music)

Eve Maret: No More Running (self released)

K Markov: High Voltage (self released)

K Markov: Secret (self released)

K Markov: Interactivity (Exosphere)

K Markov: Interstellar Travel (self released)

Motionfield: A Clear Horizon (TXT Recordings)

James Murray: Embrace Storms (Slowcraft)

James Murray/Francis M Gri: Remote Redux (Ultimae)

Massergy: Fire Opal (Spotted Peccary)

Cliff Martinez: Too Old to Die Young (Milan Records)

Byron Metcalf/Mark Seelig: Persistent (Projekt)

Stephan Micus: White Night (ECM Records)

Moksha Black: 009 (The Buddy System Project)

Tom Moore/Sherry Finzer: A Journey for Mankind (Heartdance Records)

Tom Moore/Sherry Finzer: Sound Currents (Heart Dance Records)

Mrman & Friends: Insights (Manikin)

Loren Nerell/Mark Seelig: Cave Dwellers (Seven Tones)

Netherworld: Algida Bellezza (Glacial Movements)

Noya Godwin Jurjendal: Samliku (New Dog)

O Yuki Conjugate: Sleepwalker (Auf Abwegen)

offthesky: Fallow (Dronarivm)

Olan Mill: Sacred Geometry (Dronarivm)

Seamus O'Muineachain: City of Lakes (self released)

Ombient: The Temple of Saturn (self released)

onewayness: Bansang (Onomastic Records)

Jim Ottaway: Beyond the Purple Sun (self released)

Craig Padilla/Marvin Allen: Toward the Horizon (Spotted Peccary)

Palancar: Yurushiiro (Emergent World)

Palancar: Scarab (Emergent World)

Parallel Worlds: Sorrow (Moatun 7)

David Parsons: Chakra (gterma)

Patrick Kosmos: Mindscapes (Groove Unlimited)

Jeff Pearce: Skies and Stars (self released)

Stephen Peppos: Deep Listen (Audio Bear)

Martin Peters: Peace One (self-released)

Michael Peters/Fabio Anile: Presence (Audiobulb)

Phrozenlight: Astronauts vol 3 (Aural Films)

Pillion: Enigmas (Groove Unlimited)

Pollard/Daniel/Booth: Volume 7 (ECO)

Pollard/Daniel/Booth: Pollard/Daniel/Booth (ECO)

Pollard/Daniel/Booth: IX (ECO)

Dan Pound: The Healing (self released)

Project X: Renaissance (self-released)

TJ Porter: Abandoned in Place (self released)

TJ Porter: Darkness (self released)

Pulse Emitter: Calming Winds (Muzan Editions)

Prowess: Western Edges (Sound in Silence)

Purl/protoU: Sub Life (Dronarivm)

Michelle Qureshi: Harmonic Dreams (self released)

r beny: Echo's Verse (Dauw)

Rabbia: Lost River (ECM Records)

Radiant Mind/Steve Roach: HelioSphere (Timeroom)

Radio Massacre International: M21 (Northern Echo)

Radio Massacre International: The Rhodes Less Travelled (Northern Echo)

['ramp]: van dik hout zaagt men planken (doombient)

Rare Frequencies: Escape Velocity (Electronic Opium)

Reblooming: Echo Earth (Exosphere)

Remixsample: Ambient [Long Songs] (self released)

Remote Vision: The Outer Plateau (Exosphere)

Remote Vision: The World of Similitudes (Exosphere)

Markus Reuter: Monde trilogy (Iapetus Media)

Robert Rich: Tactile Ground (Soundscape)

Miles Richmond/Peter Grenader w/Steve Roach: POV (ZSR Records)

Max Richter: Ad Astra (Deutsche Grammophon)

Max Richter: My Brilliant Friend (Deutsche Grammophon)

Max Richter: Never Look Away (Deutsche Grammophon)

Steve Roach: Atmosphere for Dreaming (Timeroom Editions)

Steve Roach: Bloom Ascension (Projekt)

Steve Roach: Trance Archeology (Projekt)

Roedelius/Story: Lunz 3 (Curious Music)

Sam Rosenthal w/Nick Shadow & Steve Roach: The Gesture of History (Projekt)

