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Reviews 4-24-2004

Featuring Spatial Glacial Nebulous by Zero Ohms, OXANA by Igneous Flame, The Sacred Ordinary by Paul Ellis, Expanding Horizon by Alio Die/Matthias Grassow, Atmospheres by Michael Dulin, Journey to the Edge: 76 Light Years and Discovery: The Edge of the Universe by William Edge, Sub.Terra by Various Artists



Reviews 4-17-2004

Featuring Life Sequence by Steve Roach, Deep Sea Explorer by Cyscape, Solar Promenades by Enterphase, Harmony Grove by Greg Maroney, Chakra Dance by Jonathan Goldman, Miles Beyond by Suzanne Teng & Mystic Journey, Context by Thought Guild, Ping by Sylken, Island by Hae, Tribal Groove by Various Artists, Fever Dreams by Steve Roach, Harp Dreams by Peter Sterling, Dreamscapes by Darkened Soul, Orchid II by Shao Rong, One Step into the Unknown, Luna Waves and Cosmic Flight by Mason Stevens, This Time and Space by Kit Watkins, Codex Hypnos by Source Code X, Sanctuary of Dreams by Numina



Reviews 4-10-2004

Featuring Opalescent by Jon Hopkins, OXANA by Igneous Flame, Vivid Circles by Subterranean Source, Beautiful by Ryan Farish, Sleepy Baby Suite by Wayne Gratz, Human Contact by Galactic Agents, Timestar by Steve Verity, Within the Whirl by Hypnosphere, Guard Lock Skin by Tone Ghost Ether, Lucid Circles by Brannan Lane and Amir Baghiri, To Reach the Other Shore by Ben Fleury-Steiner, Carbon Based by Rick Strittmater



Reviews 4-03-2004

Featuring pSy-fI by zer0 0ne, Inner Worlds Part One by Kurt Michaels, Zen Gardens by Wall Matthews, Momente' Intimate by Richard Carr



Reviews 3-27-2004

Featuring Emotional Landscaptes by Erik Wollo, Paradise by Vivian Khor, Everything Seeks Balance by Vir Unis, Beautiful World by Patrick O'Hearn, Wachuma's Wave by Byron Metcalf, The Way Beyond by Jim Cole, Spore by vidnaObmana, Book of Mutations by Vir Unis



Reviews 3-20-2004

Featuring Spirit Dome by Steve Roach and vidnaObmana, Fruit of the Spirit by Linda Mantooth, Soaring With the Angels by Frederic Delarue, Kish Kash by Basement Jaxx, Area Movement by Ron Boots.



Reviews 3-13-2004

Featuring Mandala for Chaos by embracing the glass, The Path of White Clouds by Nebula, Tomorrow's Tuesday by The Glimmer Room, Etherea by Jeffrey Koepper, Beast in the Heat by Hemisphere, Between Earth and Sky by Gandalf



Reviews 3-7-2004

Featuring Everlasting Moment by The Ministry of Inside Things, Ambient Red Washes by Larry Kucharz, Texture Maps: The Lost Pieces Vol. 3 by Steve Roach, Calling Down the Sky by Robert Rich, True Degrees of Freedom by Zero Ohms



Reviews 2-29-2004

Featuring A Place Without Noise by Wayne Gratz, Evocation by Craig Urquhart, Nirvana Cafe by Karunesh, Opal Fire by Omar, Pure Joy by Russel Walder. hms



Reviews 6-01-2003

Featuring A Place Without Noise by Wayne Gratz, Evocation by Craig Urquhart, Nirvana Cafe by Karunesh, Opal Fire by Omar, Pure Joy by Russel Walder



Reviews 5-31-2002

Featuring Kaleidoscope Jeffrey Michael, Tales of a Prior World by Prior World, Confluence by The Circular Ruins, Broken Voyage by Kelly David, Soundfall to the Infinite by Brannan Lane and Zero Ohms, The Darker Space by Terra Ambient, Mythodea by Vangelis, Echose of Canyon de Chelly Gary Stroutsos w/ Paul Thompson.


