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New CD Release from Pawel Grabowski  12-01-2005

"...To begin at the beginning. It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible black, the cobblestreets silent and the hunched, courters’-and-rabbits’ wood limping invisible down to the sloeback, slow, black, crow black, fishing boat-bobbing sea. The houses are blind as moles…” Dylan Thomas Under Milky Wood

This is how it starts, a book that for me is a perfect companion in the times of trouble. And the music for ARH is based on such time in my life. A time when I lost almost everything, home, personal belongings…and ended up being dependant on other peoples good will. ARH was recorded some time later, but as a reaction to that time, during the process of contemplaiting what happened and getting over it, turning it into just another story. And everytime I listen to the album, it all comes back… like a story…so, to begin at the beginning….  

recorded in Dublin January - August 2004 

file under: melancholic drones and soundscapes  

more info and audio samples:   

you can order it directly from the label:   

it will also be distributed by Drone records  and 

Visit Pawel Grabowski's website

Thought Guild releases Continuum  11-26-2005

The second collaborative release between ambient/electronic musician Gregory Kyryluk aka Alpha Wave Movement and analog synthesist guru Christopher Cameron will be out in a week on Harmonic Resonance. 

The 2nd release of studio jams and improvisations entitled "Continuum" is exactly that a continuation of ideas which began with the first release "Context". 

We explore and compose music on vintage "real" analog synths with the support of modern digital synths in an improvised enviroment. Many of the tracks were recorded in the moment with minor overdubs. 

Fans of Popul Vuh, Tangerine Dream and mid period Klaus Schlze will enjoy the atmospheres on this release. 

Mp3 clips are up on the site.

You can also purchase our music on CD Baby now!

em:t Records announces new project from gaudi and antonio testa  11-26-2005

We are pleased to announce the eargerly awaited project from gaudi & antonio testa is now available to buy from our own shop, and will be available from the usual outlets on the 24th of October.

"Created as the antithesis of 'musical journey', Continuum is mental and imaginary spaces in sound; created by London based artist and producer Gaudi with ethno-musicologist and sound therapist Antonio Testa. The organic sounds and colours of Antonio's ethnic, recycled and homemade instruments and percussion, exist alongside and within Gaudi's electronic creations and manipulations forming atmospheres in which the mind is left free to create. Continuum is an auditory stimulation, a gateway to a self-determined co-ordinate in space time."

check out their websites:
antonio testa

New CD from Litmus0001 is called Bliss and is now available  11-26-2005

A year can sometimes seem like forever, and other times a year can seem like no time at all.   

The new album from litmus0001, “Bliss”, is now available for free download from (kpu084).  This album was created over a period of time where extended sustained improvisation was a primary focus and interest, and is an archival record of a continued exploration of soundscape development and sonic manipulation.  Source material was culled from numerous hours-long sessions recorded using bass thru loops and circuitry and an MC202 thru circuitry.

Consisting of both constructed and improvised pieces, we offer this 65 minutes of shimmering, swirling, shivering, soaring, thundering, whispering ambience that is as icy as it is cotton-warm.  256kbp mp3s for your listening pleasure at late night desert bonfires, candle-lit snowed-in mountain cabins, windows overlooking the cityscape, various unmapped psychonautic voyages and elsewhere.  sez:

“litmus0001 has returned with another beautiful full-length album. This new work is similar to his previous Kikapu release in the fact that it revolves around live instrumentation and improvisation that ultimately leads to some of the deepest and most emotional ambience we've had the pleasure of offering.

But at the same time litmus0001 has taken his sound to an entirely new level with the addition of more solid rhythms and structured melodies weaving in and out of the drones of a few crucial tracks. The album starts as a gradual build-up to the incredibly epic "Approach Conversion," and the second half is the soft fallout thereafter.” 

To stream or download mp3s and cover art, visit


check out all the other great music at  

Communiqué: litmus0001 at yahoo dot com 

Artist:  litmus0001
Title: Bliss
Catalog #: kpu084
Released:  10/31/05 


01. Subconscious Thought
02. Realignment
03. Pointless and Numb
04. Approach Conversion
05. Giving Quiet Away
06. Watchers
07. Sharpvision Apathy
08. Still Waters Lie Behind Us
09. White Bluffs
total time:  65:52

Kevin Wood Releases new CD Sacred  11-26-2005

Gregorian Chant, Native American voices, and various world vocals are artfully woven to create a rich tapestry of music that channels the wisdom of the ages.
Let the rhythms, the beautiful melodies, and the ancient voices transport you to a place of wisdom, peace, and sanctity -- to a place that is truly . . . Sacred.

