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A Journey into Trance, Dance, and Electronica Music

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Dean Dennis


Metropolis AV talks to Nohno aka Dean Dennis

With over two decades of recording and performing, Dean Dennis’ musical journey has now arrived at the Nohno project. Dennis has traversed the musical spectrum, immersing himself in everything from his jazz-funk stomping grounds to the genre-bending electro-jazz & industrial outpourings of the seminal Clock DVA, the early electronic experimental work of The Anti Group Collective right on through to the darker aspects of techno with the Sector project. 

Nohno is the bastard progeny. A hybrid that mutates and evolves through techno jazz, tech-house to ambient industrial sound-scapes. Nohno is metamorphic. Nohno is liberated. 

Click here to read the entire interview.

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AV's TDE CD Focus

Human Blue
aka Dag Wallin  

Dag Wallin is a classically schooled musician and started to play the piano at a young age. He is currently studying to become a teacher at the University of
Gothenburg and has worked part time as a music teacher as well as in a music store. His musical skills are clearly reflected in his productions as he is considered to be the most melodic artist on Spiral Trax. Yet he still manages to maintain his feeling for delicately structured soundscapes and harmonies backed up with a chunky groove.

For AV's spotlight on Diskovery Channel by Human Blue  click here.


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AV's TDE CD Focus

Peter Ziegelmeir
Owner of Ceiba Records


Ceiba Records is managed and owned by Peter Ziegelmeier- all visual, graphic and web work for Ceiba Records is created by Tina Zimmermann. Ceiba Records was the first independent psy-trance label in the U.S. and still is the only American label devoted to true techno-psychedelic art- and lifeforms.

Ceiba's mission is to create and offer sonic-visual manifestations of that evolving Techno-Organic Spirit that is the juice of life for a growing global community of dancers,trancers,artists, aware and open-minded people.

We have found our source of healing in music, art and nature and have found our ritual in celebrating the moment and magic of life in the sacred trance-dance gatherings. we are artists devoted to manifesting in sound and sight the universal creative spirit and to pass on our creations to a global audience through immersive use of the new undiscriminating digital medium.

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Ambient Visions News TDE

Changing Frames
by Echotek

  • Posted on April 2, 2010

Paul Oakenfold On Working With Madonna, Brittany Murphy

  • Posted on February 16, 2007

Neurobiotic records releases new Joti Sidhu CD on 2-23-2007

  • Posted on February 12, 2007

Deep Dish's Dubfire Releases first ever solo mix album Taipei

  • Posted on December 17, 2006

Kinder Atom - Soft Hand Feel Reviewed by Synthtopia
ree MP3 EP's from Evil Records (site in Spanish but can be navigated)
Enigma's Love Sensuality Devotion The Remix Collection to be Released by Virgin/EMI
Superfibre offers the best DJ mixes from around the world on redesigned site

Hybridized offers progressive live and DJ sets
John Digweed reveals Transitions 2, news item from Resident Advisor

by Various Artists

Ambient Visions Evolves

AV has been around the web since 1999 and we have gone through a few cosmetic changes over the years but mostly just the way the site was laid out and what colors would represent the site. With this sub section of AV I am hoping to incorporate another of my musical interests right into the website and help bring more great music to light for the long time readers of this website. Of course this music won't appeal to all of the readers of Ambient Visions and that is fine. Ultimately Ambient Visions represents my musical interests and those who find their way to this section will find it as informative as Ambient Visions has been for ambient music up to this point in time. Full story.


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