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Reviews 12-22-2001


Evolving Visions and
Sanctum Sanctorum

by Numina

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Numina, nee Jesse Sola, released two of the best CD's of 2001 - "Evolving Visions" and "Sanctum Sanctorum."  He has his next CD almost ready.  It is titled "Sanctuary of Dreams" and it smokes!

The two discs from 2001 are very atmospheric and minimalist.  This CD has those qualities and a little more.  Jesse layers his walls of sound so that the soundscape is evolving and fading continuously.  The effect is reminiscent of a Frippertronics loop.  The possibilities become endless.  Those layers have a sequenced timbre to them, though they are not sequences.  That timbre gives the CD some extra oomph!

So the disc kicks in and takes focused listeners to their private sanctuaries.  Within those havens, deep listeners find the healing power of self-help and support.

That, too, is an endless journey and a constant loop so the metaphor continues.  Jesse has very quickly established himself as a candidate for ambient greatness!  This disc locks it!

Reviewed by Jim Brenholts


The Resonant Memory of the Earth

by Max Corbacho

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Max Corbacho's first two CD's made strong impressions in the ambient community.  Each one defined Max's talent in its own special way.  "The Resonant Memory of the Earth" defines the next level for Max.

This is a very deep and vast atmospheric effort.  No, it is not an effort, it is a success!  Max uses the best elements from "Vestiges" and "Far from the Immobile Point." And adds a subtle - yet vital - drone.  The result is spine-tingling and chilling.

Max has been defining feelings of being on the fringe, of not quite having a foothold.  His titles examine the angst and frustration of unrequited efforts.  The progression of the titles is revealing in and of itself.  "Vestiges" points to the leftovers or traces of what once was or has never been.  "Far from the Immobile Point" relates to being frozen in the fear of isolation.  Listeners went beyond isolation into nothingness.  "The Resonant Memory of the Earth" speaks to the last traces of remote recollections of what was once the dream or the promise of a reward.

The music conveys feelings of regret, frustration, anxiety and even anger.  There is a distinct and noticeable growth in Max's composition, performance and intuition.  It is, by far, his best effort.  Listeners and fans hope it is also his greatest success!

Reviewed by Jim Brenholts


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