"Absolutely beautiful! One of the most uplifing CDs I've heard in many years. Our whole staff loves it! A winner once again!"
-PJ Birosik (writer for CDNOW, Nexus, more)

"SACRED is being awarded our #2 World album of 2005. Wood's melodic sensibilities, and the ability to blend a variety of styles into a cohesive whole, set him apart from the norm. He has delivered a veritable buffet of gourmet listening. Approaches the catchy sound of Enigma, Delerium, Deep Forest and Sacred Spirit, but without the pop-gloss or heaviness." --Backroads Music

The new musical tone is more spiritual, even reverent, than Scenic Listening. I felt a calling, if you will, to develop these two different - but equally spiritual - styles of vocal prayer; that is, Gregorian and Native American, and fuse these parallel devotions into a single seamless musical stytle. I believe they marry well." -- Kevin Wood.

Visit the website:

Steve Kornicki releases Orchestral, Conceptual and Ensemble Music CD  11-26-2005

*Steve Kornicki's CD, "ORCHESTRAL, CONCEPTUAL, AND ENSEMBLE MUSIC" has been released this week on the Fragmented View Music label and is now available through (, as well as through digital distribution (Apple Itunes, etc) around the world.* 

"I can't stop listening to this CD!" - Frank Oteri, New Music Box, American Music Center, NYC 

The CD is an adventurous, yet atmospheric 79-minute anthology of tonal, post-modern classical music that I composed between 2001-2005.  The music's influences range from symphonic impressionism, minimalism, aleatoric elements and ambient and world music with inspiration coming from composers such as Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Lou Harrison, John Cage and Gavin Bryars.

 Tracks #2-6 are for acoustic instruments that have been electronically altered and looped.  For sound samples and detailed program notes, please visit:  

It has been an exciting year for Steve musically with a CD release of his first symphony, "Morning Star Rising" on ERM Media's "Masterworks of the New Millenium, Vol. 6" as well as his "commercial media" music being used on FOX TV (The Simple Life) and various other video, radio and CD media productions.  


The Ambient Collective presents The Space Collaboration  11-26-2005

The Ambient Collective are proud to present our first FreeNetLabel release: "The Space Collaboration"

Featuring 16 tracks of pure ambient delights ranging from glitch to uber chilled, symphonic to soundtrack, gritty to smooth and so on… the styles are unique are magically blend into one another.

Artists are Altus (aka Mike Carss), Bluejooz, DRT, Jujigen (Kevin Rees), Scott Turner (aka Not-Your-Average-Hippy), Chris Melchior, Silvercord.

If you wish to be involved with the Ambient Collective then please email me:  If you wish to be informed of new releases or would just like to be part of the Ambient Collective (which is free by the way) then join our user group at  


Now Available on Dark Winter  11-26-2005

Aidan Baker

Four 24 minute tracks made up of four 24 second samples of two instruments (electric guitar & bass) manipulated & recorded live & subsequently layered & arranged into one 48 minute piece by Canadian writer and musician, Aidan Baker.

From A Darkened Pool

Dark Winter Compilation

A 2-disc compilation of artists who created original recordings using a loop package once available on  DISC ONE is more atmospheric while DISC TWO more percussive.
Two halves of a whole...


Formication "Pieces for a Condemned Piano" - DECEMBER 2005

Using Samples taken from a condemned piano found in an empty car park, Formication bring us thier lament for this disgarded instrument.  "The wooden keys, stripped bare, had expanded in the rain and so playing the instrument in the usual fashion was out of the question. Instead, we forced the music from the strings in other ways..."

Full Cold Moon "A Tribute to Jhon Balance and the Musick of COIL" - DECEMBER 15th, 2005

In memory of the first year since Jhon's passing, we are proud to announce the return of Full Cold Moon! If you missed out last year, here is your chance to grab this wonderful tribute album dedicated to Jhon Balance and the Musick of COIL by over 30 artists from around the globe! Full Cold Moon will be released once again beginning December 15th (the arrival of the Full Cold Moon for 2005) and only available for one lunar cycle ending on January 14th, 2006


Ryu "The Depressed" - JANUARY 2006

Mystified "Echoes Of Origin" - FEBRUARY 2006

Dark Winter is a net.label releasing the best in dark ambient, unconventional and experimental music from around the world.  All releases are available for FREE in MP3 format.

Thanks for listening!



