New/Upcoming Releases List 2009





January 2009 Releases

Luminosity by Jeffrey Koepper
Earthlight by David Parsons
Stand Still Like the Hummingbird by Vir Unis (Atmoworks)
Starting to See E.P. by Exuviae (Atmoworks)
Endless Blue Sky by Kevin Kern (Real Music)
Atmosphers by Deuter (New Earth Records)
Earthlight by David Parsons (Celestial Harmonies)
Seven Lives Many Faces by Enigma (Virgin Records)
Stream of Thought by Steve Roach and Erik Wollo (Projekt Records)
Best of Hearts of Space, No. 1: First Flight by Various Artists (Hearts of Space)
Prayer for Compassion by David Darling (Wind Over the Earth)
Sacred Spa Series 2: Finding Balance by Various Artists ( Real Music)
Movements by Solar Fields (Ultimae Records)
If Dreams Were Clouds by Mark Mahoney


Februrary 2009 Releases

Beyond the Portal by Craig Padilla, Zero Ohms and Skip Murphy
So Far by SAVO/Disturbed Earth (Atmoworks)
Flight of Fancy by SAVO/Disturbed Earth (Atmoworks)
Dream Awake by Holon (Atmoworks)
Busy With Dreams by Steven Brand/Disturbed Earth (Atmoworks)
Withered Leaves by Pixyblink (Atmoworks)
A Word in the Wind by 2002 (Gemini Sun Records)
Change of Space by Patrick Moraz (Import)
Spirit Dome/Live Archive by Steve Roach and vidna Obmana (Projekt Records)
Two Worlds One by Lisa Lynne (New Earth Records)
Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Fire by David and Steve Gordon (Sequoia Records)
Various Artists - Best of Hearts of Space, No. 2: Ancient Evenings (Hearts of Space)
Best of Hearts of Space, No 3: Innocence by Various Artists (Hearts of Space)
Jhoom by Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors (Raven Recording Inc)
Various Artists - Visionary Milieux (Isigtuteot Records)
Vertigo by David Schombert
FabricLive.44 by Commix
Selected Downbeats Vol. 2 by Vibrasphere
When a Banana was Just a Banana by Josh Wink
Insides by Jon Hopkins
The Blue Flower by Emerald Adrift


March 2009 Releases

Subseason 1 by Subseason (Atmoworks)
Neutrino 2.1 by miKroNaught (Atmoworks)
Cahokia by Steve Brand (Atmoworks)
Aralu by Chris Russell (Atmoworks)
Lullaby: Liquid Mind IX by Liquid Mind (Real Music)
Parallel Worlds - Shade (DiN32)
Early Works - Phillip Wilerson 
Ephemeris by H.U.V.A. Network
Unreleased Vol. 1 by Helios
Take My Breath Away by Gui Boratto
Ad Infinitum by Infinite Scale
Natural Born Chillers 2 by Various Artists
This Road is Glowing by Saul Stokes
The Gods of Olympus by Clifford White
The Legend of Ganesha by Guy Sweens
True Reiki II by Namaste
In-Flight Metro by Mars Lasar
Metacollage by Saul Stokes
Sanctuary by Donna De Lory
Cloudland by Whitetree


April 2009 Releases

The Edge of a Fairytale by Between Interval
Ghosts of Carthage by Disturbed Earth (Atmoworks)
The Shimmering Hour by Wisp
Steeltongued by Hecq
Great Lengths by Martyn
The Divine Invasion by Bluetech
Kyzyl to Samakand by Sara Ayers and Ryuta.K
In the Clouds by Michele Ippolito
Solo Piano for Peace by Louis Landon
Other Worlds by Mark Dwane


May 2009 Releases

Connect the Dots by Yotopia  Listen
Dynamic Stillness by Steve Roach  Listen
My Oracle Lives Uptown by William Orbit
Myam James 2 by Kettel
Medicine Woman IV-Prophecy 2012 by Medwyn Goodall
Antiguus by David Wahler
The Mystic of the Piano by Rui Serodio
Flying Chords by Patroux
Eternal Now by Don Peyote