Reviews 5-15-2002

Featuring Redwood Aire by Spencer Brewer, Beyond by Arbre Noir, The White Space, Hydrogen 2 Oxygen, and Condor Sail Curve by Tone Ghost Ether, Inner Zone by vidnaObmana and Steve Roach, One Deep Breath by Bradley Joseph, Sleep Management by Rewind Wonderland , Trance World by Earth Trybe



Reviews 4-26-2002

Featuring Redwood Aire by Laughter in the River, Beyond by Arbre Noir, The White Space, Hydrogen 2 Oxygen, and Condor Sail Curve by Tone Ghost Ether, Odyssey: Journeys 1 by James Johnson, Inner Zone by vidnaObmana and Steve Roach, One Deep Breath by Bradley Joseph, Sleep Management by Rewind Wonderland, Trance World by Earth Trybe


Reviews 4-13-2002

Featuring Scribblings by Matthew Zachary, Distant Spirits by Scott August, Lumin by Hadra, Providence by Darshan Ambient, Finding Paradise by David Lanz, Dust Theories by Kim Cascone, Resonant Memory of Earth by Max Corbacho, Turning Point by Terry Oldfield, Didjeridoo Trance Dance by Various Artists, Every Step of the Way by Matthew Zachary, Asian Drums II by Kiyoshi Yoshida.


Reviews 3-30-2002

Featuring The Journey by Isadar, A Universe to Come by Tulku, Ambient Life Vol. 1 by Diatonis, Across an Ocean of Dreams by 2002, Floatation by Various Artists, Invisible Order by Diatonis, Dreamscapes by Phil Thornton, Traveling the Sacred Sound Current: Divine Chants and Sacred Songs for Healing and Meditation Deborah Van Dyke, Temporal Arc by Interstitial, Sampler 2- Drifting by IXOHOXI.


Reviews 3-23-2002

Featuring Paint the Forest Winter by Zola Van, Avalon: A Celtic Legend by Enaid, Hover by Leland Burr, Distance by Austere, Prayer for the Forest by Antonio Testa and Alio Die, Sorcerer (soundtrack) by Tangerine Dream, Deeper by Life in Balance. 


Reviews 3-16-2002

Featuring Voyage of the Soul by Frederic Delarue, Hearing Voices by Will Ackerman, Dance Planet by Various Artists, Disorient by Richard Bone, The Demo: Previously Unreleased Material by AutoCad, Spirit into Sound by Mickey Hart, Switched-on-Bach 2000 by Wendy Carlos, Trance Appeal by Wahnfried, Cobalt Blue by Michael Brook.


Reviews 3-09-2002

Featuring Tranzdanze by Monica Robelotto, Two Halves of the Same Side by Brannan Lane and Daniel Byerly, Electronic Chillage: Global Trance Excursions by Various Artists, One Late Hour With a Steinway by Sandy Owen, Mask of Promise by Larry Gaab, 1223 Freeland Street by Vampire Nation, Archives by Mark Dwane, Live at Artspace: Music for an Art Gallery by Tom Shaw.


Reviews 3-01-2002

Featuring The Gathering Sets 1 and 2 by Kit Watkins, Inside the Inside: Live at the Gathering Concert Series 32 by Spacecraft, Ourobouros: Processor Music by David Lee Myers, Deep Unknown by vidnaObmana and Brannan Lane, We Gaia by Ashera, To Earth and Back by Brannan Lane, Grooved Whale by Lisa Walker, The Convolving Universe by Diatonis, The Craft by Vampire Nation, Planetary Mysteries by Mark Dwane.


Reviews 2-22-2002

Featuring Place Where the Black Stars Hang by Lustmord, Relaxing Effects of Water by Brannan Lane, Orchid by ISHQ, Stellar Collections by Geodesium, Capitol Hill by Vampire Nation, Tranzdanze by Monica Robelotto, Experiment 13 by Cacophony, Into Orbit by KevOz, Angels, Aliens and Archetypes by Mark Dwane, Across the Universe by Terry Oldfield, A Day Without Rain by Enya.


Reviews 2-16-2002

Featuring Experiment 13 by Cacophony, Bardo by Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors w/Boris Grebenshikov , Stellar Collections by Geodesium, Immersion by Laocoon, Geographic by Frank Van Bogaert , Insane Logic by Ozone Player, Letting the World Go By: Sacred Spa Music Series by Various Artists, The Black Chasm by Isomorph.