The Hand of Jayanti CDR Release  11-26-2005

I am pleased to announce the cdr release of, "The Hand Of Jayanti", a 72-minute collection of Himalayan ambience by mystified. "The Hand Of Jayanti" is presented by Transceover Productions (  ): 

"The hand of the lovely Jayanti was a coveted prize in Hindu myth, promising 1000 years of bliss. As sublime is this release by mystified. Dark and minimal, yet engaging and atmospheric, 'The Hand Of Jayanti' takes listeners on journeys through time and space, allowing them to re-orient themselves according to more transcendent realities. 

Rather than imposing a rigid grid of sound, this release presents floating textures and colors that shimmer with great beauty. Chordal structures form and disintegrate. Sounds are, at times sparse, and at times quite full. Recurring themes are balanced with unique and rare events." 

The URL, again, for more information, and, of you choose, ordering, is:  

Special thanks go to Sandy Spreitz for the original cover art (  ). Thanks also to Kelly of Transceover Productions for helping me to do this! 

And thanks to you!

Remanence A Strange Constellation of Events free download # 2  11-1-2005


MRCD5 / 2005 / Dark ambient  

"Stress" is the second in a series of free downloads from the Remanence album "A Strange Constellation of Events". Again, this song has two distinct parts, so if you don't like the first half, give it a chance, you may like the second. You can download it here:  

"Stess" was written in three different phases. First, we recorded about five versions of the song at John's home studio starting with the percussion tracks. John and I sat down with an assortment of rattles, bowls and objects in front of two microphones. The left mic was run nearly dry with very little reverb applied to the signal. The right mic was run through a long reverb. In this way we could control the panning (from left to right) and the amount of reverb applied by moving the instruments closer to one mic or the other. After recording the percussion tracks, we recorded the various synth textures over top in multiple passes until we liked the result. We liked the general feel of the song but weren't quite happy with the percussion. Six months later we recorded another four versions at the Sound Observatory. After some time had passed, we realized we weren't quite satisfied with the overall flow of those recordings either - we thought there might be too much percussion. So, we spent a number of months dicing up the multitrack recordings, picking and choosing the parts we liked and puting the completed song together like a jigsaw puzzle. We like the flow of the completed track much better, but feel we lost a little of the mood by spending too much time on mixing and mastering. We suspect that one of the original demo versions of Stress will appear on our upcoming EP "Storm & Stress". 


"I am still truly at a loss to imagine how you always come to produce such singularly admirable layout and assemble it with all the accessory items into an artistically captivating whole. In addition, the trade-mark use of the tracing paper for the inlay contents is as pleasing as ever. I am very well aware that there are special releases in many forms and guises on the music market nowadays, but you always manage to surprise one in the most agreeable manner possible." 

"I was immediately stricken by its contemplative nature and its ability to induce in one the state of perfect detachment from all that is prone to corruption in this world: the philosophical term 'transcendent'

might be one of the most apposite attributes one could resort to when referring to it. The music is quite sobre yet the more beautiful and evocative on that account... all the compositions are appealing in their own way, each bringing along a new angle of viewing the whole, without being predictable or dull for even a single moment... The production itself is flawlessly executed, it being yet another aspect of your work one becomes almost too readily accustomed to, often forgetting how exacting and time-consuming the entire process must be.

Let me once more congratulate both John and you for your impeccable work." 

Daniel D. Stanisic, Spiritual Profit Radio Programme 

"I ordered this a few weeks ago ... and I love it.  The care and attention that go into your music (even the packaging is immaculate) always results in a very special release and this is no exception.  I was especially pleased to see the remix of Lamkhyer as that's the first CD of yours that I purchased and still listen to often. Wonderful." 

Eric Sorensen, Customer Review 


1. Signal Hill ( )
2. Reflecting Pool (prelude)
3. Lamkhyer (remix)
( )
4. Nocturne ( )
5. The Reflecting Pool
( )
6. Stress ( )
7. It Gazes Also Into You
8. Echo Canyon III ( )
9. A Reply Beyond Oblivion ( )
10. First Light 


Mpath Records,
Promotional copies available for review. Please contact us if interested. 

Brian McWilliams
Mpath Records

SVARTSINN "Traces of Nothingness" CD Out Now 11-1-2005


We'd like to announce the official release of,  

SVARTSINN "Traces Of Nothingness" CD (13th Cycle) Cyclic Law The 3rd offering from Norway's Svartsinn could be acknowledged as the end of a trilogy, the first opus "Devouring Consciousness" was an album containing stories made during what the artist explains as being some difficult and rough times. The second offering, "Of Darkness And Re-Creation", was the process of trying to deal with these struggles and reflect on them. "Traces Of Nothingness" is simply the reaction, result and the path ahead in this ongoing, seemingly endless darkness. A slightly more melodic, sad and obscure side of Svartsinn that still keeps the cold and dark atmosphere that defines its sound.
First 1000 copies in special Digipack.   8 Tracks. Running time; 50:57

Available now from:

Thank you all for your time,


GUSTAF HILDEBRAND "Primordial Resonance" CD (15th Cycle)  

-Recent Releases-
VISIONS "Lapse" CD (14th Cycle)
KAMMARHEIT "The Starwheel" CD (12th Cycle) KAMMARHEIT "Asleep And Well Hidden" CD (3rd Cycle) Re-press!