June 2009 Releases

Wait for Me by Moby
Within You, Without You by Gary Stroutsos  Listen
Seven Falls by Marshall Styler
Liberation's Door by Snatam Kaur w/Guru Ganesha Singh
Awakening by Marc Enfroy
Pretty World by Anne Walsh
Eclipse by Lura
Wanderlust by Terr Ambient (aka Jeff Kowal)
Black Ivy by Lorenzo Montana
Some Funky Fish by Deep-Dive Corp.
FabricLive 46 by LTJ Bukem
Leylines by Aes Dana
Tranquility by Cleveland Wehle
OM II by Medwyn Goodall
The Angel I See by Ken Myers Project
Reflections by Patroux
Air Machine by Frank Van Bogaert
Thru the Ages by Sounds From the Ground

July 2009 Releases

Brazilian Cafe by Various Artists
Tango by Vayo
Gaucho by Vayo
True by Zel
Celtic Blessing by Terry Oldfield
Vagarosa by Ceu
Wonders by Paul Lawler and Paul Speer w/Satine Orient
Indra's Web by Rena Jones  Listen
The Magic Couple by Amadou & Mariam
RE: act by Bob Holroyd
Twilight & Blues by Lisa Hilton
Living Planet by Dan Pound  Listen Africa by Jean-Pierre Simons
My Treasure Chest by YuYa Huang
Branes by M-Theory   Listen
Phantoms by Forrest Fang
Journey Through an Electric Garden by Lemonchill
Because We Were Once Covered in Gold by Steve Brand
Temple of the Moon by Fellirium
Khimaira by Acheloo
Digital Nights by Ramsaygee
Exotique by Ramsaygee

August 2009 Releases

Speak by Michael Olatuja  Listen
Love by Paul Avgerinos w/Kevin Braheny
This Is What I Live For by Richard Anthony Jay
World Rising by Ben Dowling
Eternity by Deuter  Listen
Celebration of Light by Deuter
Sacred Touch: Music for Massage by Terry Oldfield
Adagio in the Forest by Silver, Wood & Ivory
Live in Singapore by Kitaro  Listen
Live in Shanghai by Kitaro  Listen
Secret by Phillip Wilkerson
From Pale Hands to Weary Skies by Darshan Ambient
In Tokyo (live) by Patrick Moraz
Native Spirit by David Arkenstone
Zen Garden by Patrick Kelly
Love by Paul Avgerinos
Healing Suite by Dean Evenson & Tom Barabas

September 2009 Releases

Hands in Space by Bryan Beadle
Dervish by Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy
RE:lax by Bob Holroyd
Tree of Life by Brian Henke
Destination Beyond by Steve Roach
Afterlight by Steve Roach
Immersion Four by Steve Roach
Memories Dreams Reflections by Banco de Gaia (aka Toby Marks)
After the Heat by Brian Eno
Two Hand by Gunnar Madsen
Hidden World Beyond by John Serrie & Gary Stroutsos
Saturn Returns by Alex Theory
Theta Transport (import) by Tommy Brunjes
Mistico (Dig) by Johannes Linstead
Healing by Magraw & Kurnow
Buddha Spirit Vol. 3 by Anael and Bradfield
Strings Across the North Shore by Various Artists
Between Worlds by Deborah Martin and Erik Wollo
Way of the Mystic by Tulku
Zen by Terry Oldfield
Terraform (reissue) by Steve Roach & Loren Nerell
Imaginary Friends by Various Artists

October 2009 Releases

OceanoGraphy by
Coming Home by Electrix
Frio Suite by Phil Keaggy & Jeff Johnson
Baked by Halogen


November 2009 Releases



December 2009 Releases



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