Saloli: The Deep End (Kranky)

Mari Samuelson: Mari (Deutsche Grammophon)

Luke Sanger: Ancient Pathways (Serein)

Arjen Schat: Audionautic Research Program (self released)

Arjen Schat: June (self released)

Arjen Schat: SiO2 (self released)

Rob Simonsen: Reverie (Masterworks)

Skoulaman: Fluxes in Philadelphia (Groove Unlimited)

Skoulaman: Voyager (self released)

Slow Meadow: Happy Occident (Hammock Music)

Forrest Smithson: A Right Use of Will (self released)

Forrest Smithson: The Healer's Way (self-released)

Snufmumriko: Sekunder, eoner (Dronarivm)

Son of Ohm: Zeitgeist (self released)

Sonogram: Interiors (Simulacra Records)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: Broadcasts of Interest (self released)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: Cathedral Reconstructions Live (self released)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: The Dark (self released)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: History of Radio (self released)

The Soviet Space Dog Project: Nepeta (self released)

Nathan Spier: Searching for Nepsis (Peptic Music)

Spinnet: Syzygies (Exosphere)

Spyra: InSpyration (Groove Unlimited)

STAER: The Garden of Forking Paths (self released)

STAER: Telemetry (self released)

Stuart A Staples: High Life (Milan Records)

Stephanie Sante: Clear Light (self-released)

Tim Story: Smudges One: Virga (Curious Music)

SQURL: The Dead Don't Die (Back Lot Music)

Starkey: Earth (The Ambient Zone)

subtractiveLAD: Calm (self released)

subtractiveLad: The Man and the Echo (self released)

subtractiveLAD: Parabola (self released)

Suss: Ghost Box (Expanded) (Northern Spy Records)

Swartz: A Living Thing (Utter East)

Sync24: Ominous (Leftfield)

Tangerine Dream: In Search of Hades: The Virgin Years 1973-1979 (Virgin/UMC)

Tapes and Topographies: Ubiquitous Clouds (Simulacra Records)

Telomere: Supergiant (-Evenfall)

Robert Scott Thompson: Green Flash and the Dryline Chsser (Aucourant Records)

Tonal Assembly: Lost and Found in Imaginary Landscapes (Groove Unlimited)

Penelope Trappes: Penelope Two (Houndstooth)

Joseph Trapanese: Arctic (Sony Classical)

Twilight Archive: Drift Factor (self released)

Umber: The Earth to Another (Sound in Silence)

Chuck van Zyl: Live on Star's End 08.26.18 (WXPN)

Chuck van Zyl: Recitals 3 (Synkronos Music)

Chuck van Zyl: Spacetones (Groove Unlimited)

Vangelis: Nocturne (Decca)

George Wallace: The Exquisite Now (Airborne Music)

Tim Walters: Fission Cuisine (Aural Films)

Tim Walters: Neither Here Nor There (VF Industrial)

Kit Watkins: Land (self released)

Stephan Whitlan: Sw;arf (Groove Unlimited)

A Winged Victory for the Sullen: The Undivided Five (Ninja Tune)

Daniel Wohl: Etat (Nonesuch Records)

Ad Astra: Confluent Phase (TXT Recordings)

Erik Wollo: Infinite Moments (Projekt)

Erik Wollo: Sources (Smalltown Supersound)

Bernhard Wosteinrich: Live in Ithaca 2018 (Iapetus Media)

Wostheinrich/Foreman: Live at Farmingham (Iapetus Media)

Bernhard Wostheinrich w/Ombient: Live in Philadelphia 2019 (Iapetus)

Bernhard Wostheinrich w/Ombient: Live at The Gatherings 2019 (Iapetus)

Various Artists: AEther Waves vol 1 (AEther Waves)

Various Artists: Cosines and Tangents (DiN)

Various Artists: Curious Collaborators (Curious Music)

Various Artists: Free Grooves (Groove Unlimited)

Various Artists: Nagual 5 (TXT Recordings)

Various Artists: Pop Ambient 2019 (Kompakt)

Various Artists: The Unity (Aatma Records)


All charts and lists used with permission of the originator