Reviews 2-12-2002

Featuring Folding Space and Melting Galaxies by Craig Padilla, Vostock by Craig Padilla, Absinthe by Kudzu and and Michael Lococo, In Absence of Light by Isomorph, True North by Amir Baghiri and Mathias Grassow


Reviews 2-9-2002

Featuring Blood is Shining by Eastern Dub Tactik, The Significance of Secrecy by True Colour of Blood, Planetarium by Pete Namlook, Heart of the Rain by Karen FitzGerald, Landscape of a Dream by Diatonis, Sonic Seasonings by Wendy Carlos, Inner Light of the Soul by Darren Rogers


Reviews 2-4-2002

Featuring Indumani by Open Canvas, Of the Earth and the Sky by The Spirit Level, Embracing the Wind by Kevin Kern, Songs Without Words II by Various Artists, Night Currents by Oophoi, Silent Music by Pete Namlook w/ Dandy Jack


Reviews 1-30-2002

Featuring The Cube by Kubusschnitt, II and Remixes by Crown Invisible, Walkabout by David Hudson, Under One Sky by Various Artists, Eagle Cries by Joanne Shenandoah, Cedar Moon by Jeff Ball, The Perfect Flaw by Tim Story.


Reviews 1-27-2002

Featuring Soil of Awareness by Mathias Grassow, Echoes in the Emptiness By Exuviae, The Intercepted Transmissions by Cyber Zen Sound Engine and Matt Borghi, Emerald Aether: Shape Shifting by Bill Laswell, Digital Moonscapes by Wendy Carlos, Colours of the Caspian Sea by Amir Baghiri


Reviews 1-24-2002

Featuring The Earth Space Continuum - A Virtual Sound Experience by Sozra, Cantus Umbrarum by Lightwave, Memories of the Elder by AeTopus, Triptych by Ian Boddy, Markus Reuter and Nigel Mullaney, Beat Hollow by Fognode, The Significance of Secrecy by the True Colour of Blood.


Reviews 1-22-2002

Featuring Sunburst of Sound by David Berriman, Snows of Kilimanjaro by Medwyn Goodall, Themes, Variations and Rings Around the Moon by John Kerr, Hidden Vibrations by Rey, Transicity by Simon Williams


Reviews 1-18-2002

Featuring Voodoo Roux by Various Artists


Reviews 1-10-2002

Featuring Deep Sky by Robert Carty, Red Sector A Speeds up Alio Die by Son-Dha, Desert Landscapes by Stephen Phillips, Heart of the Tundra by Deep Chill Network, Dreams 2 by Deep Chill Network, Dreams 4 by Deep Chill Network, Cycles 4 by Stephen Phillips, Tonwelle by Richard Wahnfried, Trancelation by Richard Wahnfried, Totentag: Oper In 7 Bildern by Klaus Schulze, Opera Sauvage by Vangelis, Blade Runner: The Soundtrack by Vangelis, Trust by Patrick O'Hearn, Conquistadors by Vampire Nation


Reviews 1-3-2002

Featuring Soundician by Soundician, The Beauty is Knowing by Soundician, The Seskian Wars by Tales, Phaeton by Foreign Spaces, Music Inspired by Middle Earth by David and Diane Arkenstone, Resurrections by L. Gabb, Flowers by Kevin Kendle, Journey to the Surface by Gaylene, Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle by Vincent Clarke and Martyn Ware, Sea of Bliss by Don Slepian, Electronic Music from the Rainbow Isle by Don Slepian, Introspection by Don Slepian, Life Cycles by Mathias Grassow, The Relic by Chuck van Zyl, The Edge of Everything by Farfield, Lagoon by Nik Tyndall. 


Reviews 12-22-2001

Featuring Sanctuary of Dreams by Numina, The Resonant Memory of the Earth by Max Corbacho


Reviews 12-11-2001

Featuring Acousma: Electroacoustsic Music by Dr. Robert Scott Thompson, The Solstice Sessions by Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy, Strange Jukebox: Live at Mother Fool's by Milk Baby


Reviews 12-7-2001

Featuring Ambient Monkeys by Tangerine Dream, Planetary Mysteries by Mark Dwane, Chemistry by Ron Imhoff, Ravens in the Moonlight by The Tunnel Singer, When Children Sleep by Bertrom Cabot, Jr. , Mistress of Strands by Mistress of Strands, Hidden Topographies by Rhomb, Humidity: Three Concerts in 1998 by Robert Rich, Progressive Elements by Ron Imhoff, Dream Encores by Tangerine Dream, Antique Dreams by Tangerine Dream.