Now Available from Dark Winter: ANGELswing As Everything Fell From the Sky 11-1-2005


ANGELswing “As Everything Fell From The Sky”

Twelve all new tracks from Canadian artist ANGELswing just in time for Halloween! Some of the material contained in this release was initially recorded in various burnt out and abandoned buildings throughout Toronto in early April 2005. 


Dark Winter Ableton Live 5 Loop Project

30 dark ambient loops
6 Dark Winter artists
5 different categories!
Available in 192 kbps MP3 or 44.1 WAV format
Loops by: Seetyca, Mystified, Cordell Klier, Fadladder, PHOLDE, Samsa 

Ableton Live is an AMAZING audio/midi program for the MAC/PC. The release of Version 5 brought the ability to directly load MP3 files. Being Ableton Live is such a great program and Dark Winter is an MP3 label, we thought we thought we would do a special dark ambient loop package for Ableton Live. We are also releasing a WAV version of the project that can be used in any audio program, not just in Ableton Live. All loops are 100% legal and come directly from the artists. If you have yet to check out Ableton Live, download the demo today! This is a LIMITED EDITION release that will be removed from the site on November 5, 2005. 

However, there is still time for artists to submit their works for the compilation release "From A Darkened Pool". Tracks must make use of the loop package to be considered. You do not need to use Ableton Live to be considered for the compilation, but you must use the loop package mentioned above. If you would like to submit your track using the loop package, please send your material to:  


Aidan Baker “” - November 2005 
Dark Winter Loop Project Compilation “From A Darkened Pool” - December 2005 
Formication “Pieces for a Condemned Piano” - December 2005 

Thanks for listening!

Yolo by Tetsu Inoue soon to be released on DiN 11-1-2005

DiN22 - Yolo by Tetsu Inoue

Release date 28th November 2005

DiN is proud to announce the release of Tetsu Inoue's ninth solo album, Yolo.
Based in New York and with over 40 albums to his credit, including collaborations with such left-field luminaries as Bill Laswell, Atom Heart, Peter Namlook and Jonah Sharp, Tetsu Inoue has established himself as a musician equally comfortable in the contrasting worlds of ambient, sound installation, and computer music.

Intriguing and mysterious, Yolo, dissects a combination of Max random synthesised sounds and field recordings into fragments and particles which are then sieved through in microscopic detail.

Inoue moves the focus with a speed that is at first disorientating but demonstrates the concise precision that has made his deserved reputation as an artist that is not afraid to explore and expand.
In many respects it's like a diary of intimate impressions, internalised and deeply processed; a collection of fading super-8 memories moving jerkily in and out of the frame of the imagination.
There is no lengthy exposition or superfluous effect to be found on any of the tracks.  Rather there's an insistence and urgency to cut to the chase.  The music is composed and built-up from intricate details, cross-hatched and etched, forming complex portraits or abstract tones and vivid colour.
Bristling with detail he neverthesless achieves all this with a graceful economy of language that is as spare and as telling as a haiku.

The music of Yolo is a series of events connecting with each other though not necessarily connected; a patchwork that constantly mutates and renews itself. The faintest traces of harmony and melody drift in and out like smoke on the wind, gracing the underlying thrum of particular moments with a forlorn beauty. This is a strikingly crafted album that will appeal to fans of his previous work and draw in new converts with a music that is both substantial and timeless.

Info and MP3 edits on the news page of the DiN web site.


Ian Boddy

Something Else Music Limited
Ian Boddy
DiN - Purveyors of Fine Contemporary Electronica

Dreamland Recordings Update: If Thousands - Greystone on Sea 10-24-2005


DR015 - If Thousands: Greystone On Sea 

The latest work from this Minnesota duo responsible for some of the most laidback drones created (check out their "Lullaby" album for proof). Greystone is 4 tracks of deep atmospheric drones that evoke snowey climates & far away unknown lands. 


mitre: Fold Your Wings 



DR012: Hidden Landscape - Lake Vostok CDr
DR011: Silvercord: Chasing Broken Shadows CDr
DR010: Stellarscope: Wasted Time CDr
DR009: bokor_pablo_reche: Dialogue CDr
DR001-DR008: The Ambient Series 

All releases AUD$11.00 Postage Paid. Pay Pal available.

