Meet the Reviewers of Ambient Visions


Gary Andrews

I was born on the 19th of February 1967. I am originally from the United Kingdom but currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska USA.

Why do I live in Nebraska? I met my wife Susann online, and after what must have been thousands of emails and communiqués and a two-week visit that turned into a three month visit we decided to marry. We married February of this year, and as you can probably imagine my life has changed beyond all recognition, for the better I may add!

I have had a number of different jobs over the years but count photography as my main vocation. For several years I was a cruise photographer, which was an experience to be hold! Contrary to common belief this was not a cushy number, far from it! It was a very intensive job with lots of working into the late night to get the latest batch of photographs up on the display stands for the next morning. One of my last “tours of duties” was on a ship called the “Sun Viking”. This ship cruised the Far East and to me I had reached the pinnacle. It was a photographer’s paradise and I spent much of my spare time photographing the peoples and places of such countries as Thailand, China and Vietnam. 

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Where does one begin when sharing their qualifications as a reviewer of music? Ahh... the beginning of course.  I was born in April of 1953 which makes me an Aries.  The very first Corvette and myself were born in the same year, now that has all the makings of an auspicious debut. 

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Dene Bebbington

I was born in 1966 in the north west of England to unsuspecting parents who didn't know what they were letting themselves in for! I was quite shy when young, but also had a cheeky and mischievous streak that led to me getting up to no good (and sometimes in trouble) on my own or with friends. Early in life I had an interest in reading which has stayed with me so that I now have a fair amount of books taking up space in my house. My personality is rather like a coin: on one side is the "intellectual" who enjoys reading and serious subjects, and on the other is a flippant cheeky person who is far from serious. 

After going through a phase of messing around at school and doing poorly in exams I finally bucked up academically and eventually went on to get a good degree in Computer Science at University inWales. Computers had been a hobby in my teens but studying it so much took away most of the interest. Since graduating I've worked in IT as a programmer/designer but definitely work to live rather than live to work. Adult life has been somewhat disappointing for me due to personal issues, and has been made harder by a few medical problems which can circumscribe my activities. However, in recent years my life has improved significantly, and for that I have several people to thank. 
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Jim Brenholts and wife

My name is Jim Brenholts.  Hello to all ambient/space/electronic music fans!  And thank you, Michael Foster, for the opportunity to meet you!

Whenever I write my own bio, I am hesitant to do so.  My humility (I hope and pray that I have some!) and ego (I know that I have that in large quantities!) are in constant conflict.  So, I write it like I write reviews.  I just put the pencil on the paper and trust that God will guide my hand!

I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA, having been born here on March 4, 1956 (3/4/56 - cool!).  I have never seen fit to stray beyond the boundaries of southwestern Pennsylvania except for vacations and business trips.  After graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1974, I took a circuitous path through college and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh (where else?) in 1981 with a B.S. in business administration.  After graduation, I held various sales, sales management and sales training positions until 1987.

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Michael Debbage

Michael Debbage was born in the north east of England, raised in the Bahamas and later migrated to the United States in the early 80’s creating an exposure to multi cultural backgrounds. With it came a wanderlust for different musical adventures that includes multi subgenres of rock, Contemporary Christian, Smooth Jazz and Contemporary Instrumental music just to name a few.

Michael has been married for over twenty years and also has two daughters thus he is significantly outnumbered in his household. His commitment to his marriage is equaled by the number of years he has served in the insurance business. However, by the turn of the millennium he was in search for a creative outlet. By this time the internet was in full stride and he tried his hand at reviewing the music that he was passionate about. With stints at, Northern Light and currently Hard Rock Haven, Michael continues to post reviews that focus on his passion for rock music.

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Lorie Johnson

It was music that awoke me to full living consciousness at the tender age of two. I was lying in my crib in the Namanui section of Naha, Okinawa, and the sounds of a koto and gamelan came drifting into the open window near my crib. The sound was fairylike, magickal, drifting in from the garden across the street. A connection was made somewhere in my mind, and for me, conscious life began at that moment. From that moment on, music became the soundtrack of my life. I can hear better than I can see, and music allows me to multitask- read, write, and think. In my house, the stereo gets more play than the television. 

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Christopher Orczy
(in serious listening mode)

Christopher Orczy was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1972. He was introduced to instrumental / space music by his mother's copies of  (then) Walter Carlos' "A Clockwork Orange" and Bo Hansson "The Lord of the Rings". The discovery of Tangerine Dream "Alpha Centauri" in 1986, closely followed by David Sylvian "Gone to Earth" led him to his current love and creation of ambient music.

Since 1991 Christopher has composed and released 23 albums in many related genres, including ambient, classical and electro-acoustic.  In 2002 he completed a Batchelor of Music degree in compostion and music history. Christopher lives with his partner Sarah, his daughter Ivy, and 4 cats of varying ages.

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Kathy Parsons

I have been playing the piano since about the age of 5, but since I've never enjoyed performing, I was an art major in college. I couldn't find an agreeable way to pay the bills with my artwork, so I started teaching piano privately in 1981. That has been a more-than-full-time profession ever since. As part of teaching, I began writing a monthly newsletter in 1982.

At first, it was mostly announcements about lessons and recitals, but quickly grew to include a Composer of the Month story as well as other features. Early on, I wrote about classical and early jazz composers, but thought it would be fun to contact some of the contemporary composers who were beginning to be heard on the radio. I started with Yanni (!!!). Beth Lewis at Private Music answered my initial questions, but Yanni called a couple of times to chat after that (around 1988, before he became a household name).

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Fred Puhan

I was a college student in Munich, Germany when, at age seventeen, I was asked to perform my music over the American Armed Forces radio network.  After some work in the broadcast studio, I was invited to become the "house musician" for a startup nightclub.  However, my college career came first, I thought, and so the world has never heard me play a note since...

My early musical influences were the San Francisco Bay area bands, such as Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane, and of course, the Grateful Dead. I was also influenced by the British Rock "invasion" and then later by the "jazz fusion" supergroups, such as Return to Forever and the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

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Hannah M.G. Shapero

I was born in Boston, Mass. and grew up in theBoston area and in Rome,Italy. My father is a classicalmusic composer, Harold Shapero. My mother, Esther Geller, is an artist. Their heritage of art, music, andhigh culture has been my joy all my life.

I studied Classics--Greek and Latin--as an undergraduate atBrandeis University and as a graduate at Harvard. I was also active as an artist and writer during that time. In 1978 I left academia for an art career, and in 1981 became a professional artist. I have studied art at theBoston University art school but most of my training has been with private teachers, especially my mother.

My specialties in art are science fiction, fantasy, and architecture. I also do commercial illustration,usually for real estate and computer-related advertisements. I have done many science fiction bookcovers, magazine covers, interior illustrations, and countless private commissions.

Allen Welty-Green

Atlanta-based composer/multi-media artist Allen Welty-Green was raised in Nashville, TN.  He has been playing music, both solo and with various progressive and ambient ensembles since the 70's. Disillusionment with the music industry led him to explore the world of avant-garde dance & performance art in the mid 80s. This led to the formation of the Mind's Eye Performance Group with whom he toured extensively across the Eastern USA, performing his ambient synthesizer scores to surreal dance and movement theater pieces performed by Jason Litchford. Some of Mind's Eye's earliest performances were at the Space For Music events organized by Tony Gerber (of Spacecraft), another Nashville resident.

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