Reviews 12-5-2001

Featuring Cosmos by Vampire Nation, Alignment by Cyscape, A Light Classical Christmas by Darren Curtis Skanson, Streams and Currents by Steve Roach, Pure Flow by Steve Roach, Descendre Cinq Lacs au Tavers D'Une Voile by Alio Die, nee Stefano Musso, and Yannick Dauby, Invisible Rain by TJ Rehmi, The Sweet Nectar of Silence by Kip Mazuy, Essential by Lambert, Earth, Sky, Sea by Richard Scott Schilling, A Lone Reply by Dean DeBenedictus.


Reviews 11-12-2001

Featuring Not Without Risk by Byron Metcalf, 23 by Psychetropic, Arcance Energies by Todd Fletcher, Dust and Glass by Farfield, Wouvivre By Oöphoi and Klaus Wiese, After the Night by Darhan Ambient, Interiors by Sara Ayers, Cruise Control by Steven Halpern, Peace, Earth and Guitars by Darren Curtis Skanson, Classica by Darren Cutis Skanson, Your Lingering Touch by Govi



Reviews 11-04-2001

Featuring Gothic Passage by Mathias Grassow, Zoetosis by Telomere, Steven Halpern, Abnormal Love by Thread, Creeping Sideways by Loretta's Doll, Elixir by Mathias Grassow, Tiefweite Stille by Mathias Grassow, Amorphia by Robert Scott Thompson, The Vivid Air: Electroacoustic Music, 1998-1999 by Robert Scott Thompson, Cytizen by Robert Scott Thompson, As in the Dark, All Cats Are Grey by Robert Scott Thompson



Reviews 10-22-2001

Featuring Serenity by Liquid Mind, Sanctum Sanctuorum by Constance Demby, Arcanum by Mathias Grassow, Rudiger Gleisberg and Amir Baghiri, Namakar by Mathias Grassow, Approaching Silence by David Sylvian, The Gathering Set 1 and The Gathering Set 2 by Kit Watkins, Live at the Harvest Moon Festival by Kenya DuBois, The Intercepted Transmissions by Matt Borghi, The Hollow by Jim Cole and Mathias Grassow, Aquaria: A Liquid Blue Transcape by Diane Arkenstone, Below the Event Horizon by The Tenth Planet



Reviews 10-14-2001


Featuring Tremor by vidnaObmana, Sola Translatio by Alio Die and Opium, Within: Distance by Thomas Ronkin, Mist by Thom Brennan, Drawn From Life by Brian Eno and J. Peter Schwalm, Dreamland by Tacit Blue, Buddha Nature by Deuter, Sanctum Sanctuorun by Numina, Apsaras by Alio Die



Reviews 10-12-2001

Featuring Blessed Oblivioin by Blessed Oblivion, Blissful Journey by Marina Raye, Maiden's Prayer by Lisa Lynne, Union by RASA, Cello Blue by David Darling, Ouroborus by Dweller at the Threshold, Bestiary by Robert Rich



Reviews 10-07-2001

Featuring Odonata by Amethystium, Leap of Faith by Bill Cornish



Reviews for 9-30-2001

Featuring Stream by Dan Abrams, A Monument of Chance by Seofon and Thermal, End of Days by Darshan Ambient, Autumn Light by Darshan Ambient, Darshan Ambient by Darshan Ambient, Zen Breakfast by Karunesh, Wise-Ta-Nech (pre-European Africa) by Vampire Nation, Transform by alva.noto, Planetary House Nation by Ambient Temple of I-Magination, Strange Bolero by Gravity Hill, Inner Beauty by Stephanie Sante, Nocturnes Digitales by Cyrille Verdeaux, Journey to Tantraland by Cyrille Verdeaux, Pulse: Music From the Home Planet by Sozra



Reviews for 9-26-2001

Featuring Core by Steve Roach, Zero Point by Seofon, Waters of Eden by Tony Levin, Reprise: 1990-1999 by Vangelis, The Room by Harold Budd, The Boy Beneath the Sea by Dean Santomieri , All the Stars Burning Bright by eM , Accretions by Mollusk



Reviews for 9-5-2001

Featuring A Collection of Thoughts by Alan Imberg, Ancient Canyons by John Huling, Karma by Mars Lasar, Passing Strange by Various Artists, Into the Liquid Unknown by Paul Ellis, Ethereal Journey by RAY, Star by Reef Project, Abstraction by Saul Stokes, Techno Unit 32: Misc Tracks by Larry Kucharz, Midnight Rainbows by Robert Carty, Solo Contenda by David Hastings, Chaco Canyon by Rusty Crutcher, Ocean Eclipse by Rusty Crutcher.