New Free Release from infinite sector  Resin-Kthvlhv volume one 10-28-2005

the infinite sector collective announces our latest free MP3 album :  

resin - "kthvlhv volume one" 

"kthvlhv volume one" is a journey to the centre of the earth, uncovering the horrors that dwell within. back woods black metal battles with garbled alien transmissions emanating from a far distant past to bring the listener this vision of terror. 

to download this album for free in MP3 format, please visit our catalog page at  

thank you

::: rob baseel
infinite sector

Roy-Arne Knutsen release available 10-27-2005



My name is Roy-Arne Knutsen. I have a new EP out now "Old Boat House"  on Silence Is Not Empty records.


The music is dark,cold ambient.


You can download the 3 track`s for free at:


Best regards,
Roy-Arne Knutsen.

Aural Hynox News 10-21-2005

** Aural Hypnox News (21.10.2005)  

Out now: Aeoga: 'Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus', CD! 

 From beyond the mundane symbolscape, the 2nd album of Aeoga - entitled 'Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus' - emits aural phenomena from devouring multi-layered elemental ambience to amorphous and hallucinatory sequences entrancing one's awareness thoroughly. The fifteen formations manifest themselves in various forms; bright and luminous helixes intertwine with shadowed and shapeless non-beings. All in all truly overwhelming material where acoustic instruments and electronic equipment mingle themselves to channel forth the aural elemental current. (total time: 67:11) 

Comes in an oversized 4 panel cardboard covers. Limited to 1000 copies. PRICE: 12 € / $ 

Also, the very first offering from our new CD-R -section: Aeoga:  'Triangle Of Nebula-Devourers', CD-R! 

'Triangle Of Nebula-Devourers' presents three exclusive electro-acoustic soundscapes that will take you straight through the hazy desert toward the non-spatial zero time. Tempesting, obscure and flowing archaic ambience where meditative rhythms, transcendental resonances and abstract passages blend together - Sonic alchemy that will permute even the sub-/ non-conscious patterns of the Self. An incomparable outcome in the field of experimental & abstract ambience. (total time: 33:33) 

Each copy comes in a cardboard sleeve with a unique hand-painted graphics and an insert card. Limited and numbered edition of 100 copies (First 40 copies are included in the 'Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus'  -Deluxe Box). PRICE: 8 € / $

In addition to the aforementioned releases, we are proud to present the Aeoga 'Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus - Deluxe Box': The Deluxe Box consists of: - 'Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus', CD - 'Triangle Of Nebula-Devourers', CD-R - 'Palace For Vultunales', C-20 - 3 collage art insert cards - Yellow perspex plate with hand-painted drawings. All wrapped in black cloth, bound with cord.  

The box is numbered and limited to 42 copies. PRICE: 26 € / $  

Please note:

'Palace For Vultunales', our first cassette-only release, comes exclusively as a part of Z.B.T.H-L. Deluxe Box. Two dronumental tracks varying from backwards flowing acoustical drones, eerie sample textures and harmonic sound clouds to archaic rhythm patterns. A voyage through the coprophagik cycle into the heart of absolute being - an opus between old school drone ambience and experimental ritual music. (total time: approx. 19 min.)  Comes in a 2 panel b/w cardboard sleeve - print on both sides. 

For more information (samples, pictures and postage) visit:  

Please send you orders to: auralhypnox [at] helixes [dot] org 

Forthcoming (most likely at the end of October):  Aeoga: Era 2005 related T-Shirt  

Still available:

[AH01] – Halo Manash: ‘Par-Antra I: VIR’, CD 2004 [AH02] – Aeoga: ’COAV’, CD 2004 [AH03] – Halo Manash: ‘SyoMA’, CD 2004 [AH04] - Zoat-Aon: 'Star Autopsy', CD 2005
[AH01-03] Price 10 € / $ each [AH04] Price 12 € / $ 

Distributors and labels contact us for the latests distribution / wholesale list! (For large orders, prices are certainly negotiable!) 

** BSAH Distribution News (21.10.2005) 

Whole website updated and revamped slightly in places ('Latest arrivals' and 'Special offers' sections established). 

Lot's of low priced albums added in the 'Special offers' section - We  have very limited quanties of some of the albums, so act fast!! All albums can also be purchased securely through Paypal. Before sending any money, reserve the items via email and if possible mention alternatives.  

Best Regards,
Antti H. / Aural Hypnox & BSAH Distribution 

Contact information:

PL 109
90501 OULU


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