Reviews for 8-26-2001

Featuring Mist by Thom Brennan, Transicity by Simon Williams, Wind Journey by Erik Wollo



Reviews for 8-20-2001

Featuring Child of Transference by Wendy Stark, Kadotume by bonfield & ebel, CI 4: Cinema by Crown Invisible, Pyramids by Pat Thomi



Reviews for 8-19-2001

Featuring Lucid Dreams by Alias Zone, Cobalt 144 by Ashera (Anthony Asher Wright), Ishati by Rajna, Angels of Venice by Angels of Venice, Liquid Fire by Gabor Csupo



Reviews for 8-12-2001

Featuring Amazon Song by Rusty Crutcher, Machu Picchu Impressions by Rusty Crutcher, Appassionato by Peter Xifaras, Millennium by Medwyn Goodall, Pure Piano Panoramas by Jeff Bjorck



Reviews for 8-05-2001

Featuring Sleep Cycle by Brannan Lane, Underworld by Dagda, The Art of Imagination by Remy, Soundtrack for the Aquarium by Vidna Obmana, Cybersphere by Spacecraft, Mother Sunrise by Sola Translatio, Winterscape by Amir Baghiri, Rooms by Amir Baghiri, Laudanum by Amir Baghiri and Rudieger Gleisberg



Reviews for 7-15-2001

Featuring Cosmogenesis by John Rose, River of Starsby "2002" (Pamela and Randy Copus), Journey Thru Oz by Radiowave, The Space Between Beginnings by Jason Sloan



Reviews for 7-08-2001

Featuring Where the Earth Meets the Sky by Tom Heasley, Fade by Austere, Curio by Austere, Silence Speaks in Shadows by Paul Vnuk, Jr.



Reviews for 7-01-2001

Featuring The Unseen by Kit Watkins



Reviews for 6-24-2001

Featuring Araluen by John Barnard



Reviews for 6-10-2001

Featuring Sweven by Zero Ohms, Atma-Spheric Surfaces by Zero Ohms, Traveling Backwards by The Nightcrawlers, The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick by Kevin Keller, Tales of the Twilight by Kevin Keller, Electric Café by David Hastings, Shrouded by Ian Boddy, Islands by The Archipelago, Evolving Visions by Numina, Mercurius by Mathias Grassow and Klaus Wiese, The Sound Museumby Chuck van Zyl, Peter D. Gulch and Andrew Rath, Birth of a Black Hole by Snydromeda, The Alien Abduction Phenomenon by Syndromeda, Loneflyer by Victor Cerullo, Da Capo - the Light Beyond by Eric van der Heijden, The Shoreline of an End by Jason Sloan, Whispered with Water by Jason Sloan, Hydrythmix: Project TWO Point ONE by Ron Boots and Bas Broekhius, Different Stories and Twisted Tales by Ron Boots.



Reviews for 5-13-2001

Featuring Igizeh by Banco de Gaia, Solar Synthesis by Galaxy, Angels Dreaming by Nikkos, The Light Beyond by Jeff Pearce, Tales from the Incantina by Richard Bone, Mystic India by Various Artists



Reviews for 4-29-2001

Featuring Bislama by Jim Cole and Alpha Wave Movement, Immaculate Conceptions by Stephanie Sante', Sufi by Al Gromer Khan, Smile on the Void by A Produce, Musique d'Ambeulement" (Furniture Music) by Robert Scott Thompson, Echoes from the Last Fairyland by Tales, Aidan Hall by Mary Deschamps



Reviews for 4-15-2001 

Featuring The Golden Portal by Xumantra, Mai by Eri Sugai, Bali dua by Jalan Jalan



Reviews for 4-1-2001

Featuring Shambala by Robert Rich, Under Southern Skies by Tony O'Connor, Meditation for World Peace by Spacecraft, Dome: The Dream Furious EP by Cursor Club, The Truth series by Ron Boots and Friends



Reviews for 3-18-2001

Featuring Blue by David Wright and Robert Fox, Forests: A Book of Hours by Douglas Quin, Visual Audio by State of Bengal, Tracks Across the Universe by Jim Brenholts



Reviews for 3-4-2001

Featuring Walking the Cobra by Baird Hersey, Before the War by David Rothenberg and Douglas Quin , Mirage at the Crossroads by Biff Johnson, Mystery Road by Kamal, Summer Town by Spacecraft, Supreme-Infinite-Essence by Zero Ohms, Ludus by Victor Cerullo



Reviews for 2-25-2001

Featuring Early Man-Projekt Edition by Steve Roach, Colour Healing by Llewellyn, Now is Forever by Kip Mazuy, Blind Cinema by Matthew Harris, Children of the Amazon by Kudzu and Peter Griggs, Rainforest Soundwalks by Steven Feld, Blue Day by Robert Scott Thompson



Reviews for 2-18-2001

Featuring Vine, Bark and Spore by Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes, Behind That Light by Monica Ramos, Descent by The Apiary, Troposphere by Brannan Lane, Earth Story by Temps Perdu?



Reviews for 2-11-2001

Featuring Alchemy Through Dreams by Mortal Loom, Near and Far by David Tollefson, Subterranean Collective by vidnaObmana, Atlantis...? by Robert de Fresnes, A Different Space by Bob Holroyd, Global Spirit by Global Spirit, Nostalgia Trails by Tino Izzo



Reviews for 2-4-2001

Featuring Talking Heads by Robert Fox, Outfolding by Saul Stokes, So Flows the Current by Patrick O'Hearn, Slider by Bruce Kaphan, Rolling Curve by Kit Watkins, Shadowplay by Tim Story, Orchid by Shao Rong



Reviews for 1-28-2001

Featuring Sun Spirit by Deuter, A Perfect Tomorrow by Jamie Bonk, "and nothing but the bass by Steve Lawson, Shango by Juno Reactor, Mindset by Acid Rockers, In Memory of the Four Winds by Steve Peters, Les Pierres du Seuil (parts 4-7) by Eric la Casa, Amalgamby ORA, The Dream Captain by Adrian Stone, Planned Penetration by Kozo, Prototype 2 by Zero One



Reviews for 1-21-2001

Featuring Sunyata by Robert Rich, Deja Blues by Steve Halpern, Lost Caverns of Thera by Brannan Lane, Serpent Mound by Rusty Crutcher, Thinking of You by Kitaro, Rhythm of the World by Steve Quinzi, Salvage by Another Fine Day



Reviews for 1-14-2001

Featuring Cobalt 144 by Ashera, Lucid Dreams by Patrick Kosmos, Temple by Thomas Barquee, The Contemporary Nocturne by Vidna Obmana, Prayers to the Protector by Steve Roach with Thupten Pema Lama, Seven Letters from Tibet by Tangerine Dream, Elegy for Time by Matt Borghi



Reviews for 1-7-2001

Featuring Ambient Selections by Ashera, Colour Glow by Ashera, Blast by Centrozoom, Appears to Vanish by Paul Ellis, Gongland by Forrest Fang, A Temple in the Clouds by Jeffrey Fayman and Robert Fripp



Reviews for 12-31-2000

Featuring The Serpent's Lair by Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, and others, Reinventing Me by Kenya Dubois, Far Beyond The Immobile Point by Max Corbacho, Computerchoral Green Prints by Larry Kucharz



Reviews for 12-24-2000

Featuring Early Man by Steve Roach, Isle of Avalon by Rusty Crutcher, Alchemy by Robert Scott Thompson and Close but not Touching by Ron Boots



Reviews for 12-17-2000

Featuring ambient01@hyperreal by various artists, The Healing Lake by Rudy Adrian, The Inexplicable by Robert Carty, Moonscapes: How Stones Become Enlightened by Cyber Zen Sound Machine, On the Edge of Forever by Never Known.



Reviews for 12-10-2000

Featuring Sorcerer by Michael Stearns and Ron Sunsinger, Magical Healing Mantras by Namaste and Colors Of Trance by James Asher, Madeline Doherty



Reviews for 12-3-2000

Featuring Sleeping on the Edge of the World by David Helpling, Radio Sputnik by Arc, To the Shores of Heaven by Jeff Pearce.



Reviews for 11-26-2000

Featuring Ascensionism by Richard Bone, Spirit of the World by Terry Oldfield, Trance_Fixed by Various Artists, Enamoured by Bella Sonus and Heaven and Earth by Char-El.



Reviews for 11-17-2000

Featuring The Gathering by Inlakesh, Coxa by Richard Bone and Refuge by Